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Miranda Style Omoeraku Handcrafted Japanese Beech Wood Spatula Large - Round

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Precio original $14.66
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Miranda Style Co. Has Crafted A Unique And Stylish Spatula That Is Perfect For Any Kitchen. The Spatula Comes In Two Sizes And Two Designs And Includes A Hook In The Middle For Easy Storage. It Is Handcrafted With The Utmost Care And Precision By Expert Woodworking Craftsmen In Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Use &Amp; Care

To Ensure The Longevity Of Your Spatula, It Is Important To Properly Care For It. We Recommend Not Soaking The Spatula And Instead Wiping It Down With A Dry Or Damp Cloth After Use. If You Choose To Hand Wash The Spatula, Be Sure To Thoroughly Dry It Afterwards.


Miranda Style Co. Is Proud To Be Based In The Beautiful Tochigi Prefecture, Home To The Historic "Shrines And Temples Of Nikko”. The Iconic Yomei-Mon Gate Is Especially Renowned For Its Bright Colors And More Than 500 Sculptures, Earning It The Nickname Of "Higurashi-Mon (Sunset Gate)". The Shrine Was Constructed With The Highest Level Of Technology Available At The Time With The Help Of Over 127,000 Craftsmen. Miranda Style Co. Is Honored To Be Contributing To The Tradition Of Woodworking In Tochigi Prefecture With Their Beautiful And Functional Spatulas.