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DHC Aged Black Garlic Supplement for 30 days

by Dhc
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Not out quite healthy even wake up in the morning, hold out does not work, want to return to take the youthfulness ... to such worries is recommended "aged black garlic". Ripening by the patent process the garlic in Aomori Prefecture. It was further up the garlic power the black garlic] as a raw material, and strong support stamina and barrier power has waned. Not worried about the smell than normal garlic. It is recommended for energetic every day. ※ Check the ingredients on, who have food allergies Please do not eat.

Aged black garlic 1 day 3 capsules total weight 1,335mg (Contents 870mg) per black garlic powder (fructosyl arginine 100ppm) 360mg, egg yolk oil (25% lecithin) 30mg, total tocotrienol 18mg, vitamin E (d-α- tocopherol) 27mg [main Ingredients: black garlic powder, egg yolk oil, vitamin E-containing vegetable oils, tocotrienol [modifiers, etc.] olive oil, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester [Hitsutsumizai] gelatin, glycerin

※ observe the recommended dose of 1 day, please enjoy. ※ If you feel wrong with your body, please stop drinking. ※ Check the ingredients on, if you are food allergy, please do not eat. Medicine towards the or in hospital while taking ※, are pregnant, please enjoy after consultation with your doctor. ※ Since the health food is a food, it does not matter even if you served time basically. Once you enjoy a meal, you will easily be digested and absorbed. For that there is the timing of the recommendation to the other, you have to guide you in the above-mentioned commodity details.

● direct sunlight, please save to avoid the hot and humid place.

● Please keep out of the reach of children.

● shut tightly opening opening after opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.