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Top 5 Best Skin Aqua Sunscreen: Detailed Evaluation And Selection For Each Skin Type!

To protect the skin against harmful environmental factors, the use of sunscreen plays a very important role. The market today has many brands deploying this product line and Skin Aqua sunscreen is trusted by many women.

But do you know the real use of Skin Aqua sunscreen? There are types that both ensure the right quality for your skin but also affordable or a way to buy the right genuine product.

In the following article, I will give my perspective on the process of using each type of Skin Aqua sunscreen product.

General Information About Skin Aqua Sunscreen

Skin Aqua is a Japanese sunscreen line manufactured by Sunplay brand - Rohto Mentholatum Company.

Besides, Skin Aqua sunscreen products are also improved in product technology. Texture and replenish ingredients beneficial to the skin. Thanks to that, it helps to increase the penetration of the cream, waterproof, prevent sweat, control oil, and nourish the skin.

Moreover, the product is also manufactured in a closed manner, ensuring safety, suitable for all skin types. The nutrients contained in the cream also help moisturize, whiten and improve acne skin optimally.

Advantages Of Skin Aqua Sunscreen

In addition to being affordable and chosen by women, the following are the uses that the Skin Aqua sunscreen product lines bring.

High sun protection index

Compared to other sunscreen lines on the market, Skin Aqua sunscreen has a very high SPF (from 35 - 81+). As a result, the skin is always thoroughly protected 24/24, effectively preventing ultraviolet rays, without causing sunburn, tanning.

Skin-friendly ingredients

If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, it's completely safe to use. Because the ingredients in this sunscreen line are extracted from benign ingredients, do not cause skin irritation.

Suitable for all ages

The plus point for the Skin Aqua sunscreen lines is the ability to adapt to all skin types, including baby skin. In particular, the texture of the cream penetrates quickly, does not cause stickiness, so it is easy to use anytime, anywhere.

After using this product, you also see your skin becomes smooth, reducing dark spots significantly. At the same time, the skin is no longer dry, flaky in the winter, or shedding too much oil.

The cream is suitable to replace specialized cosmetics in make-up

In addition to the above outstanding advantages, Sunplay Skin Aqua sunscreen products are popular because they are suitable as an alternative to primer and foundation when applying makeup.

With a sufficient amount of cream, your skin is thoroughly protected. Especially the ability to effectively lock in moisture, without worrying about excess oil even though you have to wear makeup all day.

Top 5 Best Skin Aqua Sunscreen Reviews 2021

Manufacturer Skin Aqua always understands the needs of every customer, improves and produces products suitable for all skin types. Here are the top 5 famous Skin Aqua sunscreen products on the market for their quality and safety.

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk 40ml

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk 40ml

Rohto Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Milk retains the tradition of previous Skin Aqua lines. The body of the bottle is white plastic and the cap has a prominent emulsion. Compared to the weight of a normal sunscreen, 110g is a big deal. You can use it as you please.

Rohto Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Milk Sunscreen has a high sun protection factor SPF50+ PA++++, providing maximum protection against the harmful effects of UVA & UVB rays. Prevents darkening or pigmentation, slows down the aging process. The product also prevents the formation of Melanin and avoids the risk of skin cancer. Contributing to maintaining a pleasant feeling of coolness, cooling the skin from the hot tropical sun.

The product also has the optimal whitening function thanks to the Collagen component containing many Amino Acids. Your skin will be whitened from the inside and smooth like a baby's skin. Sunscreen also works to regenerate skin, make skin firm and smooth, prevent premature skin aging.

Vitamin C ingredient also helps to improve dark skin and fade dark spots. B3 derivative helps repair sun damage for an optimal moisturizing effect.

The optimal waterproof feature will help protect your sunscreen in both water or sweat environments. You can work outdoors all day without worrying about the sun.

Rohto Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Milk Sunscreen also has a moisturizing effect. The product also can slightly lift the tone. Suitable for use as a foundation for girls who like light Korean-style makeup.

The product is not only sunscreen but also can moisturize while controlling sebum.


  • Using the product daily helps prevent acne effectively, control oil well.
  • Light fragrance, liquid milky texture, so it absorbs quickly and does not cause stickiness.


  • When applied to the skin, it will cause the skin to feel shiny.

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk SPF50 PA +++ (40ml) 

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk SPF50 PA +++ (40ml)

In general, after a few weeks of using this Skin Aqua Super, my face does not have any more acne, 3-4 old acne also heals and even in this peak hot season. 

I sometimes go to the beach early at 5-6 am, it's sunny and then it's still shining on my face (because each face is on the water), but it's quite good, the skin is still healthy, and because there is moisturizer in the cream and I apply extra coconut oil, so my skin is not very dry when bathing in the sea, fortunately!

I'm pregnant until the 8th month, working in an air-conditioned office all day without going out, only exposed to the sun for about 2 hours in the morning, so a physical sunscreen with the main ingredient Zinc Dioxide is fine. 

However, usually, if Titanium dioxide is added, the sun protection level will be higher. However, her sunscreen ability is still very formidable, SPF 50, PA++++ cannot be underestimated, that is, about 95-98% sun protection within 3-4 hours.

A little more consideration when researching the ingredients, this product has Cyclopentasiloxane ranked 2 in the composition which is a silicone foundation, not a water base. According to my research, silicon-based will not be suitable for making a daily cream because of its high occlusive capacity. Maybe for those of you with oily skin, it will not be suitable, but my skin is still fine.


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for many skin types
  • Good sun protection and moisturizer


  • Many chemical compositions

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk Sunscreen SPF50+/PA++++ 40mL

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk Sunscreen SPF50+/PA++++ 40mL

High resistance to water and sweat. Because it is a product line exclusively for the East Asian market, where the climate is hot all year round, especially tropical seas, Skin Aqua Milk Sunscreen has a great focus on water and sweat resistance. 

When you use Skin Aqua Milk Sunscreen products, you can completely trust, comfortably go swimming, go to the beach, or do sweat activities without fear of drifting the sunscreen layer of Skin Aqua Milk Sunscreen.

Compact design, portable, and can be carried to many places. In addition to aiming to be a daily skincare product for women, Skin Aqua Milk Sunscreen also cares about the fact that women when going swimming and going to the beach often focus on comfort and comfort, so a compact, convenient, flexible product is urgently needed, easy to become a reliable friend in girls' compact bags.


  • The gel product helps to whiten the skin, penetrates quickly, and brings a cool feeling to the skin.
  • Effective oil control keeps skin smooth.
  • Can be used as a makeup base for facial skin.
  • High sun protection index.


  • The product only helps to turn on the light tone, so it cannot be used as a substitute for specialized body lotions.

Skin Aqua Moisture Gel Sunscreen SPF35/PA+++ 110g

Skin Aqua Moisture Gel Sunscreen SPF35/PA+++ 110g

The Skin Aqua Moisture Gel possesses SPF 35, PA+++ sunscreen that can effectively block UVA and UVB rays. Besides, the product can deeply hydrate and moisturize the skin thanks to Aqua Boost technology, limiting water loss when outdoors.


  • The product is milky, quickly absorbed on the skin, leaving a smooth, non-greasy feeling.
  • Alcohol-free ingredients
  • Can be used as a makeup base to help keep makeup more durable.


  • Can cause acne by providing too much moisture.
  • When applied, the skin feels shiny.
  • Not suitable for oily skin.

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk Sunscreen Pink SPF50+/PA++++ 40ml

Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk Sunscreen Pink SPF50+/PA++++ 40ml

This is the effective sunscreen line of the Skin Aqua line. The product has a high sun protection factor of SPF50+ PA++++ to help protect the skin for many hours.


  • High sun protection index, effectively protects the skin against the effects of UV rays.
  • Absorbs quickly on the skin, does not cause stickiness, good oil control.
  • Can be used as a makeup base.
  • The tube design is easy to control the amount of cream taken out.
  • Suitable for women with oily skin.


  • The product has a strong alcohol smell.
  • The cream is thick, easy to spread but not absorbed as quickly as Skin Aqua's milky sunscreen.

Instructions For Using Skin Aqua Sunscreen Safely And Effectively

As I shared above. Each line of Skin Aqua sunscreens will be suitable for different skin types. Therefore, you first need to determine what type of skin you have to choose the corresponding cream.

The order of action is as follows: Clean your face and body, dry, and then take an appropriate amount of sunscreen. Dot the cream evenly on the areas of the skin easily exposed to the sun, gently apply and massage to absorb evenly.

Ideally, you should apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going outdoors. For people who often have to wear makeup, apply sunscreen 5 minutes before replacing primer and concealer.

For those who have to move, work outdoors all day, or sweat too much, apply sunscreen again every 2-3 hours. This way helps optimal sun protection and ensures your skin is always dry, soft, and smooth.

5 Notes When Using Sunscreen

Using sunscreen correctly will help you protect your skin optimally, without worrying about allergies or acne breakouts.

So what is correct? When using any Skin Aqua sunscreen product, you also need to note the following 5 things:

Sunscreen should be applied at the skincare step and before makeup. If you apply it after makeup, it will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the cream, easy clog pores causing acne inflammation.

Whether you only work in an office environment or drive a car, you should still use sunscreen to protect your skin. Because ultraviolet rays can penetrate clothes, walls, glass doors ... very strong (Sunscreen products are recommended by dermatologists every day).

Depending on the condition and the area of ​​​​the skin that needs to be protected, you should use an adequate amount of sunscreen. Using too little or too much will be counterproductive, easily affecting the skin later.

You should not change 2-3 products in a row, because they can cause skin breakouts. It is best to be "loyal" to the product that is suitable for the skin and long-term use.

When using sunscreen for the first time, if there are signs of Acne, allergies, hives, itching, ... You should stop using it immediately and go to a dermatologist for an examination.

Distinguish Real And Fake Skin Aqua Sunscreen

Because it is a popular product, Sunplay Skin Aqua sunscreen lines cannot avoid fake fakes of poor quality. To distinguish between genuine ice cream and fake ice cream, pay attention to the following factors:

Packaging design: The cream tube has full information (ingredients, usage, expiry date, ...), detailed, clear, and sharp print. Depending on the product, the lid has its color.

Creamy: Gel and milky cream texture can penetrate quickly, evenly, and resist drifting very well. After applying the cream does not leave tiny residues, lumps, or irritate the skin.

Colour, scent: Sunplay Skin Aqua sunscreen lines are all ivory white with a mild fragrance.

Tone lifting ability: The real Sunplay Skin Aqua sunscreen lines have a natural tone-up layer, soft colors, and light shine. Meanwhile, fake cream often makes the skin look white, uneven, and sticky.


So, above is the entire Skin Aqua sunscreen review. I hope that through the article you can find the most suitable products for yourself. If you still have unanswered questions, you can leave a comment below this article or contact us!

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