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Why Should Mothers Choose Japanese Baby Products For Their Babies?

Taking care of and raising children is a big challenge for parents. So many people are always looking for ways to take care of their children so that they always have good health and outstanding development. So why don't you try using Japanese baby products to simplify child-rearing? Coming to today's article, Japan With Love will send you information and reasons why you should use Japanese baby products.


There are dozens of problems that need to be solved when taking care of the baby's health, such as bathing, eating, protecting the body, etc. But not all problems are easy to solve. That's why we need to use Japanese baby products. So what do Japanese baby products include?

Japanese baby products for bathing

These Japanese baby products are all specially formulated for babies. Because a baby's skin has a much thinner epidermis than an adult's. Specifically, we can encounter this through the following 3 product lines:

Baby soap

This soap is used to clean the baby's body. They are usually produced in liquid form to be easily applied to a baby's skin, creating a comfortable, pleasant feeling. Normally, baby soap will include benign ingredients that do not irritate the baby's skin. However, when choosing Japanese baby products for your baby, you should still review the ingredients carefully.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is a special shampoo for washing baby's hair. Unlike adult shampoo, children's shampoo will have mild ingredients. They can protect the scalp and soften the baby's hair. More than that, it does not cause eye pain when shampoo accidentally touches the baby's eyes.

2 in 1

There will probably be no other line of Japanese baby products as convenient as this. They are capable of both soap and shampoo, both cost-effective and convenient. The product ingredients are of course very safe and gentle. So, if you don't want to waste time thinking about choosing Japanese baby products for your baby, why don't you try using 2-in-1 products?

Japanese baby products for baby skin

The babies, while still in their infancy, have a layer of skin that protects them. However, once born, that membrane will gradually disappear, causing the infant to be unintentionally influenced by the outside environment. The skin of a baby will be prone to dryness, peeling, and allergies by physical and chemical influences from the environment. Therefore, using Japanese baby products is extremely necessary.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Baby lotion / cream

These are all Japanese baby products that are used to apply externally to the baby's skin. They are usually made from ingredients derived from nature. The uses are extremely diverse, but mainly moisturizing and protecting the baby from skin diseases. On days when it's winter or dry weather, this product becomes even more necessary, helping baby's skin not dry, and flaky.

Baby powder

Baby powder is prepared in the form of a powder, with dehydrating properties. We can come across baby powder in the form of powder or pressed powder. When your child encounters heat rash and itching, use baby powder to apply to the heat rash area to absorb all the sweat on the surface of the skin, helping the baby's skin become dry. Because this Japanese baby product has dehydrating properties. In addition, baby powder is also used for the neck, armpits, and groin, behind the knees for children to avoid diaper rash. For young children, baby powder is also used to deodorize sweat, and body odor ...

Baby sunscreen

Baby sunscreen will absorb energy from the sun and neutralize UVA and UVB rays before they adversely affect your baby's skin. Baby sunscreens contain chemicals that are milder than adult sunscreens, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In addition to sun protection to limit skin burns, baby sunscreen also prevents cancer and dermatitis. Most of these products have textures that are easily absorbed into the skin such as cream, and milk,... completely matching the baby's skin color. It is recommended to use these Japanese baby products only with babies 6 months and older.


In general, the use of Japanese baby products is no longer strange to many people. However, use it, but you may not know the benefits of them yet. Let's find out with Japan With Love.

Improve your baby's skin health

Most Japanese baby products are carefully researched by scientists and carefully prepared before launching the product to users. These products all work to care for and nourish your baby's skin. Because the ingredient formula does not contain alcohol and parabens, your baby's skin will not be irritated when using the product. Instead, the large number of nutrients and vitamins in Japanese baby products will improve your baby's skin to be healthy and smooth.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Create a sense of relaxation for your baby

The Japanese production mindset can be said to be very cool. Because it not only brings care effects but also creates a feeling of relaxation for the baby when used. For example, soap and shampoo products foam but don't irritate. Not only helps the baby more interested in bathing, but also protects the baby's skin effectively. Or as products that contain natural scents create a feeling of comfort for babies, some types also help babies sleep better and sleep deeper.

Prevent disease

This will probably be obvious because Japanese baby products not only take care of your baby's health and skin but also prevent skin diseases. Babies from 3 months old onwards are very susceptible to eczema, ichthyosis, skin rashes, weather allergies, etc. When protected by Japanese baby products, they will be treated and prevented from diseases. skin.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

The emotional bond between baby and parents

When taking care of their health and playing with their parents, babies will feel happier and more relaxed. This is also a sign of good physical and mental development in children. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, parents need to spend some time taking care of their children. With that, the baby will always grow up in a state of excitement.


You can come across many Japanese baby products with different uses and ingredients on the market. However, not all products are really good for children. Here are the Japanese baby products with benign ingredients with high safety that you can refer to:

Biore UV Kids Pure Milk Sunscreen SPF50 / PA +++ 70ml fragrance-free

Japanese baby product Biore UV Kids Pure Milk Sunscreen has superior SPF50+/PA++++ sun protection. Ensure absolute safety for children's sensitive skin, and let them comfortably play outdoors without worrying about sunburn.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

With a formula that does not contain alcohol, it is completely natural. The product is completely gentle and safe for children's skin. In addition, this Japanese sunscreen for kids is milky and waterproof to help protect your baby's skin while playing. It also helps keep your baby's skin moisturized without being greasy.

The product can protect children under strong sunlight by its ability to block UV rays, but also increase the baby's ability to absorb Vitamin D. Thanks to the milky texture, your baby will not feel sticky when applying the product to the skin.


Johnson Baby Bed Time Whole Body Shampoo Foam Type 400ml - Japanese Shampoo For Baby

Japanese baby product has a gentle scent from nature, combining lily of the valley, jasmine rose, and apricot.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

The product's texture is as light as pure water, helping to clean both the baby's hair and body. The product is convenient but also does not dry the baby's skin, and contains lotion and some whitening active ingredients, giving a soft and smooth baby's skin.

When bathing, if the product accidentally touches the baby's eyes, it will not cause eye irritation or skin irritation. Thanks to the relaxing scent, your baby will feel more comfortable and sleep better. Can be used for babies and adults.


Pigeon Baby Milk Lotion 300g - Japanese Baby Lotion Brands - Baby Care Products

Baby Lotion Pigeon can be used for babies from 0 months and up. This is a lotion that helps moisturize a baby's skin on dry weather days, keeping the baby's skin smooth.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

The product cares for a baby's sensitive, delicate skin. Anti-dry skin, weather allergies, chapping, redness... With a special mechanism of action, the product both supplies water to the epidermis and prevents the evaporation of water from the baby's skin. Can be used for babies because Japanese baby skincare is completely pure, no need to worry about skin irritation.


Wakodo Sickeroll Natural Baby Powder

Children will sweat more easily than adults, moreover, it is very easy to irritate the skin when the weather changes. Wakodo baby powder with natural green tea extract absorbs moisture and reduces friction between the baby's skin and diapers and clothes.

Baby Products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

The product contains Zinc Oxide to help prevent bacteria that cause heat rash and itching caused by diapers. Green tea extract brings a pleasant scent but also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. They also contain plant squalene to help moisturize the baby's skin, keeping it soft.


To save time, effort, and travel costs, why don't parents choose to buy Japanese baby products at the Japanese online store. During the purchase process, you will receive detailed advice from the staff, and answer all your questions about the product.

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