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Baby Care Products That Moms Need To Pay Attention

Taking care of children is a complicated process, especially for first-time parents, from which there will be many questions. Is it right to take care of children like this? What should be done to ensure the health of the baby? For parents' concerns to be resolved soon, Japan With Love will send you some Baby care products. Baby care products make it much easier for parents to take care of their baby's health.


Baby care products are dozens of products to help care for and protect your baby's health. However, we will only list some popular baby care products:

Baby care products to protect baby skin

While in the womb, the baby is always protected by the egg sac. After birth, the protective film on the baby's skin gradually disappears. Since then, children are easily irritated by bad influences from the outside environment. Therefore, using baby care products to protect baby skin is extremely necessary.

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Baby Moisture Cream

This is a baby care product that is formulated in the form of a cream, with a high moisturizing effect, limiting the evaporation of water so that the baby's skin is not dry and flaky, making the baby's skin smoother. Baby moisture cream also provides and replenishes the missing nutrients in the skin epidermis, caring for and protecting the baby's skin carefully.

Baby powder

Baby powder is produced in the form of powder or pressed powder, which is highly dehydrating. When your baby has a heat rash or rashes, please use baby powder to apply to the heat rash to absorb all the sweat on the surface of the skin, helping the baby's skin become dry. Because this product has dehydrating properties. In addition, baby powder is also used for the neck, armpits, groin, and behind the knees, for children to avoid diaper rash, deodorize sweat, body odor ...

Baby sunscreen

Baby sunscreen will absorb energy from the sun and neutralize UVA and UVB rays before they adversely affect your baby's skin. While destroying harmful beams, Baby sunscreen still retains vitamin D which is beneficial for your baby's skin and bones. The product contains mild chemicals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, ensuring safety for children's sensitive skin. Most of these products have a liquid texture that is easily absorbed into the skin such as cream, or milk, ... completely matching the baby's skin color. In addition to sun protection to limit skin burns, baby sunscreen also prevents cancer and dermatitis. Note that this baby care product can only be used with babies 6 months and older.

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Baby care products for bathing

Because it is a product made for children to use, baby care products always contain benign ingredients. For the specialized product line for bathing, we often come across 3 types of baby care products:

Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is a special shampoo specifically for washing the baby's hair. They can comprehensively protect the scalp and soften the baby's hair. Unlike shampoo for adults, baby shampoo has mild ingredients, creating a feeling of relaxation, and not causing eyestrain for babies when washing hair.

Baby soap

They are often produced in liquid form to easily apply to the baby's skin, clean skin, and create a feeling of comfort and comfort. Normally, baby soap will include benign ingredients, free of alcohol and parabens that irritate the baby's skin. However, when choosing this baby care product for your baby, you still need to review the ingredient list before buying.

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Baby care products 2 in 1

The Japanese baby products line will probably be the most convenient. As well as being cost-effective and convenient, they are capable of making both soap and shampoo. The product ingredients are of course very safe and gentle. So, if you don't want to waste time thinking about choosing Japanese baby products for your baby, why don't you try using 2-in-1 products?


After leaving the womb, all protection seems to disappear, forcing the baby to adapt to the external environment. The babies have to practice breathing, sucking, withstanding heat, cold, etc. But the baby's resistance is still very weak, he is very susceptible to diseases caused by the living environment. To avoid that, parents must use baby care products for their children. So what if the baby is not allowed to use baby care products?

Seborrheic dermatitis

This condition occurs in about 10% of babies, most commonly between the ages of 3 weeks and 12 months. Seborrheic dermatitis in children can be recognized by signs such as yellow or brown flakes on the baby's scalp, large scabs, or small scales that look like dandruff... Usually, seborrheic dermatitis in children will go away on its own as the child gets older. from 6 to 12 months old. However, this condition can also last longer, even until the child starts school. Seborrheic dermatitis in children is completely harmless and is not contagious from baby to other people. Seborrheic dermatitis does not interfere with the child's daily activities and activities. If they become more severe, they will only make the child feel a little itchy. But make sure, that seborrheic dermatitis will not affect the baby's health.


One of the most common dermatological conditions in babies is eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis. Children with this condition will develop dry, red, itchy patches on the skin. The main cause of eczema in children is unknown, but it is likely due to weather, skin care products with irritating ingredients, and clothing fabrics. If detected in time and used baby care products for baby skin early, the baby will recover quickly.


Urticaria is an allergic reaction that irritates, children with this disease will appear with small red-pink itchy bumps on the skin, which can be painful. Urticaria occurs when a child is exposed to allergens such as medications. Although the condition is not dangerous, if the child has difficulty breathing, coughs, and wheezes, this is a warning of a serious allergy. In this case, take your baby to see a doctor for more detailed advice.

Fish scale skin disease

Peeling and dry skin, also known as ichthyosis, is a phenomenon inherited from parents. Your baby's skin will dry out, creating scabs, itching, and flaking. The only way to completely treat ichthyosis is to ensure the moisture of the child's skin, and also to add moisture.


What parent doesn't want their child to be healthy? So choose the right baby care product for your baby. When choosing, please pay attention to the following factors: the object of use of the product, the ingredient list, whether the product is suitable for the baby's skin or not, and how to use it, ... But if it is too difficult, the following will These are baby care products that many parents trust:

Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel for Kids SPF28 PA++ (120g)

Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel for Kids SPF28 PA++ (120g) is formulated with natural ingredients, without any harmful chemicals. So mothers can use it for babies from 6 months old and up. With SPF 28 PA++ sun protection factor, the product delivers outstanding effectiveness and can protect the baby's skin from the sun optimally.

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The product is in the form of a liquid milk cream, which is easily absorbed and dries quickly, with a light fragrance. In addition to sun protection, it also has a moisturizing effect on the baby's skin, this ability is very important, especially in this dry season. With a formula that does not contain alcohol, it is completely natural. The product is completely gentle and safe for children's skin.


Johnson Baby Bed Time Whole Body Shampoo Foam Type 400ml - Japanese Shampoo For Baby

Johnson Baby Bed Time Whole Body Shampoo Foam Type 400ml has a gentle scent from nature, combining lily of the valley, jasmine rose, and apricot.

The product's texture is as light as pure water, helping to clean both hair and body. The product is convenient but also does not dry the baby's skin, and contains lotion and some whitening active ingredients, giving a soft and smooth baby's skin.

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When bathing, if the product accidentally touches the baby's eyes, it will not cause eye irritation or skin irritation. Thanks to the relaxing scent, your baby will feel more comfortable and sleep better. Can be used for babies and adults.

Pigeon - Baby Cream Moisturizing Cream For Babies Dry Skin 50g

Pigeon - Baby Cream Moisturizing Cream For Babies Dry Skin 50g is probably one of the Japanese baby skincare products that every mother needs for her baby to use. Cream ingredients are all-natural, colorless, fragrance-free, preservative-free, alcohol- and paraben-free. The formula is a perfect combination of vegetable protein and vitamin E, supporting maximum water supply and moisturizing the skin.

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Support to improve the baby's dry, cracked, and red skin, helping the baby feel more comfortable on dry days. Care and nourish baby's skin more soft and healthy.



Health, especially the baby's skin is extremely sensitive, and baby care products must affect on baby's skin. Therefore, parents need to choose the right products that are safe for their children to avoid irritation and affect their health of children. To make sure you get a genuine product, try to buy it at the Japanese online shop.

Japanese beauty by skincare Japan With Love

One of the most prestigious Japanese online shops is Japan With Love. Here, we provide a lot of products such as baby care, skincare, makeup, ... genuine. Delivery will save your time and effort. The staff is always on hand to advise at any time to help you learn more about the product before buying. So convenient and safe, why don't you try it?

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Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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