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Things You Should Know About Japanese Hair Treatment

Who doesn't want to have smooth, healthy hair, right? However, the hair care process needs to be followed in order and done consistently, which can make you feel troublesome. Everyone has a different hair texture and needs a different hair care routine. If you need to get hair quickly, using a hair treatment will probably be the most reasonable choice. Coming to today's article, Japan With Love wants to send you some useful information about Japanese hair treatment, you can refer to and learn more.


Hair treatment is an intensive hair care treatment that is used to treat a wide range of hair problems. There are some problems that hair treatment can solve, such as damaged hair, breakage, and split ends, ... No matter what condition the hair has, hair treatment can also be treated by providing nutrients, making hair soft, smooth, and strong.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

They can also be used to protect hair from damage caused by environmental agents, dyes, or heat styling tools. This is probably the safest hair care method because a hair treatment can maintain the structural integrity of the hair. Even scalp health will be protected from dandruff, oiliness, irritation, dry scalp, and hair loss,...

Of all the hair treatment lines, perhaps the Japanese hair treatment products are always the most sought after. Because Japanese hair treatment products always contain ingredients derived from nature, which are safe and benign for users. Not only that, the prices of these products are always suitable for the pocket of customers. To gain the trust and confidence of customers, most Japanese hair treatment brands are constantly improving their products. So, choose for yourself a Japanese hair treatment that is suitable for your hair care routine.

Japanese hair treatment is divided into 3 popular types:

Hair oil

Hair oil is an oil-based Japanese hair treatment product that is prepared in liquid form, so it is easy to evaporate. Used to improve the condition of hair such as excessive breakage, dry, damaged hair... Hair oil provides nutrients to nourish healthy hair follicles from deep within. They also participate in the growth of hair cells, helping to make hair faster and stronger. Hair oil helps to moisturize the hair, so it should only be used in a moderate amount, avoiding too much to make the hair greasy.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

Hair serum

Hair serum is a Japanese hair treatment product refined in the form of concentrated essence. Hair serum is based on silicone, combined with natural vitamins and amino acids to form a protective film on the hair shaft to help protect against harmful agents such as dust from the environment, high temperature from curling irons, dryers, and UV rays. At the same time, the serum also helps restore and nourish the hair from deep within.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

Hair mask

The hair mask is a Japanese hair treatment product with a thick cream texture, they contain moisturizing, restorative ingredients, nourished by keratin, vegetable oils, panthenol... Works by penetrating deep into the hair follicles through the epidermis to repair damaged cells. In addition to the effect of improving shine, softness, and color retention, ... hair mask also works in improving hair quality.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store


For each hair type, there will be Japanese hair treatment products as well as appropriate care. To achieve the maximum effect, you can refer to how to choose Japanese hair treatment products below:

For frizzy hair

For those of you with hair that is easy to break, thick, and difficult to manage, you should choose Japanese hair treatment products that contain silicone and moisturizing ingredients for your hair. Silicone ingredients make hair shiny, shiny and prevent tangles. In addition, it also has the effect of reducing static electricity on the hair, helping to protect the hair from factors such as weather, dust, and heat from dryers, and hair stylers. So if your hair is often dry and frizzy due to damage, give priority to choosing these ingredients.

For thin and short hair

For those of you who have little hair, thin and short, when the head is sweaty, the hair is easily sticky, making the hair look very little, losing its buoyancy. To overcome this situation, you should choose a Japanese hair treatment product with vegetable oil or glycerin, higher alcohol ... to help your hair become bouncy, and limit the greasy condition that makes the hair sticky. It also stimulates hair growth and makes hair thicker.

For frizzy dry hair

Damaged and dry hair can be caused by too much hair dyeing, using a lot of chemicals, hot machines… The hair will be quite stiff, and most of the hair will split and break easily. The addition of highly moisturizing and restorative ingredients is essential. You should choose Japanese hair treatment with moisturizing ingredients such as Glycerin, shea butter, almond oil, camellia oil, Ceramide NP, Collagen, and Lipidure, ...

For dyed hair

For those of you who have dyed hair, especially light colors, if you don't use the right Japanese hair treatment, it's easy to fade your hair color. Therefore, choose products with ingredients that help protect hair color such as collagen, keratin, moisturizing, and restoring essences.


Know the uses and how to choose Japanese hair treatment products, but do you know how to use them? For Japanese hair treatment to work to its full potential, you need to follow these steps.

Steps to use Japanese hair treatment for hair serum and hair oil

Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly, using both shampoo and conditioner. Then, dry your hair with a dry towel but don't rub it too hard. Avoid damaging your hair.

Step 2: Take a small amount of Japanese hair treatment in your hand, and massage the nutrients from the body to the ends of the hair. For those of you with thick hair, you should divide your hair into small sections so that the essence can penetrate evenly.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

Step 3: Use a hairbrush to let the essence penetrate deep into the hair follicles, and at the same time combined with a scalp massage

Step 4: Let your hair dry naturally, but you can blow dry or style it with a blow dryer. Because the conditioner can protect the hair from heat and saves drying time.

Steps to use Japanese hair treatment for a hair mask

Step 1: After washing your hair. Please dry your hair before using the hair mask

Step 2: Apply in the direction from the ends of the hair to the top, massage, and squeeze gently to penetrate more deeply, use your fingers to gently brush the hair until the curls are free of tangles.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

Step 3: Cover your hair with a warm cotton towel or shower cap so that the nutrients are gradually absorbed into the hair. The average incubation time is about 5 – 15 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse the hair with clean water, and gently rub to shake off all the hair masks clinging to the hair.

Step 5: Dry your hair at normal temperature or let it dry naturally.


Any product line has good and bad quality. To make your selection of Japanese hair treatments more accurate, Japan With Love would like to introduce to you some high-quality and value-for-money products. You can refer to and choose to use.

Shiseido - Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Mask 180g

Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask is a Japanese hair treatment product from the famous Japanese hair care brand Shiseido. This is a high-end hair mask that gives you a salon-like hair care experience without spending too much time waiting. Not only does it add shine to the hair, but it also strengthens the hair and scalp. Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask gives you bouncy hair, and a feeling of relaxation, helping you to be confident all day long. With a mild yet sweet fragrance of fruit and berries, it provides extra moisture, leaving a soft shine for all hair types.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

Ingredients in this Japanese hair treatment include:

Dual amino acids help nutrients easily penetrate deep into each hair follicle.

Combining ingredients rich in nutrients such as pearl protein, honey minerals, Amino Acid, camellia oil, and glycerin ... penetrates directly into the hair to restore and nourish shiny, strong hair.

Creates a protective film to help lock in essential nutrients for the hair, protecting the hair from environmental damage such as UV rays, pollution, high temperature, etc.

Can be rinsed with water immediately after applying evenly without needing to be incubated as long as normal Japanese products. Does not make hair sticky or heavy, and does not cause hair loss. All ingredients in the product have been tested to ensure safety for the user's skin and hair.

Oshima Tsubaki - Pure Natural Japanese Camellia Oil 60ml

Japanese hair treatment Oshima Tsubaki is extracted from the main ingredient of the red camellia flower. The product contains balanced levels of Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, Palmitic, and polyphenols. It has strong anti-aging and antioxidant properties. The product texture is very light, non-greasy, does not clog pores, has a light scent, and is difficult to oxidize, so it can be kept longer than other products.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

This is the perfect Japanese hair treatment product that provides high efficiency in providing essential nutrients to help smooth hair, restoring dry or damaged hair due to lack of care or exposure to heat. and chemicals.

Helps to eliminate the feeling of scalp itching caused by sensitivity to other shampoos, or an itchy feeling due to hot weather causing excessive sweating.
In addition to hair care, the Japanese hair treatment Oshima is also used to treat acne on the skin.

Shiseido - Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask 230g

Shiseido - Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask has been voted the best-selling hair cream in Japan by ELLE magazine for five years in a row. The product is suitable for those with damaged, dry, lifeless hair. Use once a week for shiny, smooth, and healthy hair. However, each time you use it, you need to incubate your hair for 20-30 minutes.

Japanese Hair Treatment Japan With Love Jpanese Online Store

The main ingredient of the product is the active ingredient Gelundaina extract, which helps the product easily penetrate deep into the hair shaft, improving damaged components, and restoring damage to make hair stronger.

Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask contains a large amount of Vitamin E extract from wheat germ. Prevents the process of oxygen, reduces aging in hair and scalp and helps to regulate metabolism in the hair cuticle.

Thoroughly remove sebum, and dust on the hair, provide moisture and keep the hair moist for a long time, making the hair more and more smooth and shiny.


To avoid buying fake products that affect the health of your skin, please choose to buy products at Japanese online stores. Just to ensure safety when using, and to be carefully advised by experts on duty.

Japan With Love is also a Japanese online store that specializes in providing eye care, skincare, makeup,... from Japan. You can easily search for the products you want at the website Japan With Love.

Japanese beauty by skincare Japan With Love

All products are thoroughly tested. You can completely rely on Japan With Love. Not only that, but Japan With Love also has social networking channels so that customers can easily learn and get dedicated advice before buying.

Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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