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Best Secret Tips To Take Care Baby

For first-time parents, taking care is still quite difficult, confusing, and clumsy, especially for newborns. Also in the same direction, the new baby is born, the process of adapting to the environment outside the mother's body will have many obstacles. Therefore, to protect the health of the baby, and for the baby to develop comprehensively, parents need to take care of the baby properly. So what should we do? Coming to today's article, Japan With Love will give you some tips when taking care of your baby.

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After escaping from the mother's envelope, the newborn must now learn to absorb food on its own, breathe on its own, and adapt to the hot and cold environment. At this time, the child's resistance is still not fully developed. Therefore, children are very susceptible to diseases, especially respiratory diseases. Moreover, if the mother does not take care of the baby carefully, the baby's health will quickly deteriorate. Please note the following:

Holding the baby in the right position

Many experts have proven that children will gain weight faster if they are placed comfortably in warm arms by their parents. One of the most comfortable holding positions is the ball hug.

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Place one hand between your baby's head and neck, then gently place the baby's back on the inside of your forearm. Let the baby's body lie along the pig's hip, the baby's legs are straight. With this type of holding, your baby's head and neck are always supported by your hands, the baby will be safe. In addition, this type of holding also helps the baby to breathe easier, creating a comfortable feeling for the baby.

Breastfeed your baby

Breast milk is an abundant source of nutrition for infants and young children and is also the most necessary way to take care of the baby. Because breast milk is easy to digest, does not cause allergies, and contains a lot of antibodies that help strengthen the baby's immune system to fight off pathogens. After birth, when possible, breastfeed your baby as soon as possible, and exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months, maintaining as long as possible.

Newborn babies' stomachs are quite small, you need to feed your baby regularly to get the necessary amount of milk. Every 2 hours, the baby will feed once in the first few weeks of birth, each feeding lasts about 15-30 minutes depending on the baby's feeding needs and the amount of milk of the mother. When the baby is hungry, the baby will show symptoms such as fussing, wiggling, restlessness, ...

Let your baby get enough sleep

Sleep is an important factor determining the effectiveness of the baby care process. It is normal for babies to sleep a lot in the newborn period. Getting enough sleep helps babies grow faster and develop better brains. Moreover, this also helps children to be more comfortable, more active, and actively interact with their loved ones.

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If it's time to feed and your baby is still asleep, don't wake him. Because babies need about 16-18 hours of sleep a day, each sleep will last from 1-3 hours. So, you can make up for it after your baby wakes up.

Carefully keep the baby warm

Babies are very sensitive to temperature, so you need to keep them warm, especially on cold days. Choose clothes with lightweight, breathable materials like Cotton. Because this is one of the materials that meet the needs of thin, light, and good sweat absorption, it is extremely suitable for young children. You do not need to wear too many layers of clothes for your baby. Observe the child's expressions and body temperature so appropriate clothing adjustments can be made.

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Let babies wear hats because the head is where more than 85% of the body's heat is radiated. However, with older babies about a few months old, parents do not need to continue to wear hats for their children while they are sleeping. Wearing a hat in this case will adversely affect the activity of the central nervous system because the child's head temperature will rise higher than normal.


Ensuring health, and taking care of baby health is great, but besides that, we also need to take care of other aspects such as hair and skin. This sounds easy, but in general, very few parents can do it well. To simplify things above, follow these tips:

Avoid exposing your baby's skin to irritants

Parents should choose to buy clothes with soft materials, then cut off all the labels. Although the friction is light, repeated rubbing can also scratch the baby's skin, which can easily lead to infection. Use baby soap and detergent for sensitive skin to wash baby's clothes. Use products with mild ingredients that have been carefully tested to avoid irritating your baby's skin.

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Always keep the right humidity for your baby

It's winter, dry weather or too much bathing is the cause of dehydration of the baby's skin. The rate of babies with dermatological diseases is quite high, mainly eczema, ichthyosis, rashes,... At this time, you absolutely must take care of your baby carefully, to overcome this situation, please take care of your baby. Give your child plenty of milk and water to drink. At the same time, also combine the use of baby care products such as moisturizer, lotion,...

Use diapers properly

Choose a diaper that fits your baby's body, made of soft, highly absorbent material. Change the diaper every time the diaper is full, and avoid exposing the baby's skin to waste for too long, not only irritating but also possible infection. Before using the diaper, apply a layer of talcum powder to the baby, so that the new skin is clear and not secreted.

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Avoid affecting the balance of beneficial bacteria on the baby's skin

Immediately after the baby is born, there will be several resident bacteria on the skin. They rarely cause disease, unless there is an open wound on the skin or because the natural acidity of the skin is destroyed. Therefore, mothers need to keep the baby's skin and umbilical cord clean and dry. When parents bathe their baby, choose a shower gel and shampoo that has a balanced pH and is suitable for the baby's skin.

In addition, you should give your child daily sunbathing, so that he or she will have enough calcium needed for bone and skin development. Sun exposure is also an opportunity for the baby to be exposed to the outside environment, improving the child's resistance.

Tips for washing baby's hair

Similar to bathing your baby, wash your baby's hair at a certain time frame. Wash your baby before nap time or early afternoon after he wakes up from nap time. Keep in mind that washing your baby's hair too often can strip away the natural protective oils on your baby's scalp. This makes the baby's scalp dry, flaky, and more sensitive, affecting health.

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Wash your baby's hair gently because the baby's scalp is still very thin. You should only rub the baby's head gently and use the flesh at the tip of your finger to gently scratch it, avoiding the use of fingernails that can scratch the baby's scalp. With babies, the fontanel part of the baby is still quite soft, so when washing your baby's hair, you should not press on the baby's fontanel. Don't let your baby's head stay wet for too long. You should wash your baby's hair gently but quickly, then dry it with a soft cotton towel. When taking care of your baby, please pay attention to every detail, to avoid the baby getting sick and cold.

Choose the right baby shampoo

Your baby's scalp is very sensitive and her hair is very thin, so choose the right shampoo for your baby. Currently, on the market, there are many types of baby shampoo with different uses, ingredients, and users. Before letting your child use it, parents should learn more about the product first. Prioritize choosing shampoos that do not contain alcohol, parabens, fragrances, or colorants. These substances are very irritating to the skin of children, and also sting the eyes when the shampoo touches the eyes.


Taking care of a baby will become easier with the help of some baby products. Not only brings high efficiency but also creates a sense of comfort for children. Please pay attention to choosing to buy and use the take-care baby products that Japan With Love suggests:

Mama & Kids - Baby Hair Shampoo 370ml

Mama & Kids is one of the most famous Japanese brands in the production of taking care of baby products. Appearing on the market for many years, you can completely trust and use baby care products from this brand.

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A baby's scalp is home to 10 times more sebaceous glands than any other part of the body. Especially for young children, the amount of sebum secreted on the hair is a lot, so mothers need to use this shampoo to remove excess oil from their children.

Mama & Kids - Baby Hair Shampoo 370ml is colorless, odorless, and especially free of both alcohol and parabens, so it is completely benign and completely safe for babies. Even babies can use it without worrying about any symptoms. The product contains a moisturizing ingredient called Hyaloveil - which helps to balance the moisture on the baby's scalp, limiting the evaporation of water, but not causing the hair to be sticky or frizzy.

Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder Pressed With Soft Puff 50g - Japanese Pressed Powder

Shiseido baby powder is a product that helps take care of babies that mothers cannot ignore. The product has a texture of the compressed powder, completely benign ingredients, no alcohol, no lead, and no silicone, and can be used for both babies and mothers when wearing makeup.

Japanese baby skincare products Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Shiseido Medicated Baby Powder Pressed With Soft Puff 50g can absorb excess oil and sweat extremely high, preventing skin rashes for babies. Make sure your baby's skin will stay cool for 4-6 hours. When applying the product to the skin, the baby will not feel itchiness or discomfort, but instead a comfortable feeling of dryness. Please apply carefully to areas with folds such as the neck, armpits, forearms, groin, and shins, ... Using twice a day will help your baby get rid of diaper rash and heat rash.

Pigeon Baby Whole Body Foam Soap 800ml [refill] - Gentle Foam Soap For Baby - Baby Care Products

This is one of the shower gels to take care of babies trusted by mothers in Japan. With benign organic ingredients extracted entirely from natural ingredients, giving your baby the most comfortable feeling when bathing thanks to the gentle fragrance. Do not sting the baby's eyes if the shower gel touches the eyes, after bathing, the baby will feel dry, clean, and cool. Pigeon Baby Whole Body Foam is a 2-in-1 product, but it does not unbalance the moisture in the hair and skin or cause skin allergies.

Take care baby Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Pigeon shampoo's ability to moisturize deeply is thanks to Ceramide, Cholesteryl isostearate, and Vernix in licorice to help moisturize, and prevent diaper rash, dry skin, and prevent heat rash. Can be used as both a shower gel and a shampoo with a 2-in-1 effect, the product is very convenient for mothers when bathing their babies. Pigeon bath products are recommended for babies with dry and sensitive skin.


The increasing demand for baby care products has led to a significant increase in product consumption. Because of this, the production of products must be accelerated, from which fake products are also born. To avoid buying fake take-care baby products, choose to buy them at popular online shops. Online shopping will save you time and travel costs. Buying at the popular online shop both avoids fakes and is carefully consulted before buying.

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Japanese beauty by skincare Japan With Love

Japan With Love is also a popular online shop specializing in providing genuine baby care, skincare, makeup, .. products. In addition, we also have many social media channels to help customers access products more easily. The team of enthusiastic consultants will help you choose the baby care products you want. 

Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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