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Nature & CO Botanical Cleansing Hot Gel 150g

by Kosé
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Blending carefully selected three botanical oils. Gel warming of the naturally occurring mineral formulations. Out dissolved until the back of the waste products of makeup and pores, to the skin of full transparency smooth.

● naturally occurring mineral formulations, oil-in-warming Cleansing Gel. In warm from the inside warm warming effect of the skin, out dissolved also to the back of the waste products of makeup and pores, leading to the skin of a sense of transparency smooth.

● In the gel with excellent adhesion feel to the skin, the base is soft change. When the feeling of fingertip is lighter, it is a sign of dirt fall completion.

● with a washing up and refreshing, with three kinds of botanical oil blend, it does not have a sense of bumping.

● dedicated rinse. Double cleansing unnecessary.

● relaxing herbal green scent of which want to take a deep breath. Use each time, refreshing scent in the natural will loosen the fatigue of mind and body.

● take the amount of about cherries grain to dry palm of the hand, avoiding the eyes and lips, round and round To adapt and make about 30 seconds to 1 minute to spread to the entire face, please rinse thoroughly. When you drop the makeup of the eyes, lips, please use the point make-up remover.

Glycerin dicaprate PG-triisostearate PEG-20 glyceryl isostearate PEG-20 glyceryl tocopherol baobab seed oil, ascorbyl palmitate, jojoba seed oil, TEA · (acrylic acid Na / acryloyldimethyltaurinato Na) Copolymer ( acrylates / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, isohexadecane, sorbitan kaolin zeolite polysorbate 80, palm oil, water, perfume