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Miyabi Urushi Kogei Japan Hangiri Sawara Wooden Rice Mixing Bowl 27Cm

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  • The Hangiri (Or Handai) Is A Traditional Japanese Sushi Bowl, Typically Used To Serve Nigiri/Chirashi Sushi Or To Make Vinegared Rice. This Bowl Is Made From Sawara Wood In Kiso, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, And Is Handmade In A Traditional Manner. The Masame (Straight-Grain) Pattern And Copper Ornamentation Give This Bowl A Sophisticated Look.
  • Sawara Wood Has Long Been Used To Make Traditional Japanese Kitchen Tools, Such As The Hangiri (Or Handai) And Ohitsu, And Is Known For Its Durability And Water-Resistance. The Natural Resin In The Wood Also Provides Natural Antibacterial Properties.

Use &Amp; Care

  • Occasionally, Resin May Ooze Out Onto The Surface, Giving It A Yellowish, Sticky, And Stain-Like Appearance. This Is Natural And Harmless; However, It Can Be Wiped Off With Vinegar Or Ethanol Liquid (Sterilizing Alcohol). It May Leave Some Yellow Stains, But It Is Safe To Use.
  • After Use, The Bowl Should Be Washed Thoroughly With Hot Water. Be Sure To Drain And Dry The Bowl Completely With A Cloth In A Cool, Well-Ventilated Place, Away From Direct Sunlight. If Not Dried Properly, The Wood May Quickly Shrink, Resulting In Cracks And Loosening Of The Copper Ornamentation. It May Also Become Moldy Or Black-Stained.
  • Incompatible With Dishwashers


Miyabi Urushi Kogei Co Ltd Is Located In Kiso Region, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. According To Japan National Tourism Organization, “Kiso Is Located In The Upper Reaches Of The Kiso River In The Southwest Of Nagano, And At The Border Of Gifu. The Whole Valley