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How to Choose Japan Hair Conditioner - Best Tried Conditioner

If you have scalp issues like dryness or itchiness or you are not satisfied with your hair that there is no product that can help you to improve. Maybe you should try switching to a Japan hair conditioner to improve the situation because of their amazing pros.

And here is a blog about Japanese conditioners, how to choose the right one, and some popular Japan conditioners that you should check out.

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What Makes Japanese Hair Conditioners Different?

Some consumers have reviewed on e-commerce sites that Japanese hair conditioners as good and found them to be gentler and extremely moisturizing than other products. A possible explanation for that is that Japanese hair conditioner is designed for Asian types of hair, which are usually straighter and thicker in diameter than hair from other ethnic groups.

Using hair conditioner to nourish hair
Using hair conditioner to nourish hair

Also, in terms of culture, the fact that Japan is fairly humid, and the culture places a high value on cleanliness so Japanese people wash their hair very often, even many people wash their hair on a daily basis. And frequent hair washing can dry out your hair and scalp, which is why a Japanese conditioner is designed to be gentle and high-hydrating.

What Does A Hair Conditioner Do?

The most important function of a conditioner is to smooth your hair after shampooing. It should remove tangles from your hair enough that your fingers or comb can easily pass through it. This is accomplished by coating the surface of the hair strands, which reduces the squeaky feeling after washing and static electricity.

Conditioners are not much different from hair treatments and masks; their ingredients only differ slightly. There are just less silicone and fewer repair and moisturizing ingredients contained in hair conditioners than in treatments and masks.

Hair conditioner removes tangles from your hair enough that your fingers or comb can easily pass through it.
Hair conditioner removes tangles from your hair enough that your fingers or comb can easily pass through it.

About the next section is how to choose the right Japanese hair conditioner suitable for your hair and scalp.

How to choose a Japanese conditioner?

When you choose to buy the best and most suitable Japanese conditioner for your hair, remember to keep these points in mind: the length of the hair and the problem of the hair to choose the suitable one.

You may find it strange to know that hair length is also considered when choosing a conditioner but it really is. You want a product that can solve any hair issues you may be experiencing. Let's find out the way different ingredients are better suited to different hair types and lengths.

Long Hair And Damage Care

If your hair is long and you are worried about split ends or styling damage, look for silicone and repairing substances or moisturizing ingredients to prevent further damage. Silicone covers the hair very effectively, improves gloss and detangling, and also prevents static electricity. But be aware that it can cause itching and breakouts on the scalp so it should be carefully considered

Look for silicone and repairing substances or moisturizing ingredients if you have long-damage hair
Look for silicone and repairing substances or moisturizing ingredients if you have long-damage hair

Short or Stiff Hair

Avoiding large amounts of silicone when choosing conditioner if you have short, thinning, or weak hair. Silicone can help to keep dry hair hydrated by preventing moisture loss, but it also weighs hair down. Non-silicone conditioners can help to get more strength and elasticity for hair because they are typically lightweight, leaving your hair soft but strong.

Colored, Bleached, or Permed Hair

Protein can provide moisture and protection for types of hair as colored, bleached, permed hair. The protein components contained in the conditioner's formula can make up for protein lost during dyeing, bleaching, or other harsh chemical processes. And the moisturizing proteins are shown on the ingredient list with the following names: Citric acid, brassicyl isoleucinate esylate, gamma-docosalactone, horse oil, meadowfoam delta lactone.


When your hair is dry due to moisture loss, add oil and moisturizer to your hair to prevent dryness and frizz. Their essential ingredients are: Shea butter, dimethicone, mineral oil, panthenol, glycerin and ceramides, raffinose, lipidure (polyquaternium 51 and 61), honey.

For unruly hair, you want more manageability and cohesion in your hair, choose a conditioner that contains oils and water to give your hair a glossy appearance. Check out these ingredients: argan oil, camellia seed oil, polyquaterniums, lanolin, ceramides, hydrolyzed compounds.

Avoid Scalp Problem

Silicone, conditioning ingredients, UV absorbers, and artificial colorants are among the most common irritants which cause inflammation, itching, irritation, acne. So make sure to check for these if you have scalp issues.

4 Japanese Hair Conditioners That You Should Try

Here are some popular conditioners in Japan that are highly rated and have good feedback from consumers that you can check out:

Shiseido - Tsubaki Conditioner Premium Moist

With tsubaki oil and other moisturizing ingredients, this conditioner from Shiseido help you to soften and moisturize your dry hair deep from the roots. It supports to deal with dryness, dullness, and frizz. Tsubaki Conditioner Premium Moist has Shiseido’s exclusive technology which makes your hair nourished, glossy, soft and shiny by being easily absorbing nutrition. It also heals and protects against pollutants by repairing damage and breaking down.

Tsubaki Conditioner Premium Moist
Tsubaki Conditioner Premium Moist

One plus point of this product is the gracious floral-fruity scent that can relaxen your hair-caring time. This conditioner is

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Kao Merit The Conditioner

Merit Conditioner hydrates your scalp and prevents dandruff and itching. This Kao hair conditioner helps to avoid tangling and forms a dust shield, repelling dust and dirt from adhering to hair. 

Kao Merit The Conditioner
Kao Merit The Conditioner

Plant-derived licorice is used to regulate scalp renewal, and eucalyptus and chamomile are used to moisturize and refresh your scalp. It also has a mild acidity, non-silicone formula, and natural floral fragrance. Combine it with Merit shampoo for better result.

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Kracie Dear Beaute Himawari Rich & Repair Oil In Conditioner

With the premium sunflower oil in Kracie Dear Beauté Himawari Oil in Conditioner, it supports to moisturize and repair damaged hair. This Japanese shampoo will smooth and restore the shine to your hair. It also has elegant floral scent and special formular for dry, wavy, frizzy or unruly hair. Most of all, it is silicone-free, sulfate-free.

Kracie Dear Beauté Himawari Oil in Conditioner
Kracie Dear Beauté Himawari Oil in Conditioner

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Muji Aging Care Conditioner

This Muji Conditioner contains 10 natural hair ingredients like camellia, rose, and yuzu, etc as well as 7 moisturizing functional ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen. It repairs the damage caused by aging, dryness, and coloring, resulting in moist, cohesive hair. 

Muji Aging Care Conditioner 340g
Muji Aging Care Conditioner 340g

With no coloring, no mineral oil, no synthetic fragrance, weak acid, and paraben free, alcohol free, silicone free, it is complete safe for your scalp.

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