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Top 2023 Makeup Trends: Unveiling The Latest Beauty Fads For You!

Makeup Trends

When it comes to looking fabulous, makeup is like a magic wand. But here's the thing: makeup isn't one-size-fits-all. It's more like fashion, always changing and giving us new ways to look amazing. Let's get on with what the 2023 makeup trends are with Japan With Love right away!

1. The Importance Of Staying Updated Newest Makeup Trends

Like the seasons, makeup trends change, and they do so rapidly. What's "in" today might be "out" tomorrow. But that's the fun part! Makeup trends show us new ideas and ways to look fantastic. Staying updated with makeup trends is like having a secret beauty weapon. It helps you create looks that are trendy and stylish. And in today's world, looking good is super important. Therefore, it's crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of these makeup trends

Hottest 2023 makeup trends with various style are ready to be explored

Hottest 2023 makeup trends with various style are ready to be explored

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Then, get ready to join the beauty adventure of 2023 makeup trends and let's explore what's cool and trendy in the world of makeup!

2. Top 4 2023 Makeup Trends

2.1. Y2K Makeup

Remember the early 2000s when flip phones were cool and low-rise jeans were a fashion statement? Well, Y2K makeup is a delightful throwback to that era. The term "Y2K" stands for "Year 2000", and this makeup trend is all about channeling the carefree and bold spirit of that time.

Picture yourself with shimmering eyeshadows that turn your eyelids into disco balls, lips that glisten like a pop star's, and eyeliner wings so sharp they could cut through the nostalgia! Y2K makeup is about making a statement, whether you're hitting the town or just adding some flair to your everyday look. Ready to take a trip down memory lane with one of best 2023 makeup trends? Here's your step-by-step guide:

This is one of hottest 2023 makeup trends

This is one of hottest 2023 makeup trends

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Opt for a medium-coverage foundation that grants you that flawless skin appearance. Blend it meticulously using a makeup sponge or brush. Don't overlook the importance of setting it with a translucent powder to control shine. The next step in this 2023 makeup trends is the brows. Y2K brows are the perfect balance between natural and well-defined. Utilize a brow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas, and then lock them in place with a clear brow gel.

Now comes the exciting part! Choose an eyeshadow palette brimming with shimmery shades like silver, pink, or blue, just don't hold back! Apply a lighter shade across your lids and a slightly darker one in the crease for dimension. Next, add a touch of glitter under your lower lash line or in the inner corners of your eyes for that extra sparkle. Now craft a sharp, dramatic winged eyeliner using a black liquid liner. The Y2K era adored bold lines, so don't be shy to do it!

This eye makeup color is one of Y2K signature

This eye makeup color is one of Y2K signature 

Then, get glossy lips by choosing hues like soft pink or sheer coral. You can opt for lip gloss or tinted lip balm to give you that perfect Y2K pout. To complete your look, get yourself a generous coat of mascara and a hint of blush on your cheeks. Y2K makeup is all about radiance, so don't forget to highlight your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

There you have it, your Y2K makeup look is complete! Now grab your flip phone, play those early 2000s pop hits, and step out with confidence, sporting your Y2K-inspired glam!

2.2. Barbiecore Makeup 

Barbie, the iconic doll, has been a symbol of beauty and fashion for generations. The Barbiecore has been one of 2023 makeup trends that draws inspiration from Barbie's timeless glamor. It's all about creating a playful, doll-like look that's equal parts cute and chic. This 2023 makeup trends celebrates femininity with a twist of nostalgia. Think of a makeup look with pink hues, exaggerated lashes, and a flawless complexion that's as cute and chic as your favorite childhood doll. That's what Barbiecore Makeup is all about! Ready to transform into a living doll? Here's your step-by-step guide to achieving one of these 2023 makeup trends.

Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie has made this makeup look become one of 2023 makeup trends

Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie has made this makeup look become one of 2023 makeup trends

The key to achieving Barbiecore makeup is by having a flawless complexion. Use a foundation or BB cream that provides a dewy finish for that youthful glow. Conceal any imperfections such as blemishes or dark circles. Rosy cheeks are also a hallmark of the Barbiecore look, therefore, you should apply a soft pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending it upwards towards your temples. The goal is to create a flushed, doll-like radiance.

For the eyes, opt for eyeshadow shades in pink or champagne hues. Apply a light pink shade across your entire eyelid. Add depth by blending a slightly darker shade into the crease. Highlight your inner eye corners with a shimmery white or pale pink shadow. To achieve truly doll-like eyes for this 2023 beauty trends, apply a pair of dramatic false lashes. Make sure they're long and fluttery. Coat your lower lashes generously with mascara for a wide-eyed effect. As for your brows, keep them well-groomed and arched. Use a brow pencil or powder to define and fill in any sparse areas.

A doll-like eyes with soft pink is perfect for this makeup look

A doll-like eyes with soft pink is perfect for this makeup look 

This makeup looks for 2023’s lips makeup typically feature soft pink or nude shades. Begin by lining your lips with a matching lip liner to create definition. Fill in your lips with a creamy lipstick or gloss to achieve a plump, doll-worthy pout. Then, highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, and the tip of your nose as Barbiecore makeup adores that radiant, youthful glow. Complete your Barbiecore look by setting your makeup with a fine mist of setting spray. This ensures that your flawless appearance lasts throughout the day.

With these simple steps, you can effortlessly embrace this 2023 beauty trends and channel the charm and grace of the iconic Barbie doll. It's a look that exudes confidence and celebrates your unique beauty, making you feel like a living doll in the best possible way.

2.3. Glow Dewy Makeup 

Glow Dewy Makeup is a trend that is all about achieving a fresh and luminous complexion. It is the epitome of "less is more" and celebrates the beauty of natural-looking skin with a healthy, dewy glow. This trend is perfect for those who crave a youthful, radiant appearance without heavy makeup.

This 2023 makeup trends focuses on enhancing your natural beauty while giving your skin a hydrated, lit-from-within glow. It is the antidote to heavy matte finishes, embracing a soft, shimmering sheen that mimics the effect of healthy, well-moisturized skin. To effortlessly embody the Glow Dewy Makeup trend, you simply follow these steps.

“Less is more” is the key for this 2023 makeup trends

“Less is more” is the key for this 2023 makeup trends

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Begin with a skincare routine that focuses on hydration. Cleanse your face, apply a hydrating serum, and seal in moisture with a lightweight, water-based moisturizer. This forms the foundation for your dewy look. Then, opt for a dewy or illuminating primer. Apply a small amount to your entire face, focusing on areas where you want to enhance the glow, like your cheekbones, brow bone, and the bridge of your nose.

You should choose a sheer or light-coverage foundation or a tinted moisturizer. The key here is to apply it sparingly, allowing your natural skin to shine through. The idea is to let imperfections peek through subtly, giving your skin a genuine, fresh appearance. On the other hand, you can just use concealer to cover any blemishes or dark circles.

For this 2023 beauty trends blush, opt for a cream blush in a soft, rosy shade. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend it upwards towards your temples. This adds a flush of color and radiance to your complexion, making you look naturally flushed and healthy. The next step is to apply an illuminating highlighter to the high points of your face—cheekbones, brow bone, down the bridge of your nose, and on your Cupid's bow. Choose a highlighter with a pearl or champagne undertone for a natural-looking glow. The goal is to create subtle light reflections on your skin.

A touch of blush and highlighter is enough to make this makeup look gorgeous

A touch of blush and highlighter is enough to make this makeup look gorgeous 

Remember to keep your eye makeup simple. A neutral eyeshadow palette with soft, shimmery shades works beautifully. Apply a light shade on your eyelids and a slightly deeper shade in the crease. Curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara to open up your eyes. For lips, go for a glossy finish. Apply a hydrating lip balm or lip gloss in a natural shade. The goal is to enhance your lips' natural color and give them a plump, juicy look. Finish your look with a dewy setting spray to lock in the moisture and luminosity. This step ensures your glow lasts all day.

With these easy steps, you can effortlessly embrace these 2023 makeup trends and showcase your natural beauty with a radiant, dewy finish. It is one of  2023 beauty trends that celebrates the simplicity of a fresh, luminous complexion and is perfect for those who prefer a lighter, more natural makeup look.

2.4. Crystal Eye Makeup

Crystal Eye Makeup is a captivating trend that embraces the beauty of gem-like and glittering eyes. It's all about turning your eyes into sparkling focal points, whether you're heading to a party or just want to add a touch of glamor to your everyday look. This 2023 makeup trends is all about crystal-inspired eyeshadows, dazzling liners, and shimmering pigments ruling the makeup scene! To adorn your eyes with these enchanting 2023 makeup trends, just simply follow these steps!

Gem-like and glittering eyes still be one of hottest 2023 makeup trends

Gem-like and glittering eyes still be one of hottest 2023 makeup trends

Begin with a good eyeshadow primer and apply a thin layer on your eyelids, letting it set. This will help blur wrinkles, keep eye shadow in place for longer, and prevent gemstones from falling off. Apply a matte base shade that closely matches your skin tone to your entire eyelid. This will provide a smooth canvas for your crystal eyeshadows.

Next, select an eyeshadow color that matches the crystal shades, such as blues, greens, purples, or even neutral shades with shimmering undertones. For an intense effect, consider a palette with both matte and shimmering shades. Use a flat eyeshadow brush or your fingertip for better color payoff. Build the intensity gradually until you achieve the desired sparkle.

For added glamor, consider using a glitter eyeliner. Apply it along your upper lash line for a subtle sparkle or create a dramatic winged effect for a bolder statement. Add a touch of brightness by applying a lighter, shimmering shade to your inner eye corners and brow bone. Then, carefully apply mascara to create a curved and thick eyelash effect to make your lashes pop.

You can place the gemstone anywhere around your eyes depend on your preference

You can place the gemstone anywhere around your eyes depend on your preference

Complete this makeup trend for 2023 by taking a suitable amount of eyelash glue and applying it lightly to the gemstone. Then, use tweezers to place the gemstone in the desired position. You can place the gemstone at the corner of your eye, on your eyelid, or under your eyelashes, depending on your preference. Finish with a setting spray to lock your crystal look in place, ensuring you shine and sparkle all day or night.

Crystal Eye Makeup is one of the popular 2023 makeup trends that transforms your eyes into dazzling gemstones. It's about embracing shimmer and shine in a sophisticated way, perfect for special occasions or when you simply want to radiate elegance and charm. Experiment with different gem-inspired shades and let your eyes become the jewels of your makeup look.

3. Tips To Have A Long Lasting Makeup Look

To keep up with the 2023 beauty trends, it's essential to not only master the latest trends but also ensure they stay put throughout the day. Here are some tips to help you achieve a long-lasting makeup look.

3.1. Prep Your Skin

Begin with a clean and well-moisturized face. A good skincare routine sets the stage for long-lasting makeup. Use a gentle cleanser, followed by a hydrating moisturizer. Let it absorb for a few minutes before applying makeup.

Moisturizing your skin is an important step before makeup

Moisturizing your skin is an important step before makeup

3.2. Quality Primer

Invest in a quality makeup primer. Primer creates a smooth surface for makeup application and helps it adhere better to your skin. Choose a primer that suits your skin type, whether it's hydrating, mattifying, or pore-filling.

3.3. Waterproof Everything

Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are your best friends for preventing smudging and raccoon eyes. They'll stay put even during unexpected rain showers or emotional moments.

3.4. Blotting Papers

Carry blotting papers in your purse. These little wonders can instantly eliminate excess oil without disturbing your makeup. They're a lifesaver for mid-day touch-ups.

3.5. Setting Spray

A setting spray is the secret weapon for long-lasting makeup. After completing your look, give your face a spritz. Setting sprays create a protective barrier that locks in makeup and keeps it fresh for hours.

Setting spray is the the final step to get a long-lasting makeup look

Setting spray is the the final step to get a long-lasting makeup look

3.6. Lip Lock

For lipstick that stays vibrant, start with a lip primer or liner. Choose long-wear lipsticks or lip stains, and blot with tissue paper between layers. A clear lip liner can prevent feathering.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your makeup look not only embraces the hottest 2023 makeup trends but also stays fresh and flawless throughout your busy day. With the right preparation and products, you can confidently flaunt your makeup, knowing it will stand the test of time.

4. Conclusion

As we’ve journeyed through the latest makeup trend for 2023, it's evident that makeup trends are more diverse and exciting than ever before. From the nostalgic Y2K makeup to the futuristic Crystal Eye makeup, there's a trend for everyone to explore and make their own.

But remember, makeup is not just about following trends. It's a way to feel good about yourself, enhance confidence, and express yourself. So, don't be afraid to experiment with these 2023 makeup trends, mix them up, or even create your own signature look.

Makeup is an ever-evolving journey, and there are no wrong turns! The trends will come and go, but your unique style is here to stay. For more makeup trends and beauty tips, visit Japan With Love's blog!

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