Health Care Tips For Mother And Baby At Home

The mother's body after birth will have to go through a lot of great changes, the newborn baby also needs to try to adapt to the harsh living environment outside the womb. With proper care and attention, mother and baby will quickly return to a normal state of health. However, the health care process of mother and baby requires extreme meticulousness and care. In this article, Japan With Love wants to send you important information and ways to take care of mother and baby health.


Both mother and baby after going through the birthing process are very sensitive and need absolute health protection. Having a baby can be confusing for parents since there is so much to learn and adjust to. Some families focus only on the baby's health and forget that the mother is many times weaker. So here are some reasons that we need to take care of mother and baby.

Mother's Health

After giving birth, mothers often feel tired for a long time, facing great challenges in taking care of their children and taking care of themselves. In addition, the mother will have physiological changes such as uterine contractions after childbirth, vaginal discharge and secretions, milk secretion, frequent and abundant milk secretion, the appearance of scars in the perineum, changes in body mass, and bowel and urinary disorders,...

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Taking care of mothers after giving birth is a big and necessary issue for pregnant women to quickly recover their health. At the same time, the more healthy mother is, the better the child care will be. Create a healthy environment and comfortable atmosphere for the mother, monitor her health regularly, and guide her child care. In addition, for women who have a cesarean section, health care after a cesarean delivery is similar to that of vaginal birth. However, care should be taken to clean the incision carefully to avoid infection.

At this time, the mother's health is said to be extremely sensitive. They may even have some serious complications such as postpartum depression, shock, anemia, leftover vegetables, perineal infection, etc. Therefore, relatives need to care for and love their mothers. more, pay attention to their health care carefully.

Baby's health

Once a baby is born, it has to get out of infancy, so it is no longer surrounded by its mother. That is also when many problems arise, the baby is forced to learn to adapt to the new environment. What you need to do is: breastfeed your baby as soon as possible, to take advantage of the colostrum. If the baby cannot suckle, express the mother's milk, then feed the baby with a spoon. Breastfeed your baby regularly, as much as possible. Mothers should take care of their health when breastfeeding: eat enough nutrients, and abstain from harmful foods.

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For babies, keeping warm is extremely important. You need to prepare a warm room, close the doors to avoid cold winds, and wear clothes, hats, and socks to keep your child warm enough. However, a baby less than a month old will lose heat through the scalp, so you need to pay attention to the area behind the baby's nape. If on hot days, you just need to put a hat on your child when going out or at night. When at home, the mother does not need to wear a hat to keep the baby's head ventilated.

In addition, parents need to pay attention to other issues such as skin care, ear and eye hygiene for the baby, changing diapers when the diaper is full, and cleaning the navel, ...

Through the above, we can see that mother and baby both need to be cared for. So, don't pay attention to the baby and forget about the mother or the other person. Only then can mother and baby quickly get the health they want


There are many issues that you need to pay attention to take care of mother and baby more fully. The following are the most common problems that mothers and babies face frequently.

Cultivate breast milk

Breast milk is the most suitable food for babies. Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients such as protein, energy, vitamins, sugar, fat, and mineral salts in the right ratio for the baby's body to easily absorb. By breastfeeding, children will develop better, and prevent malnutrition. Breast milk also contains many antibacterial substances, which help increase the child's resistance, and fight respiratory infections and diarrhea. Thanks to the antibacterial effect, babies who are breastfed often are less likely to get sick.

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Here are some nutritious foods that help improve the quality of breast milk:

Fish and seafood: seaweed, salmon, snails, oysters, sardines,...

Meat: pork, beef, lamb, liver,...

Fruits, vegetables: berries, cabbage, kale, broccoli, potatoes, garlic, ...

Nuts: walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, quinoa,...

Some other foods: eggs, oats, dark chocolate, coconut oil, ...

In addition, mothers should avoid processed foods because they are often high in calories, preservatives, unhealthy fats, and added sugars.

The mental health of mother and baby

In the first three months after giving birth, about 15% of women suffer from postpartum depression, and 25% in the subsequent 12 months. This is a very common and extremely dangerous trait, from mild to severe depression, transient or long-lasting, the mother will have negative actions towards herself. After giving birth, a woman's body will have unexpected hormonal changes, which can easily lead to feelings of discomfort, fatigue, and depression. Some specific manifestations of postpartum depression: physical weakness, panic, stress, feelings of obsession, loss of concentration, sleep disturbances, changes in appetite, guilt, and frequent thinking,...

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Many scientific studies show that children's mental health is affected by their parents. Therefore, for children to always be happy and develop comprehensively, parents need to pay attention to their behavior and emotions. If parents treat each other and children very gently, the baby will grow up with a high EQ. Every day, parents need to spend time playing with their children, showing their affection, ... so that both mother and baby can be happy.


To take care of the mother and baby's health more effectively, why don't you try using supporting products? Here are some products that can be used for mother and baby. You can refer, learn and use.

Mama & Kids - Natural Mark Stretch Cream 470g

Natural Mark Stretch Cream 470g helps to nourish the skin, increase elasticity and maintain the amount of water in the skin, keeping the skin smooth, soft, and not dehydrated in the skin epidermis. With concentrated cream essence, gently massage areas such as the chest, biceps, abdomen, hips, and thighs, which will restore and limit stretch marks.

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The cream has many moisturizing agents but does not cause stickiness when applied to the skin, suitable for use in all weather. The effect of the product lasts up to 8 hours. Thanks to Gotu kola extract, the product can be used even for dry skin. Argan tree oil contains a lot of vitamin E, ensuring the skin is always smooth, white, and ruddy. Super hyaluronic acid helps retain water twice as much as regular hyaluronic acid.

Mothers should use during pregnancy from the 3rd month or more or use after giving birth. Can be used by children to moisturize skin. Pay attention to gently massaging, and avoiding strong impacts on the baby's skin.


Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder Pressed With Soft Puff 50g - Japanese Pressed Powder

Shiseido baby powder is one of the Japanese baby skincare products that mothers cannot miss. The product structure in compressed powder form, with completely benign ingredients, no alcohol, no lead, and no silicone, can be used even for babies.

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The product is extremely absorbent, preventing baby skin rashes. Make sure your baby's skin will stay cool for 4-6 hours. When applying the product to the skin, the baby will not feel uncomfortable itching, but instead, a comfortable dry feeling. Using it twice a day will help your baby get rid of heat rash.


Minon Body Wash Shampoo Smooth Regular Type 450ml - Japanese Baby Shampoo - Baby Care Products

Minon is special skin care cosmetic brand of Daiichisankyo - a leading pharmaceutical company in Japan and famous worldwide. This is probably one of the most special shampoos for kids products because it can be used for all family members, even babies.

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The product includes cleansing ingredients based on amino acids from plants, which completely remove dirt, and also create a thin film to protect young skin from bad influences from the environment. Typical amino acids such as arginine, and glycine have the role of nourishing the skin, helping to balance the moisture on the scalp, and limiting dandruff or flaking skin patches. This shampoo for kids is especially for babies with dry hair, prevents sweat smell, and keeps baby's hair and scalp healthy.



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