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Ishizawa White Care Cream With Vitamin C & Soy Milk Fermented Liquid 90g - Japanese Whitening Cream

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Ishizawa White Care Cream 90G

Product Description:

  • Ishizawa White Care Cream includes vitamin C, promotes skin renewal process, improves the status of uneven skin texture, promotes the generation of collagen, enhance the firm and elasticity for your skin.
  • The active ingredients in this whitening cream can reach deep into the stratum corneum and nurture skin deeply inside.
  • Brings your skin with enough moisture.
  • This Japanese whitening cream also includes soy milk fermented liquid, plant placenta and collagen, helps beautify your skin effectively.

How to use:

  • After using regular cleanser, apply an appropriate amount on your skin.
  • Tap your skin gently to help the product absorb better.


  • Brand: Ishizawa 
  • Made in Japan
  • Content: 90g
  • Product Type: Facial Cream
  • Skin types: All skin types
  • Skin concerns: Uneven Skin Texture, Visible Pores, Dullness