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Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

What makes Japanese instant coffee better?

  • There is healthy competition in the instant coffee market

In Japan's fast-paced lifestyle, instant coffee is one of the best options to make a quick pick-me-up at home or office. To cater to that demand, many coffee giants in Japan have been working on making their brand the best. Whereas outside Japan, Nescafe and Kenco might be the only names widely recognized by the consumers, in Japan, there are many different brands you can choose from – UCC, AGF, Doutor, Key Coffee, BOSS, and many others. Even non-Japanese companies such as Nestle and Starbucks release limited-to-Japan editions of their instant coffee.

  • Japanese instant coffee has a deep flavor and taste

Freeze-drying method: When it comes to the manufacturing process of instant coffee, there are two main methods: the freeze-drying method and the spray-drying method. The freeze-drying way is more complex and expensive. Still, it produces the highest quality of instant coffee, allowing the coffee beans to retain their original flavor and aroma.

High-quality coffee beans: Most third-wave coffee roasters use Arabica coffee beans to make their roasts – they are of higher quality and are more expensive. Robusta coffee beans are less expensive but are of inferior quality, and most instant coffee is made from Robusta coffee beans. 

  • There is a wide variety of options available

Japanese instant coffee also offers you many options in terms of size, packaging, origins, roasts, and blends. One of the most renowned products that are an excellent example of this is the Blendy sticks by AGF. There are so many variations that it is easy to lose count – Caffe au Lait (regular), Caffe Au Lait (bitter taste), Caffe au Lait (decaf), Caffe au Lait (unsweetened), Caramel Macchiato, Espresso Au Lait, and the list goes on.

The Benefits of Instant Coffee

  • Instant coffee made in Japan has been known to increase cognitive function and improve concentration for thousands of years, and scientific studies seem to confirm this. It also affects your mental health – coffee has been linked to decreased risk of depression and suicide.
  • If you’re looking for a successful way to lose weight, coffee can be your ally! Caffeine has been proven to increase metabolism and therefor help burn more calories.
  • In addition to its positive effect on your brain, Japanese instant coffee brands are believed to help ward off some neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. A 2006 study correlates the consumption of coffee with a decreased incidence of developing type 2 diabetes.

Best Japanese Instant Coffee 

  • Nescafe instant coffee in Japan
    • Kuki Sangyo Kuro Goma Latte (Black Sesame)
    • Ajinomoto Agf Maxim Black In Box Assortment
    • Ucc The Blend 117 Instant Coffee Bottle
    • Nestle Japan Nescafe Gold Blend Gorgeous Caramel Macchiato 7 Sticks - Caramel Macchiato Coffee

    Where to Get Japanese Instant Coffee?

    Now that you are aware of the benefits that Japanese instant coffee brands can bring about, you must be eager to know where you can buy one for yourself. In that case, head over to our online store Japan with Love. You can browse a wide selection of genuine instant coffee cost in Japan. We also provide quick delivery. Visit us to avail of the perks of Japanese instant coffee sooner than later!