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❄️Snowfall, Discount Call: Almost Store Discount Up to 15% OFF, Dec 4-8 only❄️


Hasegawa Wood Core Polyethylene Peelable Cutting Board 1500×450mm - Yellow - 30mm

por Hasegawa
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Hasegawa Cutting Boards: Features & Care

Hasegawa Cutting Boards Offer A Range Of Features To Make Food Prep Easier, More Hygienic And Efficient. The Boards Come In 11 Sizes And Have A Wood-Core Structure That Is Lightweight And Highly Rigid. The Boards Have 4 Plastic Layers That Are Held Together To Make Up One Single Board. If The Outer Board Is Getting Old Or Not New Enough To Use, It Can Be Easily Replaced With The Next One. Additionally, The Boards Come With Labels And Different Colors To Make It Easy To Distinguish Between Them And Prevent Cross Contamination.

Care Instructions

To Keep Your Hasegawa Cutting Boards In Top Condition, It'S Important To Follow The Care Instructions. The Boards Should Not Be Sterilized With Boiled Water Or Hot Air Cabinet, And Are Not Dishwasher Safe. They Are, However, Safe To Use With Boiled Water, Chlorine/Oxygen Bleach And Ultra Violet Light.


Hasegawa Is A Japanese Company Based In Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Established In 1955, The Company Has Built A Strong Reputation For Producing High Quality Products And Adhering To Their Policy Of “Seeking The Safety With Science”. In 1992, Hasegawa Won A Good Design Award For Their Ecology-Conscious Product. Check Out The Video Below To Learn More About The Company And Their Cutting Boards.

Hasegawa Cutting Boards Are The Perfect Choice For Anyone Wanting To Make Food Preparation Easier, More Hygienic And Efficient. With 11 Sizes Available, And The Ability To Easily Replace The Outer Board If Necessary, These Boards Are Both Practical And Durable.