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Top Japanese Eyeliner: Make Your Eyes More Beautiful And Charming!

In eye makeup, perhaps the hardest part is the eyeliner. The first time the eyeliner is not smudged, the line also deviates, then the line is uneven… There are countless problems, oh my god that you can't get used to from the first time, you have to practice a lot to apply. However, with the 10 Japanese eyeliner eyeliners below, Japan With Love thinks newbies don't need to worry too much because they can easily and effectively apply their eyeliner even from the first time. Let's see how Japanese girls use these "divine" eyeliners

Top 10+ Japanese Eyeliner Reviews 2021

Kate Super Sharp Liner EX

Kate Super Sharp Liner EX

Kate Super Sharp Liner EX is famous for its ability to make your eyelashes thick and seductive like every girl's dream, extremely long-lasting, waterproof, non-smudging, non-sticky, non-clumping, but still very easy to remove makeup!

Japanese mascara is an endless story because famous for its doll makeup style, most mascaras can make eyelashes long and thick. However, two types are most popular with girls, Kate Super Sharp Liner EX.

If Majolica Majorca can make long eyelashes with fibre extensions, then Kate Super Sharp Liner EX make will make your eyelashes both thick and curled all day without worrying about heavy eyes, smudging even in the rain or... crying. Therefore, most of those who have used mascara of the country of the rising sun find it difficult to "come back" to eyeliners of other brands.

If you have ever used the popular Kate Super Sharp Liner EX, you will be very satisfied with the effect of softening, lengthening & thickening the eyelashes but without clumping or smearing throughout the day.

But it's a bit troublesome when removing makeup because it goes with the terrible Waterproof level, which is a stubborn mascara that takes a long time to clean off. But for this eyeliner, you only need to use a dedicated makeup remover to ensure a clean makeup removal.

Canmake Creamy Touch Liner

Canmake Creamy Touch Liner

Canmake Creamy Touch Liner is Canmake's famous eyeliner in the eyeliner line and is very popular. Combine with Canmake's wine red or brown mascara for the most impressive eyes.

In addition to the classic colors, Shop has just added the latest color 05 Bitter Caramel brown-orange, extremely beautiful everyone. The Canmake creamy line is a super soft 1.5mm gel eyeliner that feels like it glides over your lashes.

The most prominent feature in the Canmake Creamy Touch Liner is still its superior waterproof feature, confirming Canmake as a prestigious brand operating for more than 30 years. That is also the reason why Canmake Creamy Touch Liner is trusted by many stars.

This eyeliner has a very small tip, only 1.5mm and is very easy to use to give the impression of thicker eyelashes.

This eyeliner contains a formula that resists water, sweat and sebum, so it can last for a long time. It's packed with moisturizing ingredients and doesn't contain parabens, alcohol, surfactants or mineral oil.

Canmake Creamy Touch Liner is available in two colors, Deep Black and Medium Brown. 

How to use the eyeliner: Because the tip is very small, soft and can't be retracted, every time it should only be twisted up to about 1mm.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

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Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner is the most preferred eyeliner in recent times. According to many reviewers, the kiss me eyeliner pen is very "difficult to drift even with sweat or sebum", in addition, the eyeliner also has a bold and even color.

Kiss Me Heroine gets a lot of good reviews with its extreme water resistance, which can hold the line for many hours. However, the eyeliner is still very easy to remove with a cotton pad or warm water.

Ink tube for a moderate amount of color, smooth lines easily. The ability to color quickly, so even the "rookie" women who have just started to practice makeup can use it.

Extreme water resistance and excellent colorfastness. The longevity of Kiss Me Heroine is comparable to one of the best on the market. You can freely swim, go to the rain without fear of being smeared at all.

Liquid cream form, for just the right amount of ink, helps the artist to control the thickness of the eyeliner as desired.

Kiss Me Heroine has a soft, silky tip for a quick line that feels like it's gliding across the skin.

Dejavu Lasting Fine a Creamy Pencil Eyeliner

Dejavu Lasting Fine a Creamy Pencil Eyeliner

Topping the top of the most popular eyeliner eyeliners in Japan today is Dejavu Lasting Fine eyeliner. The highlight of the eyeliner is the extremely slim drawing head, only 0.65mm.

The thin flat tip makes it easy to style the eyes whether it's a super-thin, delicate eyeliner or a thick, attractive eyeliner… Dejavu's eyeliner is designed with high precision, up to standard color.

Not only that, the eyeliner has high adhesion, so it is not easy to smudge, smudge, and do not fade, so with just one use, you will get a captivating pair of eyes all day long.

The eyeliner has 4 main colors that we can choose from real black, dark brown, natural Navi, mauve brown. Cool colors combined with thin eyeliner will help your eyes become sharp, instantly attractive.

In addition, we can also use 2 types of lead colors at the same time, such as black with mauve brown, dark brown with navy blue ... to help create a magical effect for the eyes.

A note when using the eyeliner is that the tip of the pen is very soft, it may break if the tip is turned too high compared to the body. In addition, with an elliptical, flattened pen tip design, the eyeliner can confuse those who are not used to eyeliner, especially when applying eyeliner.

However, this will not be a problem for those who are already proficient.

In addition to the above small notes, Dejavu's eyeliner eyeliners have satisfied the aspirations of Japanese women in making eye makeup more sharp and attractive.

Moreover, despite having high adhesion, not drifting, but just using ordinary makeup remover, the pencil part will be completely removed.

Cezanne Gokuboso Ultra Fine Eyeliner R

Cezanne Gokuboso Ultra Fine Eyeliner R

Cezanne Gokuboso has a slim design with a brown tone as the main color. Matte pen body helps you avoid slipping when using. The brand name and eyeliner name are printed in thin black letters stretching from the cap to the pen body, which looks simple but still stands out.

The nib is made of felt material, thin and small to help you easily draw sharp eyeliner lines. The eyeliner is packed inside a white paper box that is no different from other expensive high-end eyeliners.

Cezanne Gokuboso has a moderately soft brush that does not hurt the eyes when drawing. I think this girl will be very suitable for those who are new to using eyeliner because the pen tip is quite thin, easy to trace. 

The ink comes out evenly, no need to press hard, after about 3-5 seconds the line will be completely dry and matte.

D-up Silky Liquid Eyeliner

D-up Silky Liquid Eyeliner

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D-up Silky Liquid Eyeliner is made up of good ingredients, ensuring safety for your eye area. In particular, the eyeliner has a covering liquid texture, providing a long-lasting effect, helping to dry quickly.

D-up Silky Liquid Eyeliner with mysterious black ink creates a soft, smooth feeling on the eyelids naturally.

True to what the company advertised, the grip of the D-up Silky Liquid Eyeliner is really good, my eyelids are less oily, so it lasts a whole day about 7-8 hours, by the end of the day, there is a slight smudge and fade Color fades a bit but still looks good.

Although it is long-lasting, it is still very easy to remove makeup, just 1-2 wipes are clean. One point to note is that it is very easy to bleed, so when you use it, you need to be careful not to drop it.

K-palette Real Lastig Eyeliner 24 WP

K-palette Real Lastig Eyeliner 24 WP

K-palette Real Lastig Eyeliner is a brand of Japanese domestic K-Palette that is quite new for those who have never used Japanese eyeliners. K-palette Real Lastig Eyeliner is not strange when being voted by Cosme's most prestigious award as an eyeliner worth buying because of its colorfastness, absolutely not drifting despite rain, sweat and sebum. 

While K-palette Real Lastig Eyeliner's water resistance is sublime, it is very easy to wash off with just warm water without the need for professional makeup removers.

Ultra-thin, ultra-fine, and sharp bristles allow you to be creative with different thin, dense lines.

K-palette Real Lastig Eyeliner color is very real and natural, giving you bigger eyes and soulful charm.

Get creative with a variety of tattoos. If you are a novice tattoo artist or just want to refresh yourself with "quality" tattoos, Tattoo 1 Day is a good suggestion.

Kate Double Line Expert Eyeliner

Kate Double Line Expert Eyeliner

This eyeliner is more special than other eyeliners in that it is currently only available in a light brown color and is used to create shadows to make the eyes feel bigger.

The Kate Double Line has an ultra-smooth, easy-to-use brush tip. Draw a line above the crease of the eyelid, from the middle to the corner of the eye to create the illusion of a deeper double eyelid.

Finally, draw a line under the lower eyelid to create a highlight, use your fingertips to gently blend the line for a natural look.

How to use the eyeliner: Draw a small triangle below the tear gland to make the eyes look bigger.

MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner

MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner

Mote Liner Liquid eyeliner can stick beautifully on the skin, resisting all types of sweat, water or sebum.

The most special thing is that the brush head of this eyeliner is manufactured according to the traditional crafting method of the Msh Love Liner, Japan with 4 different fibres combined to create a solid brush that can be painted on both sides. bold and thin lines.

This eyeliner is free of fragrances and dyes, so it won't darken or change color with long-term use. 

MSH Love Liner Liquid contains many beauty serum ingredients including moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

This is a highly pigmented eyeliner that does not stain or discolor the skin. It is also resistant to water, sweat, and sebum, and can last for a long time.

Flowfushi Mote Liner Liquid eyeliner can be easily removed with warm water.

How to use the eyeliner: Close the cap and shake the pen 4 to 5 times before use.

Majolica Majorca Gel Liquid Liner

Majolica Majorca Gel Liquid Liner

Compared to the Shiseido Integrate Liquid Eyeliner, this one has a more eye-catching appearance and design with many decorative details. The tip of the cap and the tail of the eyeliner has a sparkling, eye-catching color and create a good visual effect. 

In the body, the textures seem to be confusing but bring a unique and different feeling. The overall design of this eyeliner is the fanciest out of all 5 eyeliners on this list, if you like strange and unique, you will come to this team right away.

Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliner gives you bigger eyes, more pearly lustre attracts the eyes of the opposite person, giving you a perfect, seductive beauty.

Majolica Majorca eyeliner is durable, long-lasting regardless of rain or shine, even if you sweat, it will not smudge the color on those eyes.

Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliner with a special structure, saves ink and avoids drying of the pen tip, at the end of the pen has a rotating ring, when you need to use it, you only need to rotate 1-2 steps to be enough for one drawing. You can adjust the ink to dark or light depending on how much or little you rotate the tip of the pen.


Any tips for better eyeliner?

Because the eyeliner will be used to draw eyes like a writing pen, you need to hold it firmly so that the line does not drift and smudge.

Use your fingers to gently pull the eyelids up to stretch the eye skin, from there you will do the manipulation easier. To see the eyeliner lines tilt your head slightly when applying to catch the best light. 

If you are not confident in your eyeliner ability and do not dare to draw a seamless line from the beginning to the end of the eye, you can follow 2 "slowly but surely" steps as follows: From the middle of the eyelid, you draw a short border to the end of the eye. Then, from the beginning of the eye, fill in the remaining half of the border.

Finally, you apply the border to even the color. So the girls have finished the eyeliner quite completely.

Should I choose eyeliner or liquid eyeliner?

Advantages of eyeliner

This is the eyeliner for gentle eye-liner, not sharp. Eyeliner is very easy to use, easy to adjust the intensity. Eyeliner is suitable for those who are new to drawing eyes, because if it is smudged, just use your hands to correct it. 

You will also easily create a pointed tail at the end of the eye by using her fingernails, pressing lightly on the skin and swiping up to create a sharp angle for the liner. Eyeliner is also an eyeliner that people trust to use when applying inner eyelids because of its softness and ease of color.

Advantages of liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner for super thin lines. All liquid eyeliners always ensure that the ink comes out evenly because she will dip the ink in the jar and then draw on her eyes.

Liquid eyeliner is often used to create a natural look like no makeup, this is the type of make-up that Korean style girls like very much. The color retention of the liquid eyeliner is also quite remarkable, it can "stay in place" on her eyes all day, usually only drifting in the corner of the eye for girls who often have tears, but not much.

What to pay attention to when removing makeup after eyeliner?

Erase eye contour with a cotton swab

The eyeliner pencil is a type of makeup that is often the most difficult to remove, always leaving traces, because of its high adhesion. To remove makeup, wet a cotton swab with makeup remover and gently erase the contour from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye.

Complete makeup removal with a moisturizer

After the eyes are cleaned, it is most important to moisturize the skin around the eyes to be softer and more beautiful. Using a moisturizer is the last and most important step for your eyes.


These are all good eyeliner in the Japanese makeup list, not smudged, long-lasting and easy to use with a modern and trendy design style, extremely suitable for a variety of make-up styles of many women. Hope this article will help you find the right Japanese eyeliner.

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