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Eyeliner is an extremely familiar concept for those who have learned about makeup. It is gradually becoming a necessary makeup step to make your eyes more attractive and sharp.


This is a product used to line the eyelids that we can see in people with makeup. Eyeliner is a necessary part of makeup. According to the makeup style and preferences, this eyeliner can be thick or thin. Thick bold eyeliner will make your eyes sharper and bigger. Thin eyeliner shows a natural but no less "emphasis" to help your eyes in attracting the opponent more.

Eyeliner products are increasingly improved with a variety of designs, colors, and materials, ... to suit many different needs of users. In particular, Japanese eyeliner products are very popular with consumers around the world.


Pencil eyeliner

If you are a girl who is gradually getting used to using eyeliner, pencil eyeliner is the first product that comes to your mind. This type of eyeliner in addition to helping you easily practice and familiarize yourself with the steps and common eyeliner styles, pencil eyeliner is also very easy to find and buy at an extremely affordable price in the market.

This pencil eyeliner is quite popular in makeup, for the simple reason that it is easy to use. However, you also have to be aware of some limitations when using them because they may hurt your eye skin if you do not understand how to use them.


  • The tip of the nib can be sharpened as desired.
  • Slim and natural lines.
  • Easy to color.
  • Easily remove makeup at the end of the day.
  • Suitable for those who are just starting to use eyeliner.
  • Prices are very affordable and easy to find.


  • Colors are often not bold or up to the wrong color palette.
  • Easy to smudge, easy to drift when encountering water and sweat.
  • If you want to draw thin eyeliner, you must regularly sharpen the tip of the pencil.
  • Need to sharpen the lead before use,
  • Do not sharpen the pencil too sharp because when you draw on your eyes, it will hurt the skin around your eyelids.

Liquid eyeliner

This type of eyeliner is suitable for those who have just practiced eyeliner. Unlike pencil eyeliner with many disadvantages, liquid eyeliner is more familiar to users.

With the advantage of ultra-thin drawing tips, this eyeliner line is preferred a lot because of its convenience. However, these types of pens are often not very resistant to water and sweat, so if your eyes are wet, use a waterproof type.


  • The lines are thin and sharp.
  • The colors are standard and bold.
  • It's not too difficult to remove makeup.
  • The thin brush head makes it easy to paint as you like.


  • It takes meticulousness and high precision to get the line of beauty.
  • After finishing the drawing, it takes time for the eyeliner to dry.
  • May be washed or smudged after a while.
  • Not suitable for drawing lower eyelid rims.

Gel eyeliner

Those who make professional makeup and have the ability to draw standard eyeliner, definitely love this famous gel eyeliner. You can draw into many precise shapes in your own style. Even the most difficult eye drawings can be drawn with this gel eyeliner.

Currently, gel eyeliner is very popular because it gives thin lines, suitable for the prevailing minimalist and natural makeup style. In addition, you can adjust the thickness of the line according to your personal preference through just a few lines.


  • Many different shapes can be created.
  • Can draw even super thin, super thick lines depending on the preferences and drawing ability of each person.
  • Gel eyeliner for smooth, bold color.
  • Especially suitable for drawing cat-eye eyeliner with arbitrary length and short tail.
  • Usually extremely water-resistant.


  • Long-lasting gel on the eyes.
  • Use a variety of suitable brushes to paint different shapes.
  • It is necessary to clean the brush so that the brush head does not become dry and hard.
  • The gel in the box is easy to dry out when left for a long time.

Twisted gel eyeliner

If you are afraid of eyeliners that are often colored incorrectly, or that the lines are easily broken, dark or light because you are not familiar with eyeliner, the screw gel eyeliner will be extremely suitable for you to use. No need to sharpen the tip of the wax-like a regular lead, this twisted wax eyeliner will make your eyes more attractive and sharp.


  • The wax is extremely soft.
  • Suitable for drawing eyelids and going to the inner eyelid.
  • Good waterproof does not smudge.
  • There are many different colors.
  • The smooth gel is very easy to draw and also suitable for those who are new to using eyeliner.
  • The color is up to standard and the lines are solid, not broken. It's not too difficult to remove makeup.


  • Due to the waxy texture, it is easy to break if pressed hard.
  • The line is usually thick because the tip of the pen is fixed and cannot be sharpened like a lead.

Powder/compressed eyeliner

Eyeliner powder / pressed powder at first glance you will think they are a box of ordinary eyeshadow. But if you take a closer look, you will find that this is a product only for those who have the ability to master makeup, and can customize eyeliner color like a professional makeup artist. However, perhaps that is why powder eyeliner products are rarely used because of their high difficulty.


  • Can "transform", and adjust into many different tones and colors.
  • You can use them like regular eyeshadows.
  • Bring a more "artistic" eye feel.
  • Because it is a powder, the overall eye color looks very natural and harmonious.
  • Easy to remove makeup.


  • The only downside is that it's very difficult to use. Therefore very picky users.

Eyeliner in the form of a marker

The highlighter eyeliner is a more perfect version than many other eyeliners. Because this type will have a thicker tip than water pens but is sharper than pencil eyeliners, in terms of strengths, the highlighter eyeliner will be the most preferred choice. In particular, this is also an eyeliner suitable for evening parties with a sharp and personal makeup style.


  • Convenient, easy to use without having to peel or dot gel like other fish.
  • The tip of the brush is sharp, definitely for extremely sharp lines.
  • Color is bold and sharp but not glossy.
  • To be eyelids in.
  • Can draw many difficult styles such as the tail of the eye.
  • Lines are often thick and strong, personality. Suitable for smoky eye makeup.
  • Excellent water resistance all day long.
  • Paint is usually very quick to dry.


  • Very difficult to remove makeup.
  • Because they dry quickly, it is difficult to adjust if you don't like it


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