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Best Japanese Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Japan is the world's leading producer of high-quality shampoos. Japanese shampoo has a variety of uses and brands: from normal hair cleaning shampoos to specialized Japanese shampoos for each hair type. Today, people often tend to use more chemicals such as steaming, dyeing hair, using heat to style, using glue, or hair spray. These things make the hair easy to dry, weak hair, and fall a lot. Therefore, the need to use a Japanese shampoo that can handle most of the above problems is the need of many people. Japan With Love would like to send you useful information about Japanese shampoo to help you easily find the right product for you.


The shampoo is a separate product designed to clean the hair and scalp. The shampoo has a liquid and foaming texture that easily washes away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells on the hair, bringing smooth, bouncy hair. We often come across two shampoo lines, which are shampoos with natural ingredients and synthetic chemical shampoos:

The synthetic chemical shampoo is prepared with beneficial chemicals. Clean hair very well, but the ability to smooth hair is less than natural shampoo. Long-term use can lead to hair breakage and hair loss.

Japanese Shampoo Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Shampoo with natural ingredients: produced by ingredients extracted from nature. Guaranteed safety, no irritation to the scalp, and high smoothing ability.

Currently, there are many shampoos with different uses, satisfying all the needs of users. However, in any shampoo, we can easily come across two familiar main ingredients: glycerin and keratin.

Keratin is the protein that makes up the cuticle of the hair and scalp. They play a very important role in shampoo because of the effects such as: restoring damaged hair, softening hair, increasing elasticity, and creating a shiny layer for hair.

Glycerin is the result of combining fats through chemical reactions. As a special compound capable of providing and moisturizing the skin, shampoo containing glycerin will help keep the hair from drying and the scalp from peeling.

Japanese Shampoo Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Japanese shampoo will always be more effective than other product lines. Because the ingredients in the product are derived from natural ingredients, well-researched chemicals can handle most hair and scalp problems. Japan's shampoos are rigorously tested by experts, ensuring safety for consumers' health. So when choosing to buy shampoo, Japanese shampoo will be the perfect choice for you.


For hair problems to be thoroughly treated, you need to choose Japanese shampoo products that are suitable for your hair. Determine your hair type and hair problems, so you can easily choose the right product for you.

For normal hair

Those of you with hair that is between oily and dry, not too frizzy or soft. Therefore, you should choose Japanese shampoo products with balanced cleansing and moisturizing ingredients. Your hair may not have been damaged too much, so keeping it clean, shiny, and smooth is essential. Choosing shampoo to help clean your hair is the right thing to do, and don't forget to combine the use of conditioners to condition and protect your hair from damage.

Japanese Shampoo Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

For oily hair

The main cause of oily hair is that the sebaceous glands in the scalp are overactive, causing your hair to lose its bounce and stickiness. Use Japanese shampoo with a balanced (pH>6) for the scalp, containing zinc, natural ingredients, and little moisturizers or fragrance. You should also prioritize washing your hair with cold water and scratching your head thoroughly but gently to avoid damaging the scalp.

For damaged hair

Damaged hair can be caused by the loss of the natural oil gland's mechanism of action, or the use of a hair styler, hair dye, hairspray, etc. Therefore, choose Japanese shampoos that can restore. damage and protect hair. For example, with ingredients such as dimethicone and Cyclomethicone, the suitable pH for hair is from 4.5 to 6. Do not wash your hair often, only wash 2-3 times a week and let your hair dry naturally. Use a combination of conditioner, hair conditioner, and cream to keep your hair strong and smooth.

Japanese Shampoo Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

For thin, heavy hair loss

For those of you with thin hair, choose Japanese shampoo products containing polyquaternium 7 or 10. They stimulate hair growth, make hair follicles stronger, and improve hair look thick and bouncy. You can also choose products that contain protective film-forming agents such as PG-propyl silanetriol and proteins, which help thicken the hair shaft. Avoid silicones because they easily make your hair dry and brittle.

For dyed hair

When exposed to dyes, hair is easily destroyed by chemicals. You should choose a Japanese shampoo rich in moisturizers and proteins. Japanese shampoo with antioxidants like vitamin E, and UV-blocking ingredients is also a good choice. Dyed hair is very prone to dandruff, you should choose shampoo containing zinc pyrithione to overcome this situation.


Choosing the right Japanese shampoo is not enough, you also need to know how to wash your hair properly. With that, the new Japanese shampoo promotes its full use, bringing the hair you desire.

Wet hair completely

The first step to a cleaner shampoo is to wet your hair. Wetting your hair may take longer than you think, depending on the thickness of your hair. So, run your hands through your hair to let the water soak from the roots to the tips, making sure the entire hair is completely wet. You can wet your hair with warm water, and the cuticles relax, making it easier for your hair to absorb the nutrients from the Japanese shampoo.

Dissolve Japanese shampoo with water

To wash your hair thoroughly, you need to make sure to use the right amount and the right amount of shampoo. Before applying Japanese shampoo to your hair, mix the shampoo with a little water. This way, you can save on shampoo and spread it all over your hair. Focus on cleaning the scalp rather than the ends of your hair. Because when you rinse your hair, it is difficult for water to penetrate the hair roots, but only focus on cleaning the tail.

Gently massage the scalp

Take about 3 minutes to massage the scalp gently, focusing on the temples and top of the head. This will help blood vessels circulate, effectively reducing headaches. Avoid using your nails to scratch your head vigorously, it is easy to damage the scalp and cause irritation.

Rinse hair thoroughly with water

Rinse your hair with clean water to make sure your hair is no longer soapy. Avoid letting the shampoo stick on your hair, making your hair greasy, causing hair damage, and producing a lot of dandruff. If your hair is dry, you can rinse your hair with cold water to prevent the oil from drying out and make your hair stronger.

Dry your hair

After rinsing out Japanese shampoo from your hair, dry your hair with a soft towel. Rub and pat dry hair quickly instead of strong hair. Wet hair is also the time when the hair is in its weakest state, if you rub it hard, it will cause more damage and breakage. You can also wipe it and let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer on low heat.


To overcome hair conditions, you need to choose for yourself a suitable Japanese shampoo. To make the selection easier, Japan With Love will send you the Japanese shampoo products that are most sought after by users in Japan.

Kaminomoto - Medicated Scalp Care Shampoo B&P 300ml

Kaminomoto - Medicated Scalp Care Shampoo B&P 300ml is a specialized Japanese shampoo for those who have thin hair and a lot of hair loss. The product contains CS-Base to help stimulate hair follicle cell growth, helping hair grow faster. Japanese shampoo Kaminomoto cleans hair with its bactericidal, acidic properties that increase its effectiveness in treating itching and dandruff. The composition of the shampoo is prepared from biological derivatives and rare herbs to help nourish the hair roots, and stimulate the production of hair follicles.

Japanese Shampoo Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Japanese shampoo Kaminomoto also removes dead cells and excess sebum on the scalp, cleans the hair roots, and is anti-inflammatory, creating conditions for hair growth by stimulating ingredients to penetrate deeply into the hair follicles. People can use Kaminomoto daily to strengthen their hair and prevent hair loss.

Kumano Yushi - Horse Oil Shampoo 600ml for Damaged Hair

The main ingredient that stands out in this Japanese shampoo is horse fat. This is a natural fat that moisturizes and adds essential nutrients to make hair stronger. At the same time create shine, restore damaged hair, prevent inflammation, treat dandruff and protect hair from UV rays from the sun.

Japanese Shampoo Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Japanese shampoo Horse Oil 600ml has the excellent moisturizing and moisturizing ability, restores frizzy hair, and makes hair smooth, neater, and more bouncy. The shampoo contains hair growth stimulants, making hair smoother and thicker. At the same time, it makes pores unclogged, reduces the risk of acne formation on the scalp, and enhances blood circulation.

The product has a pleasant aroma of essential oils, creating a luxurious feeling to help you feel more comfortable. The nutrients in this Japanese shampoo will help improve your problems quickly after only a short time of using the product.


Shiseido - Tsubaki Shampoo Premium Moist 490ml

Japanese shampoo contains a moisturizing ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid that gives great results. Your hair will always retain a certain amount of moisture without worrying about hair loss. The product not only helps to clean but also adds many nutrients to the hair. Especially for those of you who have dyed, permed hair that is too dry, split ends, lack of vitality ...

Japanese Shampoo Japan With Love Japanese Online Store

Typical ingredients included in the product include:

  • Lemon juice helps to clean hair and treat dandruff.
  • Plant-based hair conditioner.
  • Soybean oil contains a lot of keratin protein that helps to repair damaged hair, giving shine to the hair.
  • Royal jelly contains many proteins, amino acids, and biotin to help strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, and regenerate hair follicle structure, helping to stimulate hair growth.
  • Camellia essential oil will nourish the hair, leaving the scent on each hair strand.


To avoid buying fake products that affect the health of your skin, please choose to buy products at Japanese online stores. Just to ensure safety when using, and to be carefully advised by experts on duty.

Japan With Love is also a Japanese online store that specializes in providing eye care, skincare, makeup,... from Japan. You can easily search for the products you want at the website Japan With Love.

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Japanese beauty by skincare Japan With Love

All products are thoroughly tested. You can completely rely on Japan With Love. Not only that, but Japan With Love also has social networking channels so that customers can easily learn and get dedicated advice before buying.

These are all Japanese skincare products recommended by dermatologists and welcomed by Japanese users. So you can rest assured to choose and use. Hopefully, the useful information that Japan With Love brings can help you in the skincare process.

Japan With Love provides genuine cosmetics, supplements, foods, and collectibles manufactured in Japan.

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