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Get Perfect Makeup With Japanese Cosmetics

Every time you put on a beautiful outfit, you feel that you become more confident and excited, don't you? When it comes to makeup, too, thanks to the perfect makeup layer, you will feel more confident when standing in front of a crowd or walking on the street. To make makeup easy but no less perfect, why not try using Japanese cosmetics? In this article, Japan With Love wants to send you Japanese cosmetics products that you will surely like.


Japanese cosmetics has thousands of products with different designs and uses. However, a basic makeup set will only have a certain number of products. If you are a makeup beginner, check out the following Japanese cosmetics:


Primer is the step that is said to be the beginning of the makeup process. They are used before foundation, powder, or other Japanese cosmetics. Most primers have liquid gel silicone ingredients, which keep makeup lasting longer. Each primer will have a different base tone and a unique effect on the evening of your skin tone. In general, we can see that primers come in two main types: colored and colorless. Primer also can control oil, and can completely replace foundation if you prefer a natural makeup look. In addition to the ability to keep your makeup long-lasting, they also can lock oil, cover pores, and make the skin smoother.

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Foundation is a cream formulated to closely resemble natural skin tone. They are used to create a foundation that covers the skin, evens out the skin tone, and conceals imperfections to help the skin become smooth to be ready for the following makeup steps. Foundation mainly has 5 common types: liquid, cream, powder, serum, and water-based.

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The powder is known as a line of Japanese cosmetics that has a texture in powder or pressed powder form. The powder is small and light, so when it sticks to the skin, it will not cause discomfort. The powder can absorb oil very well, they also help balance the amount of oil on the skin. At the same time, it also limits inflammation, skin infections, and acne growth. After lightly applying a layer of powder, you will find your face is much drier.

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Blush is a Japanese cosmetic product line that can be in powder, tablet, liquid, stick, or cream form. Blush is used to help the cheeks become rosy, creating a youthful, fresh, and full of life for the user.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store


They are used to brush on the skin on the eyelids to create accents for the eyes, make the face more attractive, and also make the eyes attractive when communicating with others. Currently, there are many Japanese eyeshadow products, with a variety of color palettes, suitable for all skin tones and makeup styles. Your eyes will become less attractive without eyeshadow, so choose for yourself a Japanese eyeshadow that you like, and spend some time on eye makeup.

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Mascara is a Japanese cosmetic product line that helps make eyelashes longer, thicker, and darker. Thanks to mascara, your eyes will become more soulful and attractive. To achieve the best effect, before applying mascara, curl your lashes first. This not only helps keep eyelashes curled longer, but also helps mascara easily adhere to the eyelashes, having a fulcrum for longer eyelashes.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Eyebrow pencil

Beautiful eyebrows will help your face become more harmonious and sharp. So for those of you who have pale eyebrows or have a little defect, an eyebrow pencil will fix that. Just lightly brush a little, and your face will look more full of life.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store


Lipstick is very familiar to most users because every girl will have at least one lipstick. Japanese cosmetics always launch a variety of products, especially lipsticks. Because they can be in the form of creams, sticks, or lead,... Before applying lipstick, you should exfoliate and nourish your lips, so when applying lipstick, it will not cause dry, cracked lips. Choosing lipstick is not too difficult, because they depend on your skin tone. When buying lipstick, you can ask the staff to advise you to choose the right product for yourself.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store


Japanese cosmetics has too many such product lines, fully meeting the needs of users. So why should we choose Japanese cosmetics to use? There are many reasons, but Japan With Love would like to give some of the following reasons:

Modern production technology of Japanese cosmetics

The production process of Japanese cosmetics is very sophisticated and requires professionalism and a large scale. The proportion of ingredients in the products is always carefully measured, the product quality is absolutely safe and completely reputable. Not only that, but businesses also regularly learn and improve product quality following customer needs.

Create confidence for customers to believe when using

If you put on beautiful makeup, you will certainly find yourself much more confident. Therefore, when using Japanese cosmetics, not only enhances beauty but also creates a perfect aura. Choose the right products for yourself to get the look you want.

The prestige of Japanese cosmetics

A Japanese person's prestige is always appreciated in every aspect of their life. Therefore, if there is any defect in the product, they will be ready to recall, compensate and apologize to the customer. This also explains why many customers trust, are satisfied, and see what the product creator is responsible for.

Healthy product ingredients

Most Japanese cosmetics products that are on the market have been rigorously tested. Each ingredient must be thoroughly tested before preparation. Furthermore, Japanese cosmetics brands are constantly looking for natural ingredients to incorporate into their products. With this, users will feel more secure and assured.

Matching user needs

Japanese cosmetics brand researchers are constantly researching and developing products. So, if you have any needs, there is a product that can meet them. Not only that, to expand the amount of consumption, the products are also upgraded every day to ensure absolute quality. Japanese cosmetics can meet all of the purposes of use, price, and target audience,...


Japanese cosmetics cover all kinds of products, so it is difficult to list them all. However, we will still feature some of the best-selling Japanese cosmetics products. You can rest assured to trust, consult and choose.

Kosé Esprique Cc Makeup Base Moist Type 30g - Japanese Makeup Base Product

The product is very suitable for those who like makeup with high coverage and covering pores. In addition, it helps even skin tone and brightens skin, you will look radiant for 13 hours. Thanks to the SPF50+ /PA++++ sun protection factor, your skin will be fully protected against the harmful effects of UV rays. After applying the primer evenly, your skin will feel much smoother. The highlight of the product is that it does not cause stickiness and moisture on the skin.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Kosé Sekkisei Powder Snowy Loose Powder SPF20/ PA ++ 11g - Kosé Face Powder

The powder form is especially suitable for those with oily skin. The powder particles can absorb oil, and control the amount of oil on the skin extremely well, bringing dryness and smoothness when used.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

With ultra-fine, transparent powder particles, when applied to the skin, it will not affect the skin color. Suitable for all skin types from dark to light. The product is extracted from oriental herbs, safe and benign for the skin.


Flow Fushi Uzu Mote Mascara Micro Mascara 3.2g - Japanese Waterproof Mascara

This mascara not only has the same ingredients as other products, but they also contain minerals, helping to make eyelashes shinier and healthier. When applying on eyelashes, you will not feel heavy eyes or eyelashes. Instead, it is comfort, nature. After brushing, the eyelashes will be much longer and thicker. It is the black tone of the product that will make your eyes more attractive and soulful. They're also water-resistant, and long-lasting, so you can stay confident all day long.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Shiseido Revital Granas Foundation Water (PF) OC30 SPF19/ PA ++ - Japanese Foundation

This Japanese cosmetics is a product from the famous Shiseido brand. The water-based cream will quickly absorb into the skin, creating a comfortable feeling for the user. Not only does it help to even out skin tone, but it also helps protect against the sun thanks to SPF19 and PA ++. Foundation is so long-lasting, that you can feel confident with it all day long.

Japanese cosmetic Japan With Love Japanese Online Store


As a way to save time and effort, why don't you try shopping at a Japanese online shop? You can easily choose products before you buy. Moreover, buying at a reputable Japanese online shop will help you avoid fake goods.

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