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How To Use Baby Milky Cream For Babies?

The skin of young children, especially babies, is very thin and sensitive, which makes them very vulnerable to irritation and damage. Therefore, to protect children's skin from environmental damage and dermatological diseases, mothers should select skincare products that are suitable for their children. Perhaps baby milky cream is the best choice that mothers should consider. In this article, Japan With Love wants to send you some useful information about baby milky cream to help you in taking care of your baby.


Baby milky cream is a skin care product for babies and children. With high moisturizing properties along with a special milky cream texture, baby milky cream easily penetrates the skin, helping to moisturize the baby's sensitive skin. The product not only provides the right amount of water but also limits the evaporation that causes water loss in the epidermis. Occupying a high proportion of product ingredients is milk protein, which helps to soothe irritated and dry skin, hydrate skin, lock in moisture and heal skin damage.

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Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store

With that miraculous effect, baby milky cream will help remove dry, flaky, red, itchy skin. On dry days, baby milky cream will be a reasonable choice for mothers to use for babies. Because this is a dual product, a combination of moisturizer and body milk effectively protects and cares for the baby's skin. However, this product line is quite diverse in terms of users and ingredients, so please learn carefully about the product before giving it to your baby.


In the days just after birth, newborn skin is delicate and especially very sensitive. Just encountering some environmental influences, the child's skin will also be adversely affected, leading to several skin diseases. Therefore, the use of baby milky cream for children is very necessary to protect the baby's skin to be smoother.

The body of a newborn is 80% water, by the second month, the baby's skin will gradually dry out. The amount of sebum produced on the skin is drastically reduced, causing the oil coating on the skin's surface to be significantly weakened. Meanwhile, children's skin is too thin, and the risk of water evaporation is increasing, leading to dry skin. At a glance, at the baby's smooth skin, many parents think there is enough moisture, so they often neglect to moisturize the baby's skin. Therefore, to help the baby's skin not dry out and limit the risk of skin diseases, parents need to use baby milky cream for newborn babies. Here are some notes when choosing baby milky cream for your baby:

Attention to ingredients

Look carefully at the ingredient list and choose only products that are free of Phthalates and Parabens. Because these are two chemicals that are used to preserve and create scents for products. If children use it for a long time, it will adversely affect their health. Some researchers also show that early puberty and birth control in these two chemicals account for a very high rate of occurrence.

Choose baby milky cream of natural origin

Mothers should pay attention to choosing baby milky cream products with ingredients extracted from nature for their children. Especially, the plant contains fatty acids, vitamins E and C to help supply and moisturize, giving your baby smooth, healthy skin.

Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store

Limit choosing products with scents

Fragrance-based product ingredients are also one of the risks of irritation to the baby's skin. Therefore, mothers should only choose unscented or naturally scented baby milky cream from natural ingredients. You can choose products with natural scents from honey, coconut oil, olive oil, cucumber, apple, etc. However, you need to limit choosing baby milky cream with vanilla, orange, lemon, etc.

Choose the right baby milky cream for your baby's age

Baby milky cream is a product line with very diverse ingredients. Therefore, good products are aimed at separate users. Please choose to buy and use baby milky cream suitable for your child's age. If you have any questions about choosing baby milky cream, speak with a doctor or other professional.

Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store

Choose baby milky cream suitable for baby's skin

Children's skin will have much less resistance than adults and is especially sensitive to chemical effects, and pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, about 20% of babies will have atopic dermatitis, the skin is red, peeling, and itchy. Babies will have different skin conditions, but in general, there are 4 types of skin:

Normal skin: This is the most stable skin type, with softness, rarely irritation, and dryness.

  • Dry skin: Skin with many wrinkles, often flaking and red spots appear.
  • Eczema: Baby's skin will be extremely dry, with small cracks.
  • Sensitive skin: Babies with this skin often have diaper rash, heat rash, allergies to shampoos, and shower gels.

Depending on your skin condition, you should choose the right baby moisturizer. In addition to moisturizing effects, some baby moisturizers also support the treatment of skin diseases very well.

Check packaging and product labels

The demand for children's health care is increasing, so the appearance of counterfeit products is inevitable. Before buying any baby milky cream, you must also carefully check the packaging and labels of the product. Pay attention to the texture of the product, because fakes are always of lower quality than the real thing. The scent of fake goods is also full of chemicals, not as natural as the real thing.

Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store

Buy products from famous brands

So that your baby does not get skin diseases or serious conditions caused by fake products. When purchasing baby milky cream, make sure that you buy it from a well-known, well-regarded brand.


Using baby milky cream is one of the fastest ways to keep your baby's skin smooth and healthy. However, not all parents know how to use them most effectively. Applying baby milky cream is very easy, you just need to follow these steps:

Clean baby's skin

Wash your baby thoroughly and gently. After bathing is the golden time to use baby milky cream because then the baby's pores are open and easy to absorb the product. Parents, please dry your baby's skin with a soft cotton towel.

Apply baby milky cream

Take an appropriate amount of cream, and apply it to the whole body of the child. Make sure to apply evenly to all areas of the skin, especially areas with folds such as the neck, armpits, groin, ... so that the product protects evenly all over the body.

Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store

Let the baby milky cream dry naturally

After applying the product evenly all over the body, parents should not dress the baby. Let the essence dry completely, or you can also dress the child in loose, comfortable clothes. This will limit the baby milky cream from sticking to clothes, losing the amount of product needed.


To take care of your baby's skin more perfectly, you also need to note a few things:

Observe baby's skin after using baby milky cream

After using baby milky cream for 2-3 days, if there is any irritation such as redness, itching, blistering, etc., then parents need to stop using it immediately, or can also change to other products to avoid any other dangerous conditions.

Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store

Use only the right amount of baby milky cream

Do not use too much baby milky cream on the baby's skin. This is not only ineffective but also counterproductive, as it not only wastes product but also creates a feeling of fatigue on the baby's skin. Parents should only apply a thin layer of baby milky cream to the baby's skin at night before going to bed or after bathing.

Let your baby drink enough water

Moisturizing from the outside is essential, but moisturizing from the inside is equally important. The mother should feed the baby a lot or give him a lot of water to drink. With an adequate water supply, your baby's skin will be smooth, and healthy, and avoid skin diseases.

Use reputable products

Because this is a product that directly affects the baby's skin, parents need to choose a reputable, high-quality product. Mothers can consider using the Baby milky cream product line from the Mama & Kids brand.

This is one of Japan's No.1 famous baby skin care products. Because there is a milky cream, when applying Baby milky cream to the baby's skin, it will not cause a greasy feeling. Furthermore, the product does not contain fragrance ingredients, colorants, parabens, or alcohol. The product is safe and benign for baby skin, even sensitive skin areas.

The product contains vitamin E and 8 types of moisturizing amino acids, which help your baby's skin become smooth, limiting the peeling skin common in babies. The cream also contains natural squalane, which helps to keep the skin moist by limiting water loss in the epidermis.

Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store


Use in conjunction with other skincare products

To make the use of baby milky cream more perfect, consider using some other skin care products for your baby. It can also be a moisturizing product or it can also be another product for dermatological diseases, skin care against mosquitoes, insects,... However, it would be great if you combined to use one more product line, also from Mama & Kids. It's baby milky lotion.

Japanese baby milky cream Japan With Love Online Store



Because it is necessary to use Baby milky cream directly on the baby's skin, it is imperative that mothers choose to buy the most reputable products. To buy Baby milky cream easier, consider buying products at reputable online shops, especially popular online shops. This can both ensure you buy a genuine product, with a dedicated consultant to make it easier to choose. At the same time, online shopping also saves time and effort so that mothers have more time to take care of their children.

Japanese beauty by skincare Japan With Love

Japan With Love is also a Japanese online store that provides genuine baby care, makeup, skincare,... All products at Japan With Love have been carefully censored, so you can completely trust and use them. If you have any questions, our consulting team will be happy to advise you.

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Thank you for your attention to the article. Hopefully, the useful information about baby milky cream that Japan With Love brings will help you feel more relieved in taking care of your baby. Wishing parents and children the best of health.

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