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45Cm Nakao Hammered Aluminum Tempura Pan From Japan - I Took It

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Tempura Pan By Nakao-Alumi Co Ltd

Discover The Tempura Pan, Made With Professional-Grade Quality By Nakao-Alumi Co Ltd In Tokyo, Japan. This Highly Pure Aluminum Pan Provides Excellent Heat Conduction To Evenly Cook Ingredients Like A Professional Chef.


  • Made With Professional-Grade, Highly Pure Aluminum Material
  • Thick Aluminum Prevents Uneven Heat Conduction
  • Cooks Ingredients Like A Professional Chef

Use &Amp; Care

  • Only For Gas Cooktop. Not Compatible With Induction Heating (Ih).
  • Note That The Handle Will Be Extremely Hot During Cooking.


Nakao-Alumi Co Ltd Is One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of High Quality Aluminium Pots In Japan. They Have Been In Business Since 1958 And Their Pots And Pans Museum Is Located In Kappabashi, A Street In Tokyo Between Ueno And Asakusa. In 1994, The Founder Of Nakao-Alumi Co Ltd, Mr Nakao, Was Awarded A Medal By La Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs France, An International Association Of Gastronomy.

Experience The Tempura Pan For Yourself And Cook Like A Professional Chef With Nakao-Alumi Co Ltd'S High Quality And Pure Aluminum Pan.