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    Visee Medium Brown Shade Trick BR300 Bronzer with Exclusive Brush 8.5g

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    "Enhance your natural beauty with Visee Medium Brown Shade Trick BR300 Bronzer. This 8.5g lightweight bronzer delivers the perfect sun-kissed glow,...

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What is a Blush?  

Blush is a cosmetics product. It is almost always included in a makeup routine. Also called a blusher, this product is used to add color to the cheeks. Usually, blushes come as creams or powders. 

People have been applying blush since Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Greek, they are made of crushed mulberries or crushed strawberries and worn as a symbol of status. 

Today, blushes are talcum-based. Their coloring can come from various components, like the petals of safflower, or a dilution of carmine in ammonium hydroxide. 

Moreover, modern blushes are not just red. They can be different shades of brown, pink, and orange as well. Although slightly less common, you can also find blushes in non-traditional colors, such as purple and blue. 

Fun Fact: The name “blush” is inspired by the term blushing, which is when there is a boost of blood flow to your cheeks, making them red or flushed.  

Why You Should Include Blush in Your Makeup Kit 

You can get a rosy look by putting on plus. Your face will appear as though it is naturally glowing and healthy. 

Depending on how you brush the blush onto your face, you can also change the appearance of your face structure. For example, if you apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, you can give your face a softened, round shape. On the other hand, you can achieve an angular look if apply blush toward the outside of your cheeks and lower down. 

However, some blush products contain harmful chemicals that cause damage to the skin. So, it is essential that you choose a blush that has more skin-loving ingredients than toxic ones. 

Who Should Use Blush?

Anyone can use blush. If you are looking for something that can add color to your face and thus, lets you look younger and healthier, then you can add blush to your makeup kit. 

Blush is not limited to specific genders and skin types either. 

Types of Blush 

Cream Blush 

As you might have guessed from the name, cream blush is blush that has a creamy texture. It is available in many forms, though. On the market, you can find cream blushes in pans, tubes, and sticks. They are also sold as either single shades or palettes. 

Cream blushes will take some to dry, and the time frame depends on the specific formula. Some will dry very quickly, so accordingly, you will have to blend them quickly into your skin. 

When to Use This Type of Blush 

Cream blush is suitable for those who:

  • Have dry skin
  • Have mature or aging skin 
  • Prefer applying blush with his/her fingers
  • Use other cream products 
  • Have the time to blend out the blush

Powder Blush 

As suggested in the name, this type of blush comes in powder form. You can find these blushes as pressed or loose powders, though the former is more popular. 

To apply powder blush, you will need a makeup brush. Usually, a fluffy round or angled brush is used. 

Similar to cream blush, powder blushes are available on the market as single shades or as part of a palette. 

But different from cream blush, powder brush can offer a shimmer, and its added color can last for a longer time. 

When to Use This Type of Blush 

Powder blush is recommended if you:

  • Have oily skin 
  • Tend to use powder to set your face makeup 
  • Want to swipe color on quickly
  • Prefer a shimmery appearance 
  • Want the added color to last for a long time 

Aside from the classification of cream and powder blushes, blushes can also be categorized as matte blushes and shimmer blushes. 

Matte blushes provide a flat color. They do not add any shine, glitter, or shimmer. 

Adversely, shimmer blushes can provide your face with a slight sheen to a full sparkly look. You can look shimmery and shiny. 

Although the latter looks quite appealing, it is not as easy to use as the former. With the former, you can easily add shimmer with a separate highlighter. Shimmer blushes can make your face look oily if not applied properly. 

Where to Get Japanese Blush?

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