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What Is Mochi Skin And Everything You Need To Know

What Is Mochi Skin And Everything You Need To Know

Mochi skin has taken the J-beauty world by storm as it shows how the beauty and health of skin balance. More specifically, it involves thorough routines and deep nourishment. Therefore, it is much more than a beauty trend but a way to take good care of your skin to achieve the mochi effects. So, what is mochi skin? How can you acquire it? Let's Japan With Love dive in!

1. What is mochi skin?

Mochi skin is a Japanese beauty trend that highlights soft, plump, and smooth skin. As the name suggests, the mochi skin meaning takes its inspiration from mochi, the Japanese dessert that is best known for its irresistibly soft and bouncy texture.

Mochi skin is now a popular Japanese beauty trend.

Mochi skin is now a popular Japanese beauty trend.

2. How to get mochi skin

Mochi skin is not really about makeup techniques but more about your skincare. That's why this how-to-make mochi skin guide will walk you through essential steps to achieve mochi-looking healthy skin.

2.1. Step 1: Double cleansing

Just like any skincare routine, cleansing is the first and foremost step for healthy skin. Yet, the mochi skin recipe requires a special addition, double cleansing. It is a two-step process that ensures your face is thoroughly free of dirt, makeup, and impurities.

Don't be intimidated, as you only need to use an oil-based cleanser before your normal face wash. Doing this will dissolve makeup or sunscreen (if you wear any) and remove extra oils from your skin. Besides, it helps your skin easily absorb the good effects of cleanser afterward for your specific skin concerns, such as hydration, exfoliation, or acne-fighting.

2.2. Step 2: Hydration

Moisturizing your skin with serum is an essential step to achive mochi skin.

After cleansing, now it comes to the most important part of the regimen to get mochi skin - hydration. There are three sub-steps you should notice to serve your skin the best.

  • Applying toner

You should use Japanese toner products that go by the name of "essence lotion" for the goal of mochi skin. These products follow a special formula that can provide a base layer of hydration. Among many products on the market, naturie skin conditioner stands out with natural ingredients and gentle effects to help your skin be ready to absorb other skincare products in the next steps.

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  • Mochi skin serum

Serum with its light texture can penetrate deeper layers of the skin, so it can deliver those concentrated ingredients directly to specific skin concerns like wrinkles, uneven texture, or hyperpigmentation. When picking a suitable serum product, you should seek those having ingredients such as skin-smoothing peptides, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors to help your skin acquire the firm-yet-bouncy texture of mochi.

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  • Moisturizer

After serum and toner, you should use moisturizers to seal the hydration layer and deeply nourish your skin. Your moisturizers for mochi skin should have ceramides, as the ingredients can retain hydration and protect your skin from environmental aggressors while making it soft and supple. Yuskin cream is our recommendation as it has nourishing ingredients coming from nature for gentler approach but amazing moisturization.

Another note for oily-skin owners, you should use moisturizing serum instead of common moisturizers, because they might generate extra oil which can cause acne or other skin issues. Naturie skin conditioning milk can be one of the suitable alternatives you can check out to take care of your oily skin.

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2.3. Step 3: Use sun protection

Sunscreen or SPF moisturizers are good to protect your skin from aging elements in sunlight.
Sunscreen or SPF moisturizers are good to protect your skin from aging elements in sunlight.

UV rays are the enemy of healthy, youthful skin, regardless of your goal, as they will damage collagen, leading to wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Besides, sun exposure can also lead to uneven skin tone and dark spots, which can hinder the flawless, even complexion characteristic of mochi skin.

Thus, you should apply SPF products to protect your skin from any damage potential. You can either use physical or chemical sunscreens to minimize the effects of UV rays in sunlight. If you would love a more convenient way of SPF application to your skin, you should choose moisturizers or makeup products with built-in SPF for added sun protection throughout the day.

3. Mochi skin treatment

Professional treatments can help your mochi skin reach near to the perfect level.
Professional treatments can help your mochi skin reach near to the perfect level.

The steps we mentioned above are the essential process that you should not skip regardless of the goals you want to achieve for your skin, not only mochi skin, as they help your skin healthy from inside out. However, if mochi skin is the destination you want to reach, you need to take more action and notice in particular.

  • Skip the acids: Acid exfoliants are great, yet they are not ideal for mochi skin's dewy finish as they can easily strip away your skin's natural oil and hydration. That's why you should consider using gentler alternatives.
  • HydraFacial to the Rescue: This popular treatment is a quick and painless way to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin. As a result, you can enjoy the plump and glowing effects of mochi skin.
  • Laser Love: For professional treatment mochi skin, you can try clear and brilliant lasers. This method can target fine lines, minimize pores, and reduce hyperpigmentation to help you gain and maintain a smooth, poreless mochi look.
  • Microneedling: This minimally invasive procedure stimulates collagen production, so it also helps your skin improve texture and reduce wrinkles. Combining this step with your routine can level up the mochi effects and help you get near to perfection.

4. Additional tips for Japanese mochi skin

A healthy mind and body can contribute to the beauty of your skin, besides your cosmetics.
A healthy mind and body can contribute to the beauty of your skin, besides your cosmetics.

Following the steps and suggestions above is crucial to have healthy mochi skin. By focusing on skincare products, you might overlook some other important aspects that contribute no less to your skin health and beauty. As a result, this step walks you through some insights and tips for you to reach your beauty goals more sustainably.

  • Mochi skincare products: There are many hyped-up products that will quickly help your mochi skin, yet they might involve potential danger for their rushing effects. Hence, you should be mindful of choosing nature-sourced products with gentler and safer approaches, such as Japanese skincare products. Your skin will gradually get to the point you want it to become, yet you do not have to pay high prices, literally and figuratively.
  • Diet: What you eat plays an important role in your health and beauty, which is a fact that everyone agrees on but usually forgets. Meanwhile, mochi skin is a beauty trend that appreciates natural and healthy skin. Combining these factors altogether leads to the conclusion that you should pay more attention to your diet, such as adding more veggies and drinking more water.
  • Stress management: No one who has been under great strain for a long time can ever get mochi skin, as once your mind is ill, the whole body system will shut off and your skin is not an exception. Therefore, better life management can help reduce stress and generate positive hormones to keep your body functioning effectively. Consequently, your skin can get to its best state. The best tip is to rest well, as a good amount of sleep can recharge your energy for work and life enjoyment.

5. Conclusion

Mochi skin is what you can work on and maintain through mindful skincare routines. It is the beauty trend that requires your research to understand your skin type and find the most suitable products and treatment methods.

The influx of information on the Internet can get you overwhelmed with quick effect generation promises, yet keep in mind that sustainable beauty takes time and nourishment. So, slow it down and ask for expertise consultancy if you feel like it.

Follow Japan With Love to update the latest beauty trends and practical tips that help you achieve beauty goals more easily and sustainably.

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