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Foundation Primer

The beautiful foundation is one of the important factors to help you get the perfect makeup. Foundation is a line of professional makeup cosmetics that help create a standard foundation. With the ability to cover imperfections, the product helps to give you smooth and blemish-free skin. Foundation also helps makeup create a foundation, creating contours on the face to be slimmer and more attractive. Using foundation will bring smooth, more even, more natural skin, helping people to be more confident when going out. Not only that, but the foundation also provides essential nutrients for the skin. Therefore, foundation is an essential component of makeup steps.


Foundation is a specially formulated cream that is close to real skin color, used to create an even foundation, conceal imperfections to help smooth skin to be ready for the following makeup steps. Japanese foundation mainly has 5 common types.

Liquid Foundation

This is one of the most commonly used foundations. Liquid foundation has the special advantage of being easy to spread, thin, and light. So it is very suitable for those who are just starting to make up.

Creamy Foundation

Just like the name, this foundation is thicker than liquid, and suitable for people with dry skin because they have the ability to moisturize and smooth the skin.

Powder Foundation

If you have oily or sensitive skin, this is the product you should have in your makeup routine. Foundation will help control oil and create a more durable foundation without causing acne.

Serum foundation

The serum form is quite similar to the liquid form. Because they add serum to the ingredients, this foundation can both help makeup and support skincare. Foundation and serum are suitable for almost all skin types.

Water-based Foundation

Those who have acne or dry skin should consider a water-based foundation because the product contains many moisturizing essences that are very suitable for dry skin, they can keep the skin moist all day. At the same time, the foundation does not contain oil and will not cause acne on the skin.


Primer is the primer before applying foundation, powder, blush or other cosmetics. Most primers are liquid gel-based and have silicone ingredients that help make makeup last longer. Each primer with a different foundation tone texture has its own effect in even out your skin tone. Primers are also capable of controlling oil, they can even replace foundation if you prefer a natural makeup look. In addition to helping to keep your makeup on longer, they also retain oil and make your skin appear smoother.

Although Japanese primers are very diverse with many different ingredients, they are basically divided into 2 main types suitable for skin: colored and colorless.

Colorless primers often treat skin symptoms. Not only makes the skin smoother, but this primer also contains ingredients that prevent dry skin, moisturize, control acne, and regulate oil glands.

Colored primer can make the skin tone more even, making the skin white. Depending on the color and thickness of the cream, you can use 2 layers of foundation primer to replace the foundation.


The easiest way to choose the right foundation color for you is by your skin tone. This is considered the original color of the skin compared to the surface of the skin, which is often easily changed due to environmental influences.

There are 3 main skin tones: warm, cold, and neutral. Based on the color of the veins on the wrist, we can tell what skin tone you have.

Warm skin tone

If you have green wrist veins, you have a warm skin tone. Those with warm skin should choose a foundation with a yellow, brown, beige, or chestnut color

Cold skin tone

If your veins are blue, you have a cool skin tone. You should prioritize using a red, pink, or blue foundation.

Neutral skin tone

For those of you whose vein color is purple, your skin tone will be neutral. Therefore, consider using a foundation that leans towards dark yellow, nude or light brown.


On hot sunny days, it is easy to sweat, the foundation is easy to drift, making your skin uneven, and the foundation is damaged. For a more perfect background layer, please note the following:

We do not need to use too much force, it is important to spread the cream evenly and avoid missing any skin areas on the face. You can still use your hands to apply foundation if you don't have or don't like using a sponge. However, using a sponge will help keep it clean as well as let the foundation spread evenly on the skin.

Apply makeup under natural light or under white light instead of yellow light for more accurate color recognition.

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, choose products with mild ingredients that are oil-free. On the contrary, if you have dry skin, you should give preference to a foundation that contains oil or has moisturizers for the skin.

You should choose a foundation with a color tone that is closest to your natural skin tone. Prioritize a darker tone than the original skin tone because the subsequent steps of powder and blush will help raise it more.

Finally, use a little more mineral spray after completing the steps to keep makeup longer.


Cosmetics in general and foundation primer, in particular, are products that must be used directly on the skin. Therefore, you need to find and buy foundation primers in reputable stores to avoid fake products. Counterfeit products will often contain harmful chemicals, which can damage your skin. Moreover, the use of genuine Japanese foundation primer will make the quality of the product when applying makeup become much more beautiful.

Nowadays, more and more websites and shops sell Japanese foundation primers. So you can easily find and buy genuine, quality products while still receiving the advice of experts on cosmetics. This helps you feel more secure while applying makeup and ensures the health of your skin. Please find out and ask for advice to ensure yourself when using a Japanese foundation.


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