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Cow Kyoto Uji Green Tea Face Cleansing Soap

by COW
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Cow Kyoto Uji Green Tea Face Cleansing Soap

Product Description:

  • It is a tea extract with plenty of catechins extracted from Kyoto Uji tea and 5 natural protective ingredients, and it is a dense foam.
  • It leads to moist and smooth skin with a sense of transparency. It comes with a whipping net.
  • Has the effect of cleaning and brightening the skin, bringing a pleasant feeling, used for sensitive skin, acne skin care, and whitening skin.
  • Green tea has anti-aging and acne-fighting effects and can be used for the body as well.

How to use:

  • apply an appropriate amount on your skin.
  • Tap your skin to help the product absorb better.


  • Brand: Natural Feeling
  • Made in Japan
  • Product Type: Soap
  • Skin types: All skin types
  • Skin concerns: Uneven Skin Texture, Visible Pores, Dullness