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5 Must-Buy Japanese Makeup Brands

Everyone is very concerned about their appearance. And to be able to show your confidence in front of many people, you will need to have the most attractive appearance. To achieve that, makeup will be an essential skill to help you along the way to self-improvement. You should choose for yourself makeup products that are both quality and safe to accompany, products from Japanese makeup brands will be a reasonable choice.


Since ancient times, the Japanese have had beauty treatments from nature, helping to care for and nourish the skin safely and effectively. Until modern times, those formulas have been developed and formulated by them into Japanese makeup brands, creating a great reputation around the world. The products of Japanese makeup brands are very diverse from whitening, freckle treatment, anti-aging, moisturizing, sunscreen... all rated very well by users. The main ingredients of Japanese makeup brands are from precious natural herbs, carefully and strictly selected by the Japanese, without additives. Therefore, the products are very safe and benign for users. The benefits that Japanese makeup brands bring to you are:

Using Japanese makeup brands helps you understand yourself better

Thanks to makeup, we know that we also have many advantages, and see where our shortcomings are. From there, you will find makeup styles that suit you, become more confident when facing others, and also love yourself more.

Helps you to hide many flaws

Beauty is not only a way to make you more confident, but it also helps people make a good impression on people. Concealing the flaws and making the face more attractive are the benefits of using Japanese makeup brands. Freckles, acne, bruises, and keloid scars will almost disappear if you use Japanese makeup brands properly.

Japanese Makeup brands Japan With Love

Japanese makeup brands bring joy to use

When you have the look you want, you will feel that makeup seems to be a personal preference. The time spent on makeup will be the time when you feel most in love with yourself because you are gradually improving yourself.

Diversify your style

With only makeup steps with Japanese makeup brands, you will not need to spend too much money on changing your style. The benefit of using a Japanese makeup brand is that it gives you a variety of styles. If you want to become a person with a unique and outstanding style, you should try deep nude makeup tones and western makeup. If you are a gentle person, natural and gentle tones will be very suitable for you. And above all, when you become more beautiful, you will also be more confident and have more joy in life.


A makeup set from Japanese makeup brands always helps you create a highlight and impress everyone at first sight. Japan With Love will introduce you to simple but still fully functional makeup steps to help you use it easily and become more confident.

Step 1: Apply Primer

Primer is the first step in basic and very important makeup steps. Primer has the effect of lifting tone, creating a skin lightening effect, and slightly covering some imperfections such as wrinkles, concave scars, and large pores,... Some Japanese makeup brands' primers also contain other ingredients. moisturizing and whitening nutrients.

Japanese Makeup brands Japan With Love

Step 2: Use foundation

Foundation is an important step, so do it carefully to avoid breaking the foundation, and ruining the entire makeup. To have a beautiful foundation, you should choose foundations with the same skin tone or maybe 1 tone lighter than real skin. When applying foundation, take an appropriate amount of cream, and dot it on 5 points on the face: forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. Then, using a sponge or makeup brush, spread the cream evenly around the surrounding areas.

Step 3: Concealer

Concealer may not be a mandatory step, but in case your face has some defects such as dark circles, melasma, acne blemishes, or uneven skin tone, ... foundation cannot cover. go all. Use concealer from Japanese makeup brands, they will help us to improve the above problems. Use a brush, take an appropriate amount of cream, dot it on the desired location, and spread it evenly.

Step 4: Apply powder all over the face

The application of powder is considered the step to lock the makeup foundation. It will protect the previous foundation and primer, and at the same time help the skin to become dry and control the amount of oil secreted. You should use a large brush to apply powder. Avoid squeezing or pressing the brush too hard, it's easy to make the powder uneven, and the face will be lumpy and show a chalky texture, making it unsightly. Note that after taking the powder, please tap the brush gently so that the amount of powder is just enough.

Japanese Makeup brands Japan With Love

Step 5: Makeup for the eyes

Eyeshadow: Depending on different makeup styles, you can choose different eyeshadow palettes. Use the brush to spread the color evenly from the eye socket to the eyelid. Then apply a darker color at the corner of the eye. You should mix 2-3 colors that are suitable for each other, from light to darker. Pay attention to pressing the darkest color at the end of the eye to create more depth for the eyes to be more soulful.


Eyeliner: helps to increase the sharpness of the eyes by creating accents at the corners of the eyes. However, you need to pay attention to the length of the eyeliner when applying eyeliner. If the eyeliner is too long, too curved, and uses bold color, you will accidentally make your eyes aggressive, losing their naturalness.

Eyebrows: If your brows are already bold, just fill in the top and tail of the eyebrows to create a sense of balance for the face. Currently, Japanese makeup brands have a lot of eyebrow pencil colors, you can freely choose so that the eyebrow color is the same as your hair color.

Step 6: Lipstick

Lipstick cannot be absent from makeup steps because it helps our face become vibrant and full of life. A note before applying lipstick, apply a layer of lip balm first to protect the skin of your lips. This is also a way to make the lipstick more matte and the best standard color. Once you've applied lip balm, it's also easier to remove makeup later because the lipstick does not stick deeply into the lip grooves.

Japanese Makeup brands Japan With Love

Step 7: Apply blush

This is the final step of the makeup process with Japanese makeup brands. Blush makes the face more balanced, contouring and contouring. Using a large brush and a little blush, lightly brush both cheeks from the inside out. Do not apply too much powder, they will backfire, making your face less natural.

Japanese Makeup brands Japan With Love


Not only Japanese makeup brands' products, but also any products from Japan are highly appreciated by users for their quality. Other brands always intentionally raise prices to compete with strong competitors, but only Japanese makeup brands try to keep prices stable and always improve product quality. This is also one of the advantages that customers love when trusting and using Japanese makeup brands. Brands that you cannot ignore can include:



As the leading Japanese makeup brand, Cezanne is a domestic natural cosmetic brand that was born in 1964. And Cezanne has affirmed its prestige and quality in its development history of more than 50 years. Cezanne focuses mainly on two main product lines, skincare, and makeup, with outstanding quality and safety for users. Products from Cezanne all have a simple, compact design that is convenient to move. The ingredients of Cezanne products are all extracted from nature, completely benign, and safe. Products are manufactured according to 5 special criteria: fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, active ingredient free, alcohol-free, and UV absorber free. With Cezanne products, people can use every day,

Featured products from Cezanne are:

Cezanne Skin Oil Shine Prevention Base Moisturizing Type SPF28 / PA +++ 30ml - Primer Makeup Base

Japanese Makeup Brand Japan With Love


Kose is a Japanese makeup brand with an extremely large number of products. Japan Kose brand was established in 1946 in Tokyo, this is a famous cosmetic brand and the leading level of prestige in Japan. This Japanese makeup brand always brings innovative and breakthrough products to meet all needs of customers. This is also a pioneering brand with bold ideas, leading trends, and creating new trends for the Japanese cosmetics industry. Kosé Japan's steady motto for the past 75 years is "Sincerity to customers", diversified products are always of top quality. Kose always brings customers high-quality products, brings hope, and satisfies the beauty needs of Asian women.

Featured products from Japanese makeup brand Kose:

Kose Noah Mascara Wp Long & Curl Black 20g

Japanese Makeup Brands Japan With Love



Founded in 1872, Shiseido is one of the oldest Japanese makeup brands in the world. In Japan, this brand is very popular and seems to become the first choice of Japanese consumers. Shiseido's product lines are always environmentally friendly, always using ingredients extracted from nature, absolutely safe, and quality. This has helped Shiseido win the trust of customers thanks to its honesty and credibility. The brand name provides a guarantee of quality so you won't need to worry about this when purchasing any Shiseido product.

Outstanding products from Japanese makeup brand Shiseido:

Shiseido Spot Coverage Concealer Foundation H100 20g - Makeup Foundation From Japan

Japanese Makeup Brand Japan With Love

Hada Labo

Hada Labo is a Japanese makeup brand that is too familiar to most users. Not only because the product quality is good and the price is also quite affordable. Hada Labo's product lines are manufactured according to the criteria of simplicity and perfection. The company has eliminated all factors that can harm the skin such as colorants, preservatives, flavors, ... to ensure absolute safety for the skin. Hada Labo's outstanding products are lotion, serum, toner, and cream to help replenish moisture and restore skin quickly.

Hada Labo CC Cream

Japanese Makeup Brand Japan With Love


DHC is a famous Japanese makeup brand with research laboratories and product laboratories spread across the country. DHC always aims at the best quality products with absolute safety for users. The main ingredients of the DHC cosmetic line are from natural essences, no additives added. The company is not only known for its makeup products, but also for its functional product lines that are beneficial for beauty and health.

Featured products from DHC such as:

DHC BB Cream Foundation 01 Ocher SPF35/ PA+++ 40g - Face Makeup Foundation

Japanese Makeup Brands Japan With Love

Japan With Love thank you for your interest, wish you a lot of health, and quickly find yourself a product line from reasonable Japanese makeup brands. These are all highly rated brands that you can completely trust.

Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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