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Cleansing Milk

Cleansing Milk

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What is cleansing milk?

Cleaning your skin with cleansing milk is more delicate because it is a light, soft cleanser. It helps to cleanse your skin without removing its natural oils because it is made from the natural emulsion of fats and water. Cleansing milk is a very efficient way to get rid of filth, dirt, and makeup from your face. It can be created from natural fats or animal-based fats. Why "milk" then? Simple. The product has a milky appearance and consistency, which explains this.

What Makes Cleansing Milk Unique?

Cleansing milk is a fantastic product if you've been looking for a cleanser that will remove makeup, clean your face, and nourish your skin all in one bottle. As their name suggests, they are a sort of cleanser that is milky in color and substance and resembles moisturizer somewhat, even though they aren't as popular in North America as they are in Japan.

They are especially well suited for people with dry or sensitive skin because they are softer than other cleansers and less drying. Additionally, a lot of products have moisturizing elements that are water-soluble, allowing you to cleanse your skin and keep it moisturized at the same time. Many products are wonderful for skin that is prone to acne because they tend to be simple to rinse off and leave behind minimal oil.

How to Choose a Japanese Cleansing Milk? 

  • Choose Between Rinse or Wipe Off Cleansers

Some cleansing milk must be removed with water, while others must be removed with tissues or cotton pads. Based on your preferences or skin type, decide which one to use.

  • Rinse-off Cleansing Milks Offer a Refreshing Feel

The skin can feel renewed and free of stickiness when using cleansing milk that can be washed off. As dirt or filth left on the skin can easily result in skin troubles like itching or plugged pores, this is fantastic for people who are prone to skin irritation. However, after rinsing off, people with dry skin could experience tightness. We advise trying wipe-off cleaning milk in particular for individuals looking for hydration. 

  • Wipe-off Cleansing Milk Offers a Moist Feel

Your skin may feel more moistened after wiping off washing milk than after rinsing it. Those who are worried about dryness or stickiness should use products that can be wiped off because there is less chance of over-washing.

It's crucial to assess which method is best for you because removing cleansers with a cotton pad may involve some friction, which could irritate sensitive skin. Additionally, if the cleanser is not entirely cleaned, it could harm the skin and result in skin issues. These factors suggest that people without sensitive skin would benefit most from wipe-off cleansers.

  • Check the Ingredients if You Have Delicate Skin

Cleansing milk, which is thought to be kinder to the skin than other cleansers since they contain fewer oils and surfactants, is the preferred option. Check for artificial perfumes and preservatives, though, as these could irritate sensitive skin, especially if your skin is delicate and sensitive. A different choice is to pick items marked "patch tested" or "allergy-tested," as these items have undergone testing and have been shown to be kinder to skin.

  • Here are some examples of Japanese brand cleansing milk

Muji Mild Milk Cleansing Portable

Rosette Facial Cleansing Milk Lavender Scent

Mama Butter Cleansing Milk Lavender & Geranium

Roland Latte Botanical Cleanse Milk Deep Makeup Remover

Kose Softymo Ratcheska Milk Cleansing

Martina Sheer Cleansing Milk

Hacci Cleansing Milk Honey Milk Facial Skin Care

Where to Get Japanese Cleansing Products?

Finding Japanese cleansing milk is not difficult. However, real goods are. Fortunately, you have our backing on this. Our online store, Japan with Love, offers an unrivaled selection of genuine goods. To enhance your purchase experience, we also provide quick shipping.