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The Best Japanese Facial Moisturizers For Dry Skin To Buy In 2022

Dry skin is one of the most complicated skin types to take care of because of its properties. Japan With Love recommends facial moisturizers if your skin is dry. As we mentioned in a previous post, not all moisturizers are suitable for all skin types. In other words, each skin type will need a suitable facial moisturizer. In this article, Japan With Love will show you how to use facial moisturizers for dry skin and some recommended Japanese facial moisturizers for this skin type.

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Facial moisturizer is a type of moisturizer most people use. Even using this product is considered an indispensable step in the skincare routine.

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Applying facial moisturizer regularly will keep your skin from becoming dry and flaky. Using a facial moisturizer after bathing will help restore the natural moisture barrier, create a barrier against harmful agents and maintain the health of the skin. In addition, a regular moisturizing routine (combined with cleansing, exfoliating and using sunscreen) will help nourish your skin in the long run, while also potentially slowing down the ageing process, signs of ageing, and working to keep the skin radiant and full of vitality.

You may not know it, but when the skin is dry, it immediately sends a signal that causes your sebaceous glands to secrete more than necessary. That creates a film to keep the skin moist. If the skin is not well hydrated with the right amount of water at the right time, it will produce more oil and sebum. This will lead to clogged pores and acne. In other words, moisturizing contributes to nourishing and restoring the skin's natural moisture barrier, helping to maintain the skin's health.


Use a facial moisturizer suitable for dry skin

The most significant aspect of facial moisturizer is that it helps you achieve smooth and soft skin. A facial moisturizer suitable for dry skin will help enhance the effectiveness of the product, as well as avoid unwanted harmful situations.

Oily skin should be treated with less greasy products because greasy products can cause irritation and acne. When dealing with dry skin, facial moisturizer products need to include ingredients that will hydrate and prevent oxidation. As a result, dry skin has some unique characteristics. Dry skin can become cracked, dry and flaky anytime due to a lack of water. The problem is exacerbated if you wash your face or use makeup remover afterwards. Therefore, people with dry skin need a facial cleanser that compensates for the shortcomings in the characteristics of the skin.

Apply facial moisturizer in an appropriate amount

Anything too much is not good. The same holds for facial moisturizers. Whether it is dry or oily skin, there is a certain degree of absorption. If you apply too much facial moisturizer to your skin, you will waste a product that is not as effective as if you apply just enough.

In addition, too much moisturizer can cause other skin conditions, such as clogged pores. Clogged pores can cause breakouts and skin irritation. Using too much facial moisturizer also makes the makeup look thick and unnatural.

There is no universal quantity for all products. You will have to choose the appropriate product dosage for your skin type: dry, oily, or combination. However, it also depends on whether the weather is dry or cold, the ambient temperature is high or low, etc. So when you buy a facial moisturizer there will always be instructions on the package and you need to read them carefully. For the most effective moisturizing effect, follow these instructions.

You should be persistent in applying facial moisturizer on schedule

Facial moisturizers in particular and skincare products, in general, need time to work their magic on your skin. In many cases, people skip the use of facial moisturizers because they do not see noticeable results after only a few uses. Here, Japan With Love recommends that you be very patient when implementing a skincare routine as well as using skin care products on schedule, including facial moisturizer.

After 2-3 weeks of consistent use, you will soon get the desired results. Only use 2-3 times a day depending on the specific weather of the day. This helps the skin achieve the necessary moisture, smoothness and elasticity. However, you also need to be very careful if the skin is irritated, red, itchy, uncomfortable, tired, and difficult to breathe when using facial moisturizer, it may be due to an allergy to the ingredients. The product. You need to stop using those products and find another solution.


Moisturize dry skin with olive oil

Olive oil contains a lot of antioxidants and beneficial acids that make dry skin smoother and plumper. It is also a great way to moisturize the face of those with dry skin, and it is easy to do at home.

Apply extra virgin olive oil directly to the face and massage gently for 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse your face with water and let it dry naturally. You can then proceed to the next steps in your skincare routine.

Moisturize dry skin with coconut oil

Conditioning hair with coconut oil is not the only use. Not only that, but coconut oil also regenerates glowing, healthy skin. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

The method of moisturizing the face of those with dry skin with coconut oil is very simple. You pour a moderate amount of virgin coconut oil into the palm of your hand, rub it to create warmth and spread it all over your face. Leave on for 30 minutes and wash your face with warm water. You can then proceed to the next steps in your skincare routine.

Moisturize dry skin with avocado

Avocados contain a lot of vitamins E, A, and D, which have excellent anti-oxidant and moisturizing effects. Therefore, avocado is always present in regular skincare products such as cleansers and creams. Natural products can make your skin softer and healthier from the first application. Please refrigerate this DIY facial moisturizer before using it!

The way for people with dry skin to moisturize their face with avocado is very simple. Take an avocado and cut out the flesh leaving only the skin and a little bit of butter. Next, gently scrub your face with a generous amount of avocado scrub. After washing your face with warm water, let the ingredients in the butter absorb into your skin for 15 minutes. You can then proceed to the next steps in your skincare routine.


How to use moisturizer for dry skin

There are 3 steps to using a moisturizer that you need to know to get the most effective moisturizing effect.

Step 1: Cleanse your face

The most effective time to apply moisturizer is when the skin is clean. Therefore, before applying moisturizer, it is necessary to clean the skin.

Apply the cleanser evenly to your face, then gently massage to clean the face. Rinse your face with warm water afterwards.

Use a soft towel to pat the skin dry. The skin should not be completely dried, but it should retain enough moisture to remain healthy. Using a facial moisturizer on a slightly damp face will help keep the skin hydrated. In addition, moist skin will absorb the product better. Avoid washing your face with hot water as it will strip the skin of moisture and natural oils.

Step 2: Prioritize the implementation of intensive skincare steps

You will probably need to use a toner to balance your skin, a serum to condition your skin if you are still using it. Then comes the last step of moisturizing.

Step 3: Use a facial moisturizer

Take an appropriate amount of moisturizer in the palm of your hand. The amount of moisturizer to use may vary by product. With moisturizers that have a light liquid texture, you can apply more than usual because they are quickly absorbed. However, to make sure you are using the product correctly, check the instructions for use on the packaging or contact the experts for advice.

Use clean fingertips to apply a small amount of facial moisturizer to the key points on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. This helps the product to be evenly distributed over the face.

Use your fingertips to apply each layer of facial moisturizer on your skin in a circular motion. You can then use your fingertips to gently press the facial moisturizer to be absorbed into the skin. Apply it gently to sensitive skin areas, such as the eyes, if you don't want to damage them.

Some Japanese facial moisturizer products for dry skin that you should know

HadaLabo Gokujyun Perfect Gel (100g)

HadaLabo Gokujyun Perfect Gel (100g)

HadaLabo Gokujyun Perfect Gel (100g) - Japan With Love

Nihonsakari Komenuka Bijin Collagen Deep Moisture Jell Cream 100g

Nihonsakari Komenuka Bijin Collagen Deep Moisture Jell Cream 100g

Nihonsakari Komenuka Bijin Collagen Deep Moisture Jell Cream 100g Japan With Love

Kose Grace One 3in1 Aging Moisturizer Cream 100g Astaxanthin Collagen

Kose Grace One 3in1 Aging Moisturizer Cream 100g Astaxanthin Collagen

Kose Grace One 3in1 Aging Moisturizer Cream 100g Astaxanthin Collagen Japan With Love

Dew Cream G (Moisturizing Cream) Refill 30g All Skin Type

Dew Cream G (Moisturizing Cream) Refill 30g All Skin Type

Dew Cream G (Moisturizing Cream) Refill 30g All Skin Type Japan With Love

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