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The Important Role Of Moisturizer To Get Glowing Skin

In order to achieve the highest level of skin efficiency, using a moisturizer is one of the most significant steps in your skincare routine. However, using moisturizer is only effective if you apply it effectively. In the absence of knowledge in advance, a moisturizer may not effectively nourish the skin. However, it may also cause other skin problems. In this article, Japan With Love will tell you the importance of using moisturizer in a skincare routine and how to use moisturizer to achieve the highest skincare efficiency.


Today there are many moisturizer brands on the market. The prices, models, segments of these products are all very diverse. However, have you ever wondered what a moisturizer is?

Japanese Moisturizer Japan With Love
Moisturizer is also known as a skin-softening cream. It is a product that reduces the evaporation of water. Moisturizer consists of 3 main components: water, oil and emulsion. The hydrophilic composition serves to provide moisture to the skin. Oil is added to the mixture to keep water from evaporating on the skin. Leavened natural, the combination of oil and water does not produce a moisturizer. The manufacturer will often add emulsions that help connect water and oil, creating dairy products, creams and waxes. Because these are 3 typical moisturizer products that are easy to find in the market, you can prepare your moisturizer just by knowing the product ingredients.


Have moisturizing function

The first use is obviously through the name – moisturizer. Choosing the right line of products and using them correctly also provides the necessary moisture for the skin. It also helps damaged skin be protected and restored. Some moisturizers also help support the process of treating acne, bruises, freckles on the skin.
Help maintain a healthy rosy glowy

Japanese moisturizer Japan With Love

In addition to providing moisture to the skin, a moisturizer also helps prevent it from dramatically improving the skin's beauty. The skin will look more radiant and whiter due to some of the ingredients in the product. In addition, the moisturizer is an antioxidant and contributes to the reduction of dust components when the skin exposes to the surrounding environment. Therefore, when you use moisturizer, your skin will become white, pink, and fresh.

Support in slowing down the skin's ageing process

As a result of skin ageing, wrinkles often appear when you turn 30. Whether you're a man or a woman, having skin that looks older than you is not desirable. This condition may occur more quickly when the skin has frequently kept in a dry state with many dead cells. Therefore, besides implementing a skincare routine, moisturizing is extremely helpful. It does not take long, but the effect that moisturizers have in assisting in inhibiting skin ageing will be very pronounced. Exfoliating your skin is also important but we will not talk about it today. Let's wait for the next post.

Protect the skin against harmful agents

The epidermis protected by a membrane is called a hydrolipid. It is a natural moisturizing film on the skin. It acts as a skin barrier against the penetration and attack of free radicals and harmful agents. The regular application of moisturizer strengthens this natural moisture barrier.

Japanpese moisturizer Japan With Love

Support the treatment of skin pathologies

Additionally, moisturizers have many other benefits beyond providing moisture to the skin. One of them, in particular, is the ability to support the treatment of skin diseases. Fainting, acne, etc are common diseases that almost everyone is at risk of catching them. Therefore, they have incorporated other active ingredients to aid in these diseases treatments when preparing moisturizers.


In many cases, people use moisturizer frequently, but it does not work. The skin is still dry. In some cases, the skin's quality can also be affected. To explain this, take a look at the 4 misconceptions about moisturizers below what you are most likely suffering.

The more expensive the product, the better quality it is

You must agree that the quality of a product always corresponds to its price. However, for moisturizer products, it is not so sure.

When choosing a product related to health and beauty, there are 4 things you need to care about: ingredients, origin, shelf life, cost. You can see that although the cost price is at the final priority level, it does not determine the final result. Matching the product's ingredients with the user's skin type is important. Natural products should be prioritized whenever possible.

Do not use moisturizer when you have acne

Many people think that acne is caused by the skin producing too much grease. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a moisturizer to prevent the skin from being dry because it can result in acne. It is a wrong view.

The cause of oily skin is the lack of moisture on the skin. And when you save a lot of oil, you're likely to develop acne. Therefore, the skin needs to cleanse the face and provide moisture. However, you still need suitable moisture for your skin or the ance situation will be worse because of clogged pores. So pay attention to the formula of the moisture you are using.

Only use moisturizer in Winter

That is a misconception. No matter what season of the year it is, it is always important to take care of the skin and moisturize it. That's similar to you always doing a skincare routine and using sunscreen whether it's summer or winter.
Able to use any moisturizer types.

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Japanese moisturizer Japan With Love

There are indeed many types of moisturizers on the market. Some popularly known lines include moisturizer gel, moisturizer cream, lotion, etc. The moisturizer lines treated the specific problem of the skin are slowly being studied and put into production.

Then you should pick the right product. One piece of advice that Japan With Love gives you is to "choose the right product." Give priority to choosing the right product for your skin type to optimize its efficiency.


When should the moisturizer be used?

For those of you with a skincare habit, moisturizer is a product that is no longer too unfamiliar. However, not everyone knows when to use moisturizer.

It is better to use the product when your face is moist. During this time, the moisturizer will prioritize moisture lock that limits dehydration. The most appropriate time of use is in the last step of the skincare routine. After completing the skincare steps, use moisturizer immediately for occlusives. In the morning skincare routine, however, sunscreen should be applied after using moisturizer to protect the skin comprehensively.

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Japanese moisturizer Japan With Love

How many times a day should moisturizers be used?

Japan With Love recommends using moisturizer up to twice a day for maximum effect. Once in the evening before sleeping and after applying other skincare products in the night skincare routine. Another time is in the morning when applying other skincare products and before applying sunscreen. You shouldn't use moisturizer too frequently since the skin won't be able to absorb all the nutrients, which leads to pore-clogging. The growth of bacteria has harmed skin health.

Steps to use moisturizer

After reading the above notes, Japan With Love will send you the 4-step process of using moisturizer to achieve the highest effect.

  • Step 1: Clean your face and hands.
  • Step 2: Take a small amount of pea lotion from the fingertips, evenly rub the amount just taken on the fingertips before applying to the skin (or dot on 5 positions including forehead, nose, chin and cheeks).
  • Step 3: Start patting and spread the cream evenly on the skin surface. Perform the massage of flicking from the sides of the nose spine onto the tail of the eye.
  • Step 4: Don't forget to apply a cream to the area of your neck and stroke it in a bottom-up direction to limit the skin sagging.

Japanese moisturizer Japan With Love

The above is a note about the moisturizer Japan With Love would like to send to you. We hope this article will help you understand this product and how to use it better. To have beautiful skin, we not only need to use skincare products applied externally but also need to pay attention to exfoliating your skin. The following article Japan With Love will tell you about the importance of exfoliating and how to do it correctly. Please take a look. We promise that it won't let you down. If you still have questions about the product or skincare issues, contact Japan With Love. We wish you healthy and beautiful skin very soon.


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