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Miranda Style Aluminum Yattoko Pincers Japan Medium

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Precio original $24.01
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Miranda Style Co. Presents Yattoko Pincers, A Pair Of Pincers To Hold Yattoko Pans With No Handle. The Pincers Are Compatible With Dishwashers, But Not Compatible With Induction Cooktops. Care Should Be Taken To Avoid Falls Or Strong Impacts That May Cause Cracks. There Are Three Sizes To Choose From Depending On The Size Of The Pan. Please Note That The Right Size Should Be Selected To Perfectly Pinch The Pan. The Yattoko Pincers Are A Product Of The Japanese Craftsmanship That Has Flourished Since The 17Th Century. Ieyasu Tokugawa, The First Shogun Of The Edo Shogunate, Was Enshrined In Toshogu. Over 127,000 Craftsmen Were Involved In Constructing The Shrine, Using The Highest Level Of Technology Available At The Time. The Yomei-Mon Gate, Decorated With Brilliant Colors And Over 500 Sculptures, Is A Particularly Famous Attraction. People Spend All Day Admiring Its Beauty, Which Is Why It Is Also Called The Higurashi-Mon (Sunset Gate). Miranda Style Co. Was Founded In Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan In 2009. The Company Specializes In Japanese Craftsmanship And Is Proud To Offer Yattoko Pincers, An Embodiment Of The Japanese Spirit Of Excellence.