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How To Use Facial Cleanser For Best Effect

Cleaning facial skin is always an essential step and is done first in a skincare routine. In most cases, using a facial cleanser is enough to end your skincare routine. However, some people prefer the "double cleansing" method, which involves two steps. The first step is to remove all the makeup and dirt with a makeup remover. After that, you should apply a facial cleanser to clean your face again. But whatever the method, using a facial cleanser is always one of the most critical steps in a skincare routine. Here on Japan With Love, we will tell you why you should use a cleanser and how you can use it most effectively.

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Cleanser, face wash, facial cleanser are all the names of facial cleansers used to cleanse the skin. Using them helps remove makeup, dead skin cells, dirt, and pollution from the skin. In addition, cleansing pores helps prevent skin conditions from appearing.


In a skincare routine, the cleanser is the most significant step. It is okay if you skip the next step. You won't see any difference in the skin if you don't do the next step. But unless the skin is perfectly cleansed, the pores quickly become blocked, resulting in acne. And facial cleanser is a product that performs that cleaning function.

Facial cleansers remove dirt, dead cells from the skin

It is incorrect to believe that your face has been properly cleansed if you regularly only use water to wash it. Washing your face with water is the quickest way to remove dirt and it is truly safe, with no risk of skin irritation. However, water is only able to remove dirt that sits on the skin's surface. A facial cleanser is needed to remove deep-seated dead cells. These dead dirty cells are not cleaned for a long time, causing the skin to be dry, plump, at risk of acne and blockage of pores.

The facial cleanser cleans and shrinks the pores

Genetic reasons especially lacking water causing excess oil secretion, frequent steam, acne and many other problems are the causes of pore enlargement. This selection of facial cleansers helps to deep clean pores and regulate greasy oil production. From there, it helps shrink the pores.

facial cleanser Japan With Love

Proper use of facial cleansers helps prevent and reduce acne effectively

Acne is a very common dermatological condition in many countries, especially for ages over 13. If you use a facial cleanser that contains BHA, AHA, and glycerin, you will be able to get rid of acne. A facial cleanser also helps kill bacteria, avoiding the risk of inflamed acne spreading to other skin areas.

Skin is easier to absorb nutrients after using a facial cleanser

Whether you follow the steps in your skincare routine or use any skin support product, the first thing is clean skin. When the skin is full of dead cells and dirt, the absorption of skincare products is compromised. Efficiency after roadmaps is also poorer or ineffective.


Facial Cleanser Gel

A facial cleanser is a wise choice for people who have sensitive skin or like a feeling of freshness. Most products in this category can foam. Some cannot, but very few do. The proportion of water in the product is relatively high so that when used, it will feel soft and pleasant.


facial cleanser Japan With Love


Facial cleanser gel, however, is not suitable if you wish to remove the makeup or the sebaceous layer. To remove all makeup effectively, you need to use an oil/cream/milk facial cleanser.

Cream Facial Cleanser - facial cleanser with cream form

Cream facial cleanser is a facial cleanser with a blend of oil and water. When used, it will feel like applying cream to the skin of the face. This cream product will gently cleanse the skin without removing its natural oil layer. Therefore, facial skin is usually not dry or tense after use. Besides, the facial oil cleanser cream also helps remove the makeup as the dirt is not soluble in the water containing the oil.

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Foam Facial Cleanser

Foam facial cleaners are the most popular and most commonly used facial cleansers. The microfoams produced from the product will penetrate and clean the pores.

However, foam facial cleanser, whether more or less foam, has one major disadvantage: it is alkaline. Too high a pH will easily cause many skin problems, in addition to making the next steps in the skincare routine impossible. Therefore, when finishing the cleanser step, it is necessary to use a toner capable of balancing pH for the skin. This helps the skin to become healthy and limits the effects of alkaline products on the skin.



Facial Cleanser Oil - facial cleanser combined with make-up remover

Oil facial cleanser is a cleansing solution that contains a lot of oil. This type will usually not foam when used. Most of this product is for makeup removal as the oil in the facial cleanser will dissolve the oil in makeup. Once dissolved, it will be easy to blow them into the air. Cleanser oil can be used even without makeup to remove dirt adhering to the skin that is difficult to wash away with water.

Using this type of product requires you to use a foam cleanser (double cleansing). Those vesicles produced by the skin help to wash away the oil on the skin.

Clay Facial Cleanser

This is a facial cleanser with a clay composition. Clay is famous for its excellent absorption capacity. Clay facial cleanser will cleanse the skin by draining excess oils and toxins from the pores. The clay components immediately after foaming will quickly penetrate the skin. It will remove dirt, dead skin and leave skin bright, clean and pure.


You can only use a facial cleanser twice a day during the first step of the skincare routine. The first use occurs in the morning. It removes excess oil, bacteria, stains, and dirt from the pillow. In the evening, remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt, bacteria from the skin throughout the day.

It may be necessary to wash your face a third time if you've been extremely active, sweating excessively, etc. If you must, however, you should only use the facial cleanser three times a day. The natural oil layer will be lost, giving bacteria the chance to enter, causing dry skin and acne.

The temperature of the water when washing the face is also very significant. Water that is too cold or too hot may cause capillary rupture of the skin. Too hot water can also cause the skin to dry out and turn red.

Let Japan With Love guide you through the steps to use facial cleanser properly:

Step 1: Clean your hands

Hands are a source of many germs due to frequent contact with surfaces. It is critical to clean your hands before putting any skincare products on your face.

Step 2: Remove the makeup

You should always use a makeup remover first to clean your makeup if you have any. It is even more essential for waterproof cosmetics.

Step 3: Use a facial cleanser

Place a small amount of facial cleanser in your hand and a small amount of mushroom broth on top. Do massage evenly on the skin in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds. Apply it evenly across the face to prevent omitting the front and back of the neck. Note: Massage gently, do not rub hard. If you have a dishwasher, you can use it at this step.

facial cleanser Japan With Love

Step 4: Rewash your face with clean water

Last but not least, the face will be washed again with warm water after a gentle massage with a facial cleanser. Note that the water must not be too hot or too cold. After finishing, use a clean, dry towel to touch the skin of the face.

Your facial skin throughout the day has been in constant contact with dirt, allergens, and bacteria. So, regular face cleansing is necessary to have glowing and hypoallergenic skin. A suitable facial cleanser can help remove dirt, bacteria, excess oil and moisturize your skin. Most importantly, the body wash cleans the pores and avoids the accumulation of dirt. That prevents the skin from losing its natural oil layer. Choosing the right face wash is therefore very critical. Japan With Love wishes you beautiful skin. Hope to see you in the next article.


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