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Marujyu Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Intercrimp Woven Wire Mesh For Hida Konro 22cm (for Hida Konro No.7)

por Marujyu
Precio original $23.84 - Precio original $23.84
Precio original $23.84
$26.21 - $26.21
Precio actual $26.21
Our Marujyu Kanaami Co., Ltd. Ceramic Barbecue Grill Mesh Is The Perfect Choice For Your Table-Top Charcoal Grill Shichirin Hida Konro. Available In Four Different Sizes (No.4 / No.5 / No.6 / No.7), Our Intercrimp Woven Wire Mesh Provides Superior Strength And Durability Compared To Plain Woven Wire Mesh. When Using This Product, It Is Important To Remember That Charcoal Should Never Be Used To Cook Or Provide Heat In Enclosed Areas. Charcoal Grills Can Give Off Potentially Dangerous Carbon Monoxide. Marujyu Kanaami Co., Ltd. Has Been Providing The Perfect Grilling Mesh Since 1947. Founded In Higashi-Osaka, Japan, This Ceramic Mesh Has Been Used In Kaiseki-Ryori Restaurants For Grilled Dishes Since 1980. Now, It Is Also Gaining Popularity For Making Toast Without A Toaster.