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Top Best Japanese Lip Treatment You Should Know

Lips are extremely sensitive skin because they only have 3 to 5 layers of cells. Therefore, lips are easily irritated by dirt, sunlight, lipstick,... Therefore, we do not only provide lip care from the inside, but we also need to add nutrients to the lips from the outside. To do that, using lip treatment is the fastest and most effective solution, suitable for any weather. But how to use lip treatment to get the best effect and which product to choose? With today's article, Japan With Love wants to send you the Top best Japanese lip treatment you should know.


The lip treatment is lipstick with ingredients that are good for the lips. Lipstick is made from carnauba wax or beeswax, vitamins, paraffin, lanolin, cetyl alcohol, petrolatum and other ingredients. Some lip treatment products also have fragrance and colourants, especially sunscreen ingredients for lips.

Japanese lip treatment Japan With Love

Some of the great uses of lip treatment are:

  • The large amount of vitamin E in the lip treatment makes the lips more fresh and rosy. The lipstick also can remove dead cells, not darken dark lips.
  • Moisturised lips prevent dehydration and prevent lips from drying, peeling and cracking. Especially on winter days, the weather is dry, lips can easily bleed, and lip treatment helps to minimize this situation.
  • Anti-ageing thanks to the enhancement of lip cell metabolism, so that your lips are always in a smooth, plump state.
  • Protects against the effects of the sun, helping to prevent darkening and ageing lips.


Using lip treatment is necessary, but using it in the wrong way can be counterproductive. In order to avoid unnecessary cases, we will give you some notes when using lip treatment.

1. Exfoliate your lips and wipe off excess oil before applying lip balm

This is the beginning of the most effective lip balm process. Remove makeup from your lips, and then use lip scrubs. Finally, use a damp cloth to wipe your lips. Thus, the new balm can penetrate deep inside and promote its full effect.

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Japanese lip treatment Japan With Love

2. Warm up the lip treatment with your body heat

With a lipstick, roll the lipstick in your palm for about 30 seconds before using it. With a lipstick jar, use your fingers to smooth over the lipstick. From the firm texture, the lipstick will soften and easily applied on the lips.

3. Apply lipstick vertically on the lips

Many people mistakenly apply lip treatment horizontally on the lips. However, the structure of the lips is longitudinal grooves. Therefore, we should apply lipstick vertically so that the lipstick can go deep into the lip grooves, moisturizing the entire lips.

4. Use the correct and sufficient dose of lip treatment

We should only use lip treatment 3-5 times a day. If you use too much lip balm, your lips will lose their moisture recovery mechanism. From there, the lip cells will be less active to maintain the available moisture of the lips, over time the lips will depend on the lip treatment. If you use too much, a more dangerous condition will occur, which is an addiction to lip treatment.

Japanese lip treatment Japan With Love

5. Apply lipstick gently on lips

Do not apply too much force on the lips. Apply the lipstick gently on the lips, so that the lips will not be burned when in contact with the balm.

6. Choose the right lipstick for your needs

  • Prioritize lipstick lines containing natural ingredients.
  • Pay attention to the sun protection index of the lipstick.
  • Choose lip treatment with design and name.
  • Carefully refer to the ingredients of the lipstick to avoid irritation on the lips.
  • Choose lipstick colour and fragrance according to your preferences.


On the market today, there are countless lip treatment products with different uses and prices. Because of that, it is difficult for users to choose lipstick for themselves. Japan With Love recommends that you trust and use Japanese lip treatment. Japanese pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have always been known for being safe, reputable, and highly effective. Most lip treatment products have passed clinical tests and meet safety standards, so users can use them with no doubt. To make your selection easier, Japan With Love would like to send you the Top Japanese lip treatment that you should know.

DHC UV Moisture Lip Cream 1.5g - Japanese lip treatment

DHC is one of the leading prestigious brands in Japan, by regularly upgrading its products with ingredients from nature, safe for users. Lipstick easily penetrates deep into the lips, not sticky or uncomfortable.

Japanese lip treatment Japan With Love

The ingredients of the lip treatment are extra virgin olive oil and aloe vera, which help keep the lips smooth, plump, and not dry. In addition, a large amount of vitamin E also increases the rosiness of the lips, preventing the ageing process. The lipstick is both moisturizing and sunscreen, with PA + and SPF 20 + to optimally protect your lips from UVA and UVB rays, minimizing the possibility of darkening.

The lipstick is colourless and odourless, suitable for both men and women. DHC is committed to the lipstick being lead-free, paraben-free, and safe to use. You can also use this Japanese lip treatment as a primer before applying lipstick.

Notes when using Japanese lip treatment:

  • Avoid applying lipstick on injured, sore or infected lips.
  • Discontinue use immediately if redness or irritation occurs, seek professional help.
  • Apply lipstick up to 4 times a day. It is recommended to use it after brushing teeth, after bathing and before going to bed.

Check DHC UV Moisture Lip Cream 1.5g Here.

UZU by FLOWFUSHI 38 / 99 - Japanese Lip Treatment

Flowfushi is famous for its most sought-after liquid foundation, but its lip treatment is also extremely high quality. The lipstick is light and tightly adheres to the lips, creating a plump, full of vitality effect. A special feature of this lipstick is the effect of changing colour according to body temperature, so when used, each person will have a different lip colour.

Japanese lip treatment Japan With Love

Lip treatment creates a protective film on the lips from dust and smoke from the environment, preventing chapping and dryness. Thanks to lanolin oil, the lipstick gives us rosy lips thanks to the lip cell repair mechanism. Lipstick ingredients also contain SPF 20+ and PA++, preventing the effects of sunlight and preventing lips from becoming dull and dark.

Notes when using Japanese lip treatment:

  • Only use 3-5 times a day, avoid overuse of lipstick.
  • Do not lick your lips too much, affecting the quality of the lipstick colour.
  • This lipstick line includes 5 colors, depending on the temperature, the pigment changes: +5C Coral Orange / HOT, +3C Coral Pink / VIVID, +1C Baby Pink / NATURAL, 0C Crystal / CLEAR -2C, Ice Green / COOL.

Check UZU by FLOWFUSHI 38 / 99 Here

Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip Bordeaux - Japanese lip treatment

In 2016, when the product was released, it made a great impression and reached the top of one of the most popular lip treatments in 2016 on the Japanese website Son is used and loved by many Japanese schoolgirls.

Japanese lip treatment Japan With Love

Lip treatment helps lip skin elasticity, is anti-ageing and keeps lips hydrated. Especially suitable for use in winter, on dry days, keeping the skin of the lips always soft. Thoroughly researched by Japanese experts, the benign ingredients of Nivea lip balm will make you feel secure when using it. The lip balm contains avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, and jojoba to help keep lips soft and pink all day.

Japanese lip treatment does not contain lead and parabens, the gloss is just enough, so it is not sticky. Along with that is the sunscreen's ability to avoid the impact of sunlight.

Notes when using Japanese lip treatment:

  • Thoroughly exfoliate your lips to get the best colour lipstick:
  • The frequency of using lipstick is 3-5 times a day. Lip treatment works best after showering.

Check Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip Bordeaux Here.

Noa Beauty Velvet Liquid Lipstick Tu-lip Treatment Vl03 - Lip treatment

Matte lipstick is soft and smooth, applied to the lips will give the standard colour and thanks to the glossy layer, create a plump effect. You will feel more confident with attractive, natural lips. Simple lipstick design, compact, easy to carry.

Japanese lip treatment Japan With Love

The formula for the production of creamy lipstick includes avocado oil with high moisturizing and moisturizing ability, and hyaluronic acid to keep lips smooth like a baby's lips so that lips are always in a state of fullness all day long. Peptides help prevent ageing without irritating the skin. Dermatologists recommend Japanese cosmetics because they are fragrance-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. So you can safely use it.

Notes when using Japanese lip treatment:

  • Can be used under daily makeup.
  • Licking your lips a lot will make the lipstick colour uneven.
  • The texture of the lipstick is matte, so you don't need to use it more than 5 times a day.

Check Noa Beauty Velvet Liquid Lipstick Tu-lip Treatment Vl03 Here

What do you think about today's post? Japan With Love hopes to bring you the most useful information. I hope you have soft, smooth lips so that you can be confident and have a bright smile!

Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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