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Take Care Of Kid's Hair By Shampoo For Kids

In children, poor scalp hygiene will easily cause scalp inflammation, which is the main cause of scalp flaking and dandruff. This phenomenon is quite common in children, so it is relatively easy to treat. When experiencing this condition, most babies will have typical symptoms such as scratching their heads a lot due to itching and hair loss. Therefore, washing with water alone is not enough, there should be shampoos for kids. If you are wondering which shampoo for kids to choose, let's find out with Japan With Love.


Shampoo for kids is a hair care product specifically for children. Baby shampoo is used to remove environmental dirt, excess oil, skin patches, dandruff, environmental pollutants, and other particles that accumulate on the hair. Most baby shampoos have mild detergent properties that do not affect the baby's skin. Moreover, the use of shampoo for kids can also limit skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis, ...

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The product is also manufactured with a special formula to replace chemicals that can irritate children's eyes, safer than other chemicals commonly found in normal shampoos for kids. The outstanding advantage of shampoo for kids is that it rarely causes skin stinging, creating an uncomfortable feeling when shampoos accidentally get into the eyes. To limit skin irritation in children, shampoo for kids does not have many fragrances and foaming agents to ensure safety for children.

Washing your hair with cold water will make your baby's hair dry easily, or make the oil glands secrete more. Moreover, there are products for each baby's age and skin type. So choose for your baby a shampoo for kids that is suitable for you.


Because shampoo for kids directly affects the baby's scalp and hair, it is imperative that mothers choose a safe and reputable product for their children. When choosing a shampoo for your baby, please refer to and learn more about the product, Japan With Love would like to reveal to you some tips for choosing a shampoo for kids below.

Products with clear origin, clear origin

On the market, finding and buying baby shampoo for kids is very easy because this item is sold a lot. However, when buying shampoo for kids, if the mother wants to find a good product for her baby, the criterion of origin is the first thing that plays an extremely important role. Children's resistance is still very weak, so mothers do not buy products that are floating on the market, or of unknown origin. Please learn and test shampoo for kids carefully before buying.

Japanese shampoo for kid Japan With Love Online Store

Do not choose products with colorants and fragrances

Young skin is much thinner than adult skin. Therefore, their skin is more sensitive to harmful environmental factors and products that adversely affect the skin. When choosing to buy products related to bathing, please say no to shampoos for kids with artificial scents and colors. Although these products will make the baby more interested, the harm they bring to the baby can cause serious problems. Shampoos for kids with gentle, benign ingredients are still products that mothers should prioritize.

Soothing product ingredients

The products and utensils for babies recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists are products that include ingredients derived from nature, safe for the skin. When choosing to buy shampoo for kids, you need to pay close attention to the ingredient list. If any product contains parabens, do not buy it, because this is a toxic chemical to the health of your baby's skin.

Don't foam too much

Every child is very fond of floating bubbles. However, according to studies, these foams are strong cleansers, playing the role of removing dirt, and dead skin cells, even losing the natural oil layer on the skin, making the baby's skin dry. Not only that, children also have extremely sensitive skin, so if you choose to buy shampoo for kids that foams a lot, it will irritate, making the skin red, dry, and burning.

Japanese shampoo for kid Japan With Love Online Store

Don't sting your eyes

Adults like us when washing our hair, if the shampoo gets into our eyes, it will feel extremely spicy and uncomfortable. As for children, if shampoo for kids gets into the eyes, it will be much more uncomfortable. Good shampoo for children must be products with mild ingredients that do not sting the baby's eyes. With such shampoos for kids, when washing your baby's hair, you won't need to worry if the product gets into your child's eyes.

Don't dry the baby's skin

When choosing to buy shampoo for kids, please prioritize products containing ingredients extracted from nature, or ingredients with moisturizing properties to help protect your baby's skin. The ingredients extracted from nature such as coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, and almond oil, ... will be a reasonable choice and will help moisturize and prevent the baby's skin from drying out.

Suitable for baby's skin

Children's skin is very sensitive to irritation, so when choosing a baby shampoo for children, mothers should pay attention to choosing benign products. For example, for children with dry skin, products with moisturizing capabilities are suitable. If the baby's skin is prone to heat rash, or redness, then buy a bath set with antibacterial properties for effective treatment, not to irritate the skin, but also to better protect the baby.


On the market today, there are thousands of shampoo for kids products for mothers to choose from. However, not all products are good and meet the needs of mothers and babies. Here is some shampoo for kids that you can consider buying:

Johnson Baby Bed Time Whole Body Shampoo Foam Type 400ml - Japanese Shampoo For Baby

Johnson Baby Bed Time Whole Body Shampoo Foam Type is one of the typical shampoos for kids from the Johnson Baby brand. Since its first appearance in 1894, Johnson Baby has constantly improved its products in order to meet the needs of consumers.

Japanese shampoo for kid Japan With Love Online Store

The product is guaranteed to be free of parabens and other harmful substances, and safe for children to use. All ingredients included in the product must undergo rigorous testing before being delivered to users.

This shampoo for kids contains a substance called Natural calm, with a pleasant scent that helps bring deep sleep, and prolongs sleep for children but does not cause fatigue and drowsiness when the baby wakes up.


Mama & Kids - Baby Hair Shampoo 370ml

Mama & Kids is also one of the leading brands in the production of health care products for mothers and babies. With a reputation for many years, mothers can completely trust choosing a shampoo for kids from this brand for their baby.

Japanese shampoo for kid Japan With Love Online Store

The scalp is home to 10 times more sebaceous glands than other areas of the body. Especially for young children, the amount of sebum secreted on the hair is a lot, so mothers need to use this shampoo for kids to remove excess oil for their children. The product contains a moisturizing ingredient called Hyaloveil - which helps to balance the moisture on the baby's scalp but does not cause hair loss and tangles.

The product is colorless, odorless, and especially free of both alcohol and parabens, so it is completely benign and safe for babies. Even babies can use it without worrying about any symptoms.


Minon Body Wash Shampoo Smooth Regular Type 450ml - Japanese Baby Shampoo - Baby Care Products

Minon is special skin care cosmetic brand of Daiichisankyo - a leading pharmaceutical company in Japan and famous worldwide. This is probably one of the most special shampoos for kids because it can be used for all family members, even babies.

Japanese shampoo for kid Japan With Love Online Store

Minon Body Wash Shampoo Smooth Regular Type includes cleaning ingredients based on plant amino acids, which completely remove dirt and also create a thin film to protect the baby's skin from the bad effects of the environment. Typical amino acids such as arginine, and glycine have the role of nourishing the skin, helping to balance the moisture on the scalp, and limiting dandruff or flaking skin patches. This shampoo for the kid is especially for babies with dry hair, prevents sweat smell, and keeps baby's hair and scalp healthy.



Washing a baby's hair requires mothers to give shampoo for kids directly to the baby's scalp and hair. Therefore, choose for your child safe products. To make shopping easier, mothers should prioritize using online shopping. Not only saving time and effort but when buying online, you will be carefully advised by a team.

Japanese beauty by skincare Japan With Love

Japan With Love is also a Japanese online store specializing in providing genuine baby care, makeup, skincare,... Japan With Love also has social media channels so that customers can easily learn and get dedicated advice before making a purchase.

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Thank you for your interest in reading. The products that we offer are all recommended by dermatologists, so mothers can rest assured to use them for their children. If you have any questions about the product, please message Japan With Love or consult an expert.

Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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