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Golden Week Holiday

From April 29 to early May 7, Japan experiences a sequence of national holidays that come together to form one of the country's most significant vacation periods, commonly known as "Golden Week."

Golden Week consists of several national holidays, including "Showa Day," which commemorates the birth of the Showa era emperor, "Constitution Memorial Day," "Greenery Day," and "Children's Day," all of which are recognized national holidays under the Japanese constitution. When these holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, a weekday takes their place as a holiday. As a result, the duration of the holidays varies each year.

Due to the national holidays that make up Golden Week, many Japanese businesses close their doors, including public institutions, banks, post offices, and private companies and stores.

We continue to accept your orders during Golden Week. However, please be aware that there may be delays in shipping or responding to inquiries during this period. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Japan With Love Team.