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Miyawo Thermatech Ceramic Induction Western-Style Donabe Casserole 9-Go - Chocolate

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Thermatech Donabe Casserole: Features, Use & Care, And Background

The Thermatech Donabe Casserole From Miyawo Company Ltd. Is An Excellent Choice When It Comes To Cookware. This Modern Donabe Casserole Is Compatible With Various Cooktops, Including Gas Stoves And Induction Cookers, And Is Known For Its Heat Resistance And Durability.


  • Excellent Heat Resistance And Durability.
  • Resistant To Mold, Odor, And Cracking.
  • Casseroles Of The Same Size Can Be Stacked Together.

Use & Care

  • Wash Thoroughly After Use And Dry Before Storing.
  • Compatible With Gas Stoves, Induction Cookers (Ih 100V/200V), Ovens, Microwave Ovens, And Halogen Heaters.


Miyawo Company Ltd. Is A Leader In The Development And Manufacture Of International Casual Tableware, Induction Cookers, Heat-Resistant Cookware, And Ceramic Parts For Home Appliances. With The Thermatech Donabe Casserole, You Can Trust That You Are Getting The Best In Quality And Craftsmanship.