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Ikenaga Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pan For One Person Use - Japan

by Ikenaga
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Original price $26.63
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When It Comes To Preparing Sukiyaki, Having The Right Pan/Pot Is Essential. This Sukiyaki Pan From Ikenaga Iron Works Co Ltd Is The Perfect Tool For Making This Delicious Japanese Dish. The Pan Is Designed For One Person Use And Is Only Compatible With Gas Stoves (Not Induction Cooktops). Its Cast Iron Construction Ensures That Heat Is Maintained And Ingredients Are Cooked To Perfection. The Result Is A Dish That Is Soft, Fluffy And Full Of Flavour. When It Comes To Handling And Caring For The Sukiyaki Pan, It Is Important To Do So With Caution. The Pan Is Heavy And Should Be Handled With Special Care. Make Sure The Handle Is Not Too Hot When You Pick It Up, And Use A Pot Holder If Necessary. Cleaning The Pan Is Easy. Non Detergent Washing Is Recommended, Using Warm Water And A Scrub Brush. Boiling The Pan With No Water And Drying It Off Is Also A Good Idea. Over Time, Rust May Appear, But It Is Harmless And Can Be Removed With A Steel Scrubbing Brush. A Thin Layer Of Oil Should Be Applied Before Storage. Ikenaga Iron Works Co Ltd Has Been Producing Steel Castings Since 1937. Based In Osaka, Japan, The Company Manufactures Alloy, Bushings And Rolling Mill Rolls. With Their Commitment To Quality And Craftsmanship, You Can Be Sure That Their Sukiyaki Pan Is Built To Last.