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Makeup Routine With Japanese Cosmetics

Beauty is a long and moderate process that can sometimes be frustrating. To make your beauty routine more complete and effective, most of us choose to use cosmetics products. The use of cosmetics seems familiar to most of us. Additionally to beautifying each individual, cosmetics provide a number of unexpected benefits that we do not expect. However, choosing and using cosmetics properly is just as important. Today, Japan With Love is sending you a makeup routine using Japanese cosmetics.


Currently, many people think that cosmetics are not related to health care because they think that cosmetics are care chemicals that act on the skin after a long time using will be very harmful to the skin and body. However, that thinking is completely wrong. Due to the careful research investment of dermatologists, many cosmetic product lines have helped remove conditions such as allergies, dark spots, acne, inflammation, and melasma damage caused by UV rays... which are potential risks causing serious diseases such as pitted scars, skin cancer, etc. Therefore, we can understand that cosmetics play an important role in daily life. day.

Japanese cosmetics Japan With Love

Cosmetics help improve health

In response to the need for beauty to go hand in hand with health, many cosmetics are manufactured containing antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin B3 derivatives (Niacinamide) that help the skin produce a protective film against oxidation, cause acne, and increase the skin's resistance to bad influences from the environment. The cosmetic industry has been constantly researching and researching to find out the great effects of ingredients derived from nature, and rare minerals that bring great benefits. For example, 24k gold - is an excellent ingredient in supporting the prevention of oxidation thanks to its high permeability, reaching the dermis, helping to increase the production of Collagen and Elastin.

Cosmetics offer opportunity

A radiant, fresh appearance will make a better impression than a pale beauty, especially in important events that force us to interact with many people. Maybe cosmetics will become the key that opens the door for you to new opportunities in both work and life. Someone once said that luxury cosmetics are like a ticket to a luxurious world. Those cosmetic products give us confidence and poise emanating from a beautiful complexion. There are some cosmetics sets that just need a little dab on the skin to make the skin glow and stand out.

Japanese cosmetics Japan With Love

Cosmetics help build a personal brand

Cosmetic sets are created to match a certain personality. Do not follow the crowd to force you into a certain framework, create your color, a personality that only you can have. There are cosmetic products that are loved by the masses, but some do not receive much attention from the public because they bring a difference, and convey distinct messages. So, give yourself a separate face so that every time people look at it, people will know for sure it's you.


In general, on the market today, Japanese cosmetics products have a certain place. Not only has a high position in the list of best-selling products, but Japanese cosmetics also won the trust of many customers from many parts of the world. So are Japanese products good or not? The answer is yes, here are some proofs that will make you completely confident in using Japanese cosmetics products:

The Japanese thinking of creating cosmetics

Cosmetic products from Japan are not only of high quality, but the packaging is also very beautiful. This is a common feature that you can easily compare and notice with cosmetics from other countries. Capturing the general psychology of consumers, Japanese brands not only want to produce Japanese cosmetics products to use but also want them to be lovely items. Holding a beautiful, natural cosmetic in the hand of the user will feel happy and feel themselves becoming beautiful.

Japanese cosmetics Japan With Love

The special manufacturing process for cosmetics

Japanese cosmetics are prepared and tested in laboratories that meet international standards. It is not difficult for you to find complete information about the ingredients in a product. All special preparation processes for the product will be announced on the company's website for customers' peace of mind. The Japanese cosmetic industry can be said to be the most developed in Asia and famous around the world. The production line of Japanese cosmetics is a large-scale, modern technology. Each stage of production is extremely safe and clean. Every product that is created must undergo rigorous testing.

Pure Japanese ingredients from nature

Most of the ingredients in Japanese cosmetics are of domestic or domestic origin in Japan. The researchers of Japanese cosmetics are dedicated to creating cosmetics for skin care utilizing precious essences from nature right in their homeland. Natural ingredients such as rice, cherry blossom, green tea, honey, and white camellia... are always preferred. That's why all products are highly benign, safe, and do not irritate the skin.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love


A set of makeup products always helps you create highlights and impress everyone at first sight. But for those of you who are new to makeup, almost everyone has the same worry that is not knowing what a basic makeup set will include. To answer those questions, Japan With Love will introduce to you simple but fully functional Japanese cosmetics products to help you use and become more confident.

Step 1: Create a beautiful background layer

The background step is one of the basic but extremely important opening steps and must be done carefully and carefully. Take a sufficient amount of foundation or use BB Cream / CC Cream to dot the 5 main points of the face: forehead, cheeks, nose, and finally chin. Then use a sponge or brush to spread it all over the face. When applying foundation, you should pay attention to spreading the cream from the inside out, spread the cream carefully in the forehead and nose area because in these areas the cream is easy to drift. Even if the foundation layer cannot cover all of the imperfections, such as dark spots, freckles, acne, redness, and dark circles under the eyes, you can use a little more concealer on these skin areas and blend it evenly.

Japanese cosmetics Japan With Love

Shiseido Revital Granas Foundation Water (PF) OC30 SPF19/ PA ++

Step 2: Shaping the eyebrows to become naturally sharp

Eyebrows will help your face have a delicate, sharper look. No need to draw complicated drawings, just trim your eyebrows so that they are a bit neat, you will see your face become different from before. To get beautiful eyebrows, you need to shape your eyebrows first. Next, use a pencil to draw very thin lines like real eyebrows in the places where the eyebrows are sparse. Note that you should not draw too close to the upper margin of the eyebrow, because it will create an unnatural feeling and is easy to smudge. Finally, use the eyebrow brush from bottom to top, from the beginning to the end of the eyebrow, it will look thicker.

Japanese cosmetics Japan With Love

Kanebo Allie Eyebrow Liner

Step 3: Make up your eyes

Eyeshadow: After choosing your favorite eye color, use a brush to gently apply powder and spread a thin, even layer over the entire eyelid. If you want your eyes to look deeper, use your pinky finger or a small tip brush to apply a darker shade at the lid and darkest at the corner of the eye. You can also use a little more highlighter for the middle of the upper eyelid, your eyes will stand out.

Japanese cosmetics Japan With Love

Cezanne Single Color Eyeshadow

Eyeliner: A thin line of eyeliner on the inner eyelid and a slight extension of a brown line help make the eyes look big and round, the most natural. Dot the points to make fulcrums and connect those points into a very thin line close to the eyelids. Then gently highlight and stretch at the corners of the eyes until you achieve the shape you want.

Japanese cosmetics Japan With Love

D-Up Silky Liquid Eyeliner

Step 4: Use powder

Apply a light layer of powder evenly on the face, especially the T-zone to control oil, make makeup drier, shape makeup, and at the same time keep it longer on the face. Ensure that the powder is evenly distributed to prevent a feeling of clumping, heavy for the face, and should not be applied with a puff, as the powder will be difficult to adhere to, will drift, and will not spread evenly.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder 29g - Face Powder 

Step 5: A little blush for a face full of life

Choose gentle, bright blush colors to create a natural look for your face. To determine the right place to apply blush, smile in front of the mirror, and the highest point will be the position to start applying the powder. With a large brush, apply powder in a circular motion beginning at the cheekbones and slowly spreading the powder under your eyes and towards your ears.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love

Cezanne Mix Color Cheek 05

Step 6: Lip makeup

The last step to finish the makeup is to apply lipstick to highlight the face. Using lip balm before applying matte lipstick not only helps lips become smooth, but also works as a layer of protection against the bad effects of lipstick. You can use a lip pencil to line your lips if you want to create a sharper or you can also use more lip gloss if you want to create a plump effect for your lips.

Japanese Cosmetics Japan With Love

DHC UV Moisture Lip Cream 1.5g. Refer

Thank you for reading this article. With the info from Japan With Love, maybe you'll be more confident in your makeup selections and choose your Japanese cosmetics accordingly. Manipulate makeup and get a more beautiful, new look.

Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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