Best Lip Care Products to get from NIVEA

Learn about the best lip care products to get from NIVEA in this article here. We will introduce you to 6 product lines. 

Best NIVEA Lip Care Products 

Nivea has been around since 1882. With countless products trusted by millions of people all over the world. Like its other product categories, Nivea’s lip care is tailored to various needs. Below, we will explore all the different product lines offered on the Japanese market. 

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  • Rich Care & Color 

    NIVEA Rich Care & Color Lip Care
    NIVEA Rich Care & Color Lip Care

    This is a colored lip balm product line that offers additional UV protection (SPF 20). It will give you a light tint and glossy finish, so your lips can look supple. This lip care formula includes moisturizing ingredients like macadamia oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil to keep your lips from becoming dry and prone to cracking. 

    The product comes as a slim stick that you can uncap and twist to use. It is easy to handle, even if you have never used lip balms. Plus, it does not take up much space and is convenient to carry on the go. You can just throw it into your bag. 

    The color retention is good, but it is not comparable to ordinary lipsticks and lip tints. You will have to reapply it from time to time. If you eat or drink, it will fade away more quickly. Nonetheless, you are getting 3 products in 1 with a Nivea Rich Care & Color. There is no need to buy a separate lip balm, lipstick/lip tint, and lip sunscreen; it only takes one application to avail of all the functions. 

    It is hard not to love this product line! There are eight colors for you to choose from, and since it is inexpensive, you can easily buy several colors for different purposes. For example, the Sheer Red is a good option during online classes and meetings, where webcams drain the color from your face. 

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    Delicious Drop 

    NIVEA Delicious Drop Lip Care
    NIVEA Delicious Drop Lip Care 

    You will easily become addicted to lip balms from this product line. It is also a colored series that delivers moisturizing effects and UV protection (SPF 11), but it is primarily characterized by a sweet fragrance. 

    In line with the fruity scents, the lip balms in this product line are formulated with fruit-derived moisturizers, such as olive oil and plant squalene. 

    The lip balms come in drop-type containers that are easy to hold and apply, even to the corners of the mouth.

    When you put it on, the balm melts easily and adheres smoothly. Your lips will feel moisturized, but the balm will not make you feel like a waxy gloop is on your lips. 

    On top of that, it will give your lips a nice, natural shine. It is perfect for “no-makeup” makeup and “golden hour” looks. 

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    Moisture Lip 

    NIVEA Moisture Lip Care
    NIVEA Moisture Lip Care 

    This is an all-day moisturizing lip balm line. Enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil, and avocado oil, the gentle formula melts into your lips and leaves them soft and smooth. It will prevent dryness and allow you to keep a moist feeling while you go about your day. You can say goodbye to rough and cracked lips if you have this. Deep hydration and anti-inflammation are guaranteed! 

    The lip balms are free of fragrances and colorants and also fitted with SPF 20 PA++ to fend off UV rays. You can keep your lips healthy with just 2 to 3 touches during application. The smooth consistency makes sure it is effortless to apply. 

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    Moisture Lip Water Type 

    NIVEA Moisture Lip Water Type Lip Care
    NIVEA Moisture Lip Water Type Lip Care

    This is a sub-series featuring two variations. You can ensure supple and smooth lips with either! 

    The balms have a multifunctional formula infused with moisturizing ingredients like amino acid-based water retention agents, hyaluronic acids, and botanical extracts. You will be glad to know that it can be applied painlessly. There is no greasy or sticky feeling that will bother you. 

    In addition, SPF 20 PA+++ in the formula safeguards your lips against harmful UV rays. Although you might not feel the need to reapply it throughout the day because it keeps your lips moist, you might want to do so for extra UV protection. 

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    Deep Moisture Line 

    NIVEA Deep Moisture Lip Care
    NIVEA Deep Moisture Lip Care

    If you have badly chapped or cracked lips, the lip balms in this product line can come to the rescue. They are made to be highly moist with a blend of honey, amino acid, olive oil, trehalose, royal jelly extract, and Vitamin E. 

    Upon application, you will realize that it feels smooth and light on the lips. It is moist but not greasy, so you can use it comfortably. The lip balm also stays on for a long time. You do not have to reapply it too frequently. Thus, a single stick lasts longer and is more cost-efficient than similar lip balms. 

    Similar to the two product lines above, those in Nivea’s Deep Moisture series consist of UV-cutting ingredients to help protect the lips from damaging sun rays. 

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    Night Protect

    NIVEA Deep Moisture Night Protect Lip Care
    NIVEA Deep Moisture Night Protect Lip Care 

    This is a sub-series in Nivea’s Deep Moisture product line. It has a fragrance-free version and a honey-scented version. They both revive dry and cracked lips with a formula containing Vitamin E to strengthen the skin barrier and stearyl glycyrrhizinate to restore suppleness. 

    For the best results, you should use it daily before going to sleep. It spreads easily and will not slide off your lips like other night lip balms. However, unlike the other lip care items we have mentioned in this list, this does not come as a stick. It is packed in a tin container that you uncap and use your fingers to apply. 

    If you are not comfortable with picking the balm up with your fingers, you can buy a separate lip brush. 

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    Moist Pure Color 

    NIVEA Moist Pure Color
    NIVEA Moist Pure Color 

    If you prefer natural makeup, the lip products from this Nivea series will be ideal. It keeps your lips moisturized, while also adding color to give you a brightened look. Their formulation includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C that together do the moisturizing and protect the skin cells around the lips from drying and cracking. 

    You do not have to worry about your lip makeup being dramatic or over the top with a Nivea Moist Pure Color balm. It also has SPF 20 for added UV protection and a twist mechanism for easy application.

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    NIVEA Men

    NIVEA Men Lip Care
    NIVEA Men Lip Care

    As you might have guessed, this Nivea lip care line is made for men. It includes two lip balm variants: fragrance-free and rose menthol. 

    Both types are formulated with a blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E that delivers amazing moisturizing effects. There is no color, and the lips are not left shiny. Even better, it is lightweight and non-sticky. You can run your fingers through your lips after putting it on and it will feel like nothing is there! 

    Some people prefer the fragrance-free balm, while others appreciate the rose menthol for its tingly sensation, especially during hot weather.

    The balm is very easy to use. Just uncap it and roll it across your lips. The price is also inexpensive, so you do not have to worry about it draining your budget. 

    All in all, this is your solution. If you are a guy who suffers from dry and chapped lips, there is no reason not to pick one up. 

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    Why Do You Need Lip Care? 

    Every day, the sun, dry air, cold temperatures, and other environmental stressors can drain the moisture of our skin. To counter, our skin has a protective layer of oil and sebaceous glands that continue to produce oil. 

    But unlike the rest of our face, the skin on our lips has neither. Hence, our lips easily become rough,chapped, and cracked, losing their natural beauty. 

    Lip care products can give our lips the much-needed protection. They can provide the lips with moisture and protect them from the weather. Moreover, they can regenerate dry or damaged lips and help to heal the cracked corners of the mouth. So, the lils can become soft and supple again, and stay healthy going forward.

    Why You Should Use Nivea’s Lip Care 

    • NIVEA’s products are small, handy, and convenient to use. 
    • NIVEA uses various quality ingredients to deliver rich care for your lips.
    • NIVEA has many options to meet a range of different needs.

    Nivea’s Popular Lip Care Products Outside of Japan 

  • Nivea Smoothness Lip Care
  • Nivea Shimmer Lip Care
  • Nivea Cherry Lip Care
  • Conclusion

    Now that you know the best lip care products to get from Nivea, you need to know where to get them. Visit us! Our online store is Japan with Love. We see genuine products and ensure quick delivery. 

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