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Sante Beautéye (12ml) - Japanese Eye Drop

by Santen
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Sante Beautéye (12Ml) - Japanese Eye Drop

Product description:

  • Sante eye drops benefits includes preventing itchy eyes, red eyes, anti-fatigue, dry eyes, eyes affected by UV rays, radiation, ultraviolet rays and eye diseases.
  • Includes Hyaluronic acid, provides enough moisture for your eyes.
  • This Japan eye drop contains four vitamins and amino acids to revitalize eyes.
  • Sante beauteye also help improves the concentration of your eyes, prevents them from aging.
  • Light scent of rose, bring you relax feeling.

How to use:

  • Use 5-6 times per day. Each time use 1-2 drops.
  • Store the product in conditions below 25 degrees Celcius.


  • Brand: Sante
  • Made in Japan
  • Content: 12 ml
  • Product Type: Eye Drops