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Hasegawa Stainless Steel Antibacterial Gyuto Knife Gyuto 240mm - White

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Original price $144.11
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The Hasegawa Knife Is Designed For Safe And Efficient Use. Its Features Are As Follows: • It Is Able To Be Used Selectively By Different Colors In Accordance With The Ingredients. • The Handle Grip Is Baked And Finished With An Antibacterial Coating, As Required By The Food Sanitation Law. • The Stainless Steel Blade Allows For A Sharp Cut With Less Power Required Due To Its Design With The Center Of Gravity Towards The Handle. • The Stainless Steel Is Integrated From The Tip To The Handle, Which Makes It Easier To Stay Clean Compared To Knives With Wooden Or Plastic Handles. • It Has A Double Edged Blade With A 7:3 Ratio. In Order To Use And Care For Your Hasegawa Knife Properly, Make Sure To: • Put It In The Dishwasher For Cleaning. • Avoid Leaving It In Hypochlorite For A While As It May Cause Corrosion. Hasegawa Is A Japanese Company Based In Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Founded In 1955, It Has Been Producing Products That Adhere To Its Policy Of “Seeking Safety With Science”. With The Hasegawa Knife, You Can Enjoy Safe And Efficient Use.