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Tojiro Color Mv Sujihiki Knife With Elastomer Handle 270mm - Yellow

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Original price $56.64
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The Tojiro Co Ltd Knives Are A Kitchen Essential That Offer Plenty Of Features. Available In Two Sizes And Six Colors, They Feature A Double-Edged Blade And A Hygienic Plastic Handle That Complies With Haccp Standards. Using And Caring For These Knives Is Easy. Hand Washing Is Recommended And The 6-Colored Handles Help Prevent Cross-Contamination. For Example, Blue Can Be Used For Fish, Red For Pork, Green For Vegetables, And So On. Tojiro Co Ltd Has A Long And Interesting History. Founded In 1953 As Fujitora Farm Equipment In Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, The Company Changed Its Name To Fujitora Industry Co Ltd In 1964 And Later To Tojiro Co Ltd In 2015. Their Knives Offer The Perfect Combination Of Quality And Convenience. The Double-Edged Blade And Hygienic Plastic Handle Make Them An Ideal Choice For Any Kitchen. With 6 Colors Available, You Can Easily Identify Which Knife To Use For Each Type Of Food. Plus, The Haccp Compliance Makes Them Safe To Use In Any Kitchen.